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    Just purchased Valve Index, want to display VR view on TV in other room

    Hey folks. I just purchased the Valve index, and my PC room is too small so I am running a 15 foot extension out to my living room. I would like to have my desktop display the VR view onto my TV in there so people can see what the person in VR is viewing. Does anyone have any advice on how to...
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    Ok, NOW the RTX 3060 eth hash limiter has been hacked. Seems to be confirmed by some individuals on ethermining reddit too. Hey, at least someone will have a use for the 3060..
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    EU votes to have universal mobile device power adapters

    USB-C here we come? Apple claims this new law will stifle innovation. I can understand that opinion.
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    First htpc. I'm clueless.

    Hey folks I just moved into a new apartment and I have two TV's I want to play movies off of. The majority of the content I watch are downloaded movies that I play through VLC within windows environment, but I also watch some Netflix and Hulu occasionally. I am almost finished with my htpc rig...
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    In need of 120mm case fans that can pull air through a filter

    Hey fellas. I need 3 case fans that can pull air through an air filter on my case. My stock ones ain't pullin jack. RGB would be nice. Any suggestions?
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    How would you use 2 x 2.1 for surround?

    Hey folks, I have two sets of Klipsch 2.1 that I currently use on my computer for light movie watching. I am just using a 2.5mm splitter out of my soundblaster Z and I have it set to stereo mode. Is there a way to set this up and get 4.2 surround? A new sound system is not in the budget for...
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    Back to green team after a long run with AMD

    Hey folks, Could not stand another summer with my reference Vega 56 screaming at me any time I wanted to game. Sold it on craigslist for $250 and I think I got a nice upgrade: It was open box for $428 at microcenter. The service team there ran some benchmarks for 30 minutes before I purchased it...
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    Any suggestions to lower temp on a stock vega 56?

    Hey folks I have a reference Vega56 and the temps are getting a little hot during CSGO. I want to keep chill off before I prefer to get max fps with vsync for quicker response times. The memory hits temps of almost 80C and it isn't even summer yet. I have my memory set to 945mhz in wattman but...
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    What server PSU are you using?

    Hey folks. I mostly run 1070s with 7 cards per rig. Trying to find a good server psu that can push this because I am planning an expansion. Starting in a few weeks, I will have access to 208v power so I was hoping to could track down a single 1200w server psu that can run a rig with 7 of these...
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    How would you go about obtaining 100+ gpu's?

    Hey folks, I know the market is pretty dry right now, but would I have better luck going directly through a manufacturer if I wanted to purchase 100+ 1070/ti's? I have an LLC and would be willing to pay full retail for all of them. Anyone have any experience with this?
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    New Driver Released - Crimson Edition 15.12

    Included Highlights: ​Radeon Settings New Install UI Liquid VR Asynchronous Shaders Shader Cache Optimized Flip Queue Size Freesync™ Enhancements Custom Resolution Support Frame Pacing Enhancements Frame Rate Target Control Enhancements Updated Video Feature support for 'Carrizo'...
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    Questions about 120hz/144hz and 1080p/1440p for gaming

    Hey all I am looking to upgrade my monitor soon for smoother fps performance. Pretty much the only game I play is competitive csgo. I am currently using a Samsung s27a750d Going from 60hz to this was amazing, but I feel...
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    Quick question about buying steam games from authorized third party

    If i buy a few copies of a game from green man gaming will those copies of the game be sent to me through a trade window and thus be giftable to someone else? Or do they just send you a code to activate the game on steam? I appreciate any advice you folks have. Thanks!
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    Trying to repair backlight issue for a Vizio TV - couple questions

    Hey folks I have a VIZIO E470I-A0 (47-inch 1080p LED Smart HDTV) that just failed on me yesterday. I purchased it as an open-box item from walmart a couple months ago for less than $300. I know it is a POS compared to most TV's, but it does the trick. Returning it is not an option. Anyway...
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    120mm case fan brand question

    Hey all People in Hotdeals are talking about this deal on some Corsair fans So 35db and 63cfm Then I saw this Silenx fan's stats that is similarly priced...
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    Recently got in to mining cryptocurrency - are asicminers the way to go?

    Hey everyone About a week ago I started mining Dogecoins 24/7 on my rig and I am getting about 640kh/s with my undervolt and underclock just right. I think this seems pretty decent considering how quiet I can keep my cards. I have heard about people talking about ASICminers. I found this on...
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    Amazon: Sound Blaster Z - $86.56

    29% off Seems like a good deal. Heading to Best Buy right now to get it price matched. Hope this helps some of you folks!
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    Why might my pagefile fill up before memory?

    Pretty straightforward question. Just running Steam, a bunch of Mozilla tabs, and litecoin mining. My page file is 8192mb on my C: drive which is a 64gb Crucial m4. Thanks to whoever can shed some light on this! :-D
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    PS4 is going to have 8gb of RAM! Sell your PC while you can! Just wow.
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    Need to force full 3D clock speeds on xfired Tahiti LEs

    Hey everyone. I have been having an issue with my cards, but I am sick of hijacking other people's threads so I thought I would make my own. I get very unstable and/or low fps in the games I play with my Powercolor 7870LEs. I have noticed that one of my cards is clocking at 501/1550 while the...
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    Is a corsair TX750 v2 sufficient for my rig?

    Hey everyone. My PC is in my sig. Additional parts include 2x 7200 rpm hdd's, 3x ssd's, a creative x-fi titanium, and 9 fans. I thought 750w would be enough, but all the calculators are telling me at least 850w. Any words of advice please?
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    Corsair PSU GS800 - $120 - $10 MIR = $110 Seems like a good deal for a place that might be local for some people. I am in need of a power supply and I prefer not to wait. MC is about an hour away so maybe I will just have Best...
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    Need to purchase gaming laptop for girlfriend's xmas gift. Under $1k

    Hey everyone. I want to buy a gaming laptop for my girlfriend for Christmas and I want to stay under $1000. I am pretty aware of what is good in the normal computing world because I have been a PC gamer for most of my life. But I have never gamed on a laptop and I don't know what things...
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    Does anyone know where to get a cheap 3.5" powered SATA external hard drive enclosure

    I am looking to mod my gf's wii and I want a cheap enclosure for her. I remember getting mine for like $5 but all of the ones I am seeing now are at least $20. Perhaps Cyber Monday will bring some accessory deals?
  25. D 30%-50% everything I purchased the SteelSeries 6Gv2 mechanical keyboard with red switches for $69.99 with free shipping. The site is running pretty slow though.
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    Is there a point to using a high-end sound card with crappy speakers?

    Hey everyone, I recently received a SoundBlaster Fatal1ty Champion sound card: I am currently using a cheap $200 5.1 home theater in a box setup for my room. My room is very small and the audio sounds fine to me. I use an...
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    Will an H50 be sufficient to cool a 3930k?

    Hey all I am building a new system on Monday. It will include an i7-3930k on an Asus p9x79 deluxe board in a Coolermaster 690 case. I was just curious what everyone thinks about the H50 compared to something like the H70 or H80. My H50 is currently doing an excellent job of cooling my...
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    H50 on lga2011 compatability

    Hey all. I am swapping my socket 1366 i7-970 with a socket 2011 i7-3930k. I would like to continue using my h50 because it really has been outstanding for me. I have been having trouble finding a definitive answer regarding its compatibilty with intel's latest socket. Does anyone here have...
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    Ready to purchase a 120hz monitor for gaming. Need some assistance

    Hey everyone. I am looking to purchase a 120hz monitor in the near future mainly for fps gaming. I am on a budget of about $400. I am currently using: Acer H243H I am torn between these two 24" monitors. Acer GD235HZbid...
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    Experiencing extremely annoying micro-stutter with single-gpu - driving me nuts!

    Hey everyone. I have had an issue with my computer for a long time. I believe micro-stutter is something people often complain about with their multi-gpu configurations, but I am experiencing with my single 6950. At first I thought it was just World of Warcraft that had the problem. I always...
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    Sorry. Reposting in PC Gaming and Hardware. Please delete
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    Overriding high clock speed for dual displays?

    Hey all. My idle temp on my XFX 6950 (flashed to 6970) is generally about 72C when I have two displays hooked up. When using a single display my clocks go all the way down to 250/150 and my idle temps sit at about 38C. I haven't done much testing on this yet, but I bet this is why my gpu...
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    B&M Target 1.5TB WD Elements External Harddrive - $69.99+tax Looks like a good deal even if there is a green drive in there.
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    People using multiple accounts for giveaways

    Hey all. I was just looking at the video card section of the forum and noticed quite a few newbies posting in the XFX thread to enter. Some have been members for years, yet their post history shows that they only post in giveaway threads. It'd be interesting to see the posters' IPs to see who...
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    Seeking advice on what surround sound system to purchase

    Hey everyone. I have been using THIS cheap Philips 5.1 surround sound system on my PC for the past few years and I am finally looking to replace it with something that has some more features. Even though I spent less than $150 on this entire set at Wal-Mart, my main gripe with this system is...
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    Getting high temps with your 6950/6970?

    Hey everyone. I just got an XFX 6950 and successfully flashed it to the 6970 @ 6970 clocks. At first I didn't think I was successful because I was getting artifacts in trivial places at random times. I felt the top of the card and it was extremely hot. According to CCC my temps were maxing...
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    Most efficient upgrade for my rig?

    Hey all. My current rig is in my sig. I was just curious what upgrade is next for me to get closer to that next-gen performance. I generally like to stay one or two generations behind for cost reasons, so after running the Final Fantasy benchmark and scoring a 2600 I feel like its time to...
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    Most efficient upgrade for my rig?

    Hey all. My current rig is in my sig. I was just curious what upgrade is next for me to get closer to that next-gen performance. I generally like to stay one or two generations behind for cost reasons, so after running the Final Fantasy benchmark and scoring a 2600 I feel like its time to...
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    How to get the most out of a small SSD

    Hey everyone. I just ordered the other day and I am preparing for its arrival by figuring out what to put on there. Looks like windows 7...
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    60gb OCZ Vertex $129 after $20 MIR

    Shellshocker deal just started. Haven't bought an SSD yet. How is this deal?