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  1. Darkswordz

    Warm? Western Digital SN850 1TB PCI-E4x4 = $149.99 A/R @ Newegg

    Newegg has the Western Digital SN850 1TB PCI-E4x4 on sale for $164.99 - $15 instant rebate = $149.99. :happy: According to PCPartPicker this is the lowest price this drive has been, and is one of the better PCI-E 4x4 drives out there.
  2. Darkswordz

    Seasonic FOCUS 850w Platinum = $110.99 after IR + MIR @ Newegg

    I'm pretty sure this is the lowest price I've seen for the Seasonic FOCUS 850w Platinum model. $169.99 - $34 Instant discount - $25 mail in rebate = $110.99 A/R. :smug:
  3. Darkswordz

    Ryzen 9 5950X @ Newegg - $899.99

    Seems like a pretty decent price, considering it's chronically out of stock. The sale isn't fulfilled by Newegg though, it's a 3rd party seller, so your mileage may vary. Ryzen 9 5950X = $899.99
  4. Darkswordz

    i9-10900K = $409.99. A bundle with Z490 AORUS Ultra = $599.99.

    This has to be the lowest price I've seen for a 10900K. It's even lower than Microcenter's prices. i9-10900K = $409.99 An even better deal would be to buy it in a bundle with a Gigabyte Z490 AOURS Ultra motherboard for $100.00 off. :eek: i9-10900K + Gigabyte AORUS Z490 Ultra = 599.99
  5. Darkswordz

    HOT? Super Flower Leadtek 80+ Platinum 850W, Fully Modular PSU = $169.99 after Instant Rebate @ Newegg

    This seems like a pretty good deal for a brand new product. Super Flower Leadtek 80+ Platinum 850W = $199.99 - $30.00 instant rebate (MKTCI191TCSS) = $169.99 A/R. Comes with 10 year warranty. :cool:
  6. Darkswordz

    Warm? MSI Radeon 5600XT = $229.99 after Discount + MIR @ Newegg

    Newegg has the MSI Radeon 5600XT for only $229.99 right now after rebate. This seems like a decent deal for a 1080p/1440p card, if you don't want to hit the used market. The reviews are questionably high. They're almost all 5/5 stars, which makes me a tad suspicious. :whistle: Nevertheless...
  7. Darkswordz

    Arctic Liquid Feezer II 240mm = $99.99. 280mm = $109.99. 420mm = $152.97.

    Amazon has both the 240mm and 280mm versions of the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II AIO coolers in stock. These are highly sought after, but seldom in stock at MSRP. Go get one if you've been waiting. Link: 240mm Link: 280mm Link: 420mm :geek:
  8. Darkswordz

    So.....who's buying a 3070?

    Anyone want to take bets on if they'll all be sold out in 10 seconds? :wacky:
  9. Darkswordz

    ASRock X299 Taichi Motherboard (Intel, Skylake-X)
  10. Darkswordz

    10900K Back In Stock @ Newegg

    10900K's are back in stock. Go get 'em. :droid:
  11. Darkswordz

    Power Supplies In Stock

    I'm not sure if these are "deals" but in this environment anything in stock at MSRP is pretty good. :smug: 80+ Platinum 1. Fractal Ion+ 560P = $100.99 2. Seasonic Focus PX-650 = $129.99 3. Seasonic Focus PX-850 = $157.99 4. Corsair HX1200 = $249.94 80+ Gold 1. EVGA 500GD = $69.99 2...
  12. Darkswordz

    FS/Auction: i7-7820X CPU - Delidded by Silicon Lottery w/ Liquid Metal

    I've just upgraded to an i9-10900K, so my old i7-7820X needs a new home. This CPU has been professionally de-lidded by Silicon Lottery with Thermal Grizzly liquid metal applied. eBay auction ends on 6/23/2020 at 5:25pm. I also have an X299 Taichi motherboard that I need to sell, but not sure...
  13. Darkswordz

    Does Quad-Channel Memory Help for Video Editing?

    I'm currently on the X299 platform with an i7-7820X and I've been thinking about getting into 4K video editing for YouTube and such. I was wondering if quad-channel RAM helps in video editing, or if it would be worth changing to a Ryzen 3900X system instead, although that would cost a good...
  14. Darkswordz

    Warm? CORSAIR CV 650W 80+ Bronze PSU = $39.99 A/R

    This seems like a decent deal for a mid-range PSU, even if it is non-modular. Corsair CV650 = $59.99 - $20.00 MIR = $39.99 A/R @ Newegg. Offer expires on 4/1/2020. ;)
  15. Darkswordz

    My Lian Li Lancool II Has Arrived!

    My pre-ordered Lian Li Lancoll II arrived today! :cool: I thought I'd show some quick pictures for anyone who's interested. I was surprised by how heavy the case is. It feels extremely well-made and very high quality. I'll be moving over my current I7-7820X build from a Jonsbo W2 case into...
  16. Darkswordz

    Rosewill PHOTON 1050W Gold PSU = $69.99 *Buyer Beware*

    *UPDATED* The 850W Capstone is now out of stock. But there is a new deal on a Rosewill PHOTON 1050W Gold PSU for $69.99 out the door price. Use promo code: EMCUUVC23. Just beware of all the negative reviews before rolling the dice on this one. :unsure:
  17. Darkswordz

    EVGA Power Supply Deals @ Best Buy & NewEgg

    EVGA has a couple good deals on power supplies going on, for both budget and mid-range systems. :smug: 1. EVGA 600W 80+ Basic = $39.99 @ Best 2. EVGA 700W 80+ Gold = $64.99 - $20.00 MIR = $44.99 A/R @
  18. Darkswordz

    Acer Predator Helios 300 15" = $999.99 @ Amazon

    The Acer Predator Helios 300 15" is back on sale for $999.99 again at Amazon, for those of you who missed it the first time. :cool:
  19. Darkswordz

    Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB = $399.99 + 3 Free Games

    Call my crazy, but this seems like a pretty low price for a Vega 64 card. It also comes with 3 free games. :smuggrin: $399.99 at Newegg.
  20. Darkswordz

    MSI Ventus RTX 2080 = $679.99 A/R + Battlefield V @ Newegg

    If you've been waiting to upgrade to an RTX card now may be a good time. Newegg has the MSI Ventus RTX 2080 for $679.99 after rebate, which puts it under MSRP and $120.00 less than from Nvidia directly. It also includes Battlefield V game code for free. (y)
  21. Darkswordz

    EVGA SuperNOVA 1000W G3 Gold PSU = $79.99 A/R @ Newegg

    The EVGA SuperNOVA 1000W G3 Gold PSU is back on sale, this time for $79.99 after rebate.
  22. Darkswordz

    Time of NDA Lift and Sales of RTX 2xxx Cards?

    Anyone know what time the NDA lifts on the 2xxx series, and when they'll be available for purchase?
  23. Darkswordz

    GTX 1070Ti In Stock @

    1070Ti's are in stock at Nvidia's website for MSRP, if that constitutes a "hot deal". :smuggrin:
  24. Darkswordz

    Ryzen Threadripper 1900X 8c/16t = $379.99

    Title says it all. Threadripper 1900X for $379.99 out the door @ Newegg. :geek:
  25. Darkswordz

    Help! 7820X No Longer Holding OC Settings

    I was running Cinebench this morning on my 7820X @ 4.7Ghz when the system blue screened. I had to do a cold restart to get back to Windows. I noticed that my CPU was no longer running at it's OC settings, but seemed back to default. I tried going back in the UEFI and put my settings back to...
  26. Darkswordz

    Noises coming from my Corsair H115 =(

    I just noticed some noises coming from what I think is the pump on my Corsair H115. I've never heard this noise before, and it only happens when I lay the case down. Has anyone experienced something similar? Is it about to die? :( Take a listen and let me know what you think. Thanks...
  27. Darkswordz

    Question on Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Liquid Metal...

    I have a new 7820X coming soon, which will be de-lidded and have the stock TIM replaced with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal. I was also planning on using the Thermal Grizzly between the IHS and my Corsair H115, replacing the current Arctic MX-4. However, the instructions say it...
  28. Darkswordz

    Can I move my 960 EVO from X99 to X299?

    I'm upgrading from an i7-6800K to an i7-7820X. :smuggrin: Will I be able to simply plop my 960 EVO into the new X299 board as long as I install the new drivers, or does it require a full re-install of Windows 10? Thanks.
  29. Darkswordz

    Hot? Ryzen 1950X + Gigabyte AORUS X399 Mobo = $1019.99 @ Newegg

    Newegg has a combo deal for the Ryzen 1950X (16c/32t) + Gigabyte AORUS X399 Motherboard for $1,269.98 - $249.99 = $1,019.99. This seems like a pretty good deal. I'm a bit concerned about those mobo reviews though. :unsure:
  30. Darkswordz

    Will we see a GTX 11xx series in 2017?

    What is the likelihood of the GTX 11xx series being released in 2017? Will it be all new architecture, or just a refresh of Pascal with higher clock speeds?
  31. Darkswordz

    HOT! ASUS Z170-PRO 1151 Motherboard = $89.99 A/R @ Newegg

    This has to be the lowest price I've seen for a high end Z170 board. ASUS Z170-PRO: $134.99 - $10.00 instant discount (EMCSRFBB5) - $35.00 rebate = $89.99.
  32. Darkswordz

    MSI GAMING 980Ti

    I recently upgrade to a 1080Ti, so I'm selling my old MSI GAMING 980Ti:
  33. Darkswordz

    Will there be a 10-core or 12-core Ryzen CPU?

    Has anyone heard if there will be 10-core and/or 12-core Ryzen unlocked CPU's in the near future?
  34. Darkswordz

    HELP! Can't Overclock My i7-6800K Past 3.8 GHz :(

    I just got a new i7-6800K today. I've been trying to overclock it, but running into trouble. No matter what I do, it will not go past 3.8Ghz. I've tried setting it to Manual Mode, XMP Mode, setting the CPU multiplier to 40x, with 100 Base Clock, setting CPU Strap to 100; 125, 167, etc. I've...