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    Retaining command switches through file associations in Windows

    Hopefully I can explain this well enough. I use a program that can be run via shortcut with different switches to perform certain action. I run it using a /c switch which allows me to run custom configuration files. If I open the program via a shortcut then everything is great but if I double...
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    Xbox Live arcade games on disc question

    Today, I purchased the recently released controller pack (Controller + 4 arcade games) and have a question about the games. It comes with Lumines, Geometry Wars 2 and Bomberman on a disc and a code to download Ms Pac Man. Seemingly you cannot install the games on the disc onto your hard...
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    FREE Music Mojo Nixon's Near Complete Catalog on MP3

    To promote his new album, Whiskey Rebellion, Mojo Nixon is offering most of his entire catalog for free download at Amazon...
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    Monitor won't run correctly at native res

    Hello everyone, Saturday, I experienced something that I have never run into before. I was testing an overclock and got a blue screen in Windows. So, I shut off my comp, reset the CMOS and fired the computer back up. Upon doing so, the mobo wouldn't recognize any of my hard drives. So after...
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    Win 2000 machine won't boot

    I redently did a fresh install of win 2000 onto a machine and it worked great for a day. Later I turned the machine on and it wouldn't boot into 2000. It goes through the post, then the screen turns black with nothing on it but a white blinking cursor at the very top. This blinks a few times...
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    Possible stupid SATA question

    Yesterday, I picked up a Raptor, went home and hooked it up to an old mobo of mine (a P4M800PRO-M (V1.0) ); the mobo does one of two things, it either doesn't recognize it at all or it recognizes it incorrectly. Am I just in need of a BIOS update? And also, can the BIOS incorrectly detecting...
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    Add me to the list of those who have to get their 360 repaired!

    On October 27th, I bought a 360. Today, 2 months and 2 days later, I made a call to MS about a non-functional 360. Yippee! So, does anyone know how long they usually take to repair a 360? Also, who pays shipping, me or them?
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    TYAN Thunder K8S $155 in combo at Monarch If you select the Tyan K8S as the motherboard it comes up at $155 but if you buy it separately it is $455. Same goes with the Gigabyte GA-78DRH; $99 in the combo, $150 outside...
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    FX55 for $149.99 Hard Drives Northwest is a reputable brick and mortar near me, I'm not sure how they are when it comes to shipping, etc.
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    AMD forum and store rants

    In the AMD forum there are currentlt to threads raging wildly, one about hating Circuit City,and one about Monarch. Are these appropriate for that forum as they have nothing to with AMD processors at all other than that is the item that happened to be purchased?
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    Anyone else having really bad experiences with the MicroFly?

    I just got a black windowed MicroFly in the mail today to replace my X-QPack and let me say, so far I am really unimpressed; particularly by two very big problems (IMO). First, my wireless card has to be unscrewed or else it doesn't make contact with the PCI slot correctly and won't work. And...
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    Accuracy of touch screen LCDs

    Hi everyone, For years now, I've drooled over the Wacom Cintiq: but its cost is a bit prohibitive for me so I was thinking, could a touchscreen LCD be used (like this one: ) in a...
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    Random restarts after new install of XP

    Howdy everyone, My computer was having some stability problems so I decided to reinstall XP since it has been awhile since I did it last but now I am having the strangest problem. Before I did the reinstall I decided to check each of my components so I could replace anything that may need...
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    $0.32/gig 250 GB EIDE Western Digital hard drive - $80 AR

    Circuit City, $160 up front, $80 after rebate.
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    DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250gb voltage sensor

    Hey guys, last weekend I bought a DFI UT 250gb and a sempron 2800+ to mess around with. I'm using an Antec TruePower 430 for the power supply but the bios reads the 12V line at 11.08 +/- .05. My last mobo read it around 12.05 +/- .05. Does this mobo have a known issue with the voltage sensor...
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    NF4 250 and RAM compatibility

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of buying a chaintech vnf3-250 to tinker around with but I've heard that certain (maybe all?) NF3 250 boards have trouble running double sided ram. Can anyone confirm this? The ram I want to use is in my sig, can anyone confirm if it'll work for me? Here's a...
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    Warm??? Viewsonic Wireless Networking Products at CompUSA

    125HSM Wireless Network Router, 802.11b, g $25 delivery only 125HSM Wireless Access Point/Bridge , 802.11b, g $20 delivery only...
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    Question about core/memory interface - 128bit vs. 256bit

    Howdy everyone, I'm doing research for a new rig and need some advice on vid cards. First, right off the bat, I don't game at all. I use my computer mainly for the creation of high end corporate presentations (main apps used are Powerpoint, Photoshop, Flash and Lightwave 3d). My current...
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    Question about Socket A FSB:RAM ratio

    Hi everyone, Everything that I have read indicates that Socket A proc run best when the FSB and RAM are run at the same speed. If I were to buy say DDR500 ram and was running my proc at 200MHz FSB, would it be faster then to set up a 5:4 ratio and run the RAM at DDR400 speeds or would it run...
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    Sempron OC question

    Hey guys and gals, I'm new to this forum and new to overclocking in general and have a few questions if you don't mind. My system specs are as follows: MB: ASUS A7N8X-X CPU: Sempron 2600+ RAM: 256 MC PC 2700 Samsung 2.5,3,3,7 Vid Card: XFX Geforce 440 mx From what I've read...