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    CPU overclocking using offset voltage

    Hey have any of you guys ever done this? I'm using a -100mV offset to overclock my Intel 8700k to 4.8ghz. My understanding is that overclocking using this technique lowers all the various Speedstep voltages by -100mV also, which could affect CPU stability at idle or during light workloads when...
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    DHCP disabled on router, now can't access router cloud storage

    Hey guys, To make a long story short, I have disabled the DHCP on my Netgear router and I have connected it in series to my Hitron Coda modem/router. I have connected a LAN port of the Hitron modem/router to a LAN port on the Netgear router (not the WAN port). This has somehow made my internet...
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    Who is AMD's new chief GPU architect?

    I know Raja is gone, but AFAIK AMD never named his replacement. Do they have a lead GPU designer? If so, who is it?
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    Netgear R8500 vs. Asus AC86U

    Which do you guys think is the better router overall? The Netgear appears to have much more raw bandwidth, but the Asus has a faster CPU. So VPN and USB storage will be faster on the Asus, but the Netgear will have better wifi. I currently own both of these routers. Which one of them do you...
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    DDR4 3200mhz CAS13 vs 3333mhz CAS15, which is faster?

    I have been working on overclocking my memory. Here are my results thus far: 3200mhz cas13 superpi 32m: 6m57.7s sandra: 36.42gb/s cinebench: 1611cb aida r/w/c 48305/48299/46123 46.2ns latency 3300mhz cas14 superpi 32m: 6m57.9s sandra: 37.74gb/s cinebench: 1612cb aida r/w/c 49005/49837/47164...
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    NVME drive not booting instantly

    Hey guys, I'm hoping some of you have experience with booting Windows 10 from an NVME SSD. I've got a Samsung 960 Evo and it doesn't boot instantly like I've seen in videos. Actually it did it a couple of times for me and then never again. What I'm talking about is how Windows 10 should just...
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    Running SSDs completely full

    Hey guys, I would appreciate your thoughts on this. I use my SSDs primarily for gaming. Am I ok to keep them 90% full, or even more than that? I figure with gaming they are pretty much read only volumes. Do I need to worry about leaving more free space than that for the garbage collection...
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    AMD shareholders sue AMD Did you guys see this? It's quite scandalous. I have known for years now that the PR department at AMD is corrupt and cannot be trusted. But to hear Lisa Su recently claiming that AMD's...