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  1. primetime

    Win 10 LatencyMon results

    Am i the only one with questionable results?
  2. primetime

    Are Both my Seagate Drives on the way out? How Bad is this Smart Info

    I ran SeaTools on Both and the larger one actually finishing's the long Fix all Drive thing....The smaller one fails to finish successfully. Neither drive has any issue with windows drive error scans so at least thats going for them. The larger one is still under warranty, but i guess i need...
  3. primetime

    Anyone using the newer Sound Blaster Command Driver for their Sound Blaster Z Card

    No idea if its any better, but its is something new for our older cards. Edit This thread is for Sound Blaster Z users Only Thanks
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    Would i gain performance by doubling my ram with Win 10

    Or is that Committed part not so much a big deal? Was there any performance differance after going to 32GB with Win10
  5. primetime

    What Browser you use with Latest Win10 builds? How many swapped from Chrome to Edge?

    I think Edge is almost good enough to swap to from Chrome. If it were not for the fact the browser kinda freezes up in a white screen after Min the window, i likley would have stoped using chrome. Edge Seems very fancy but Half Baked with issues.
  6. primetime

    Strange how Win reports vram usage and amount these days? Or has it always been this way

    yea i guess the cards vram is just the shared system or gpu memory....Only reason i was checking cause AB seems to think my cards is using 13GB of Vram which is impossible right?
  7. primetime

    Win security app doing some annoying things

    When was last time windows antivirus caused issues in modern games like cyberpunk? Dang thing wants to block qbittorrenet from working as well. I really cant remember the last time i had to disable AV just for a game to work correctly.
  8. primetime

    What causes this? Display going bad?

    After every cold boot up, bottom right corner of screen is very dark. Unplugging the cable and re-plugging fixes it Display just going bad?
  9. primetime

    think my Sapphire vega 64 is dying

    Getting artifacts and the screen just goes black (or off?) then comes back on for not really enough time to do any troubleshooting. Had same issues with driver uninstalled and also saw artifacts doing the reboot (pre windows)....yep looks like the card is but this is first time...
  10. primetime

    Noticed a phone that isn't mine logged into my google account the middle of last month

    Ok after a major panic attack the pw is changed and the device removed. What am i doing wrong? I did change the hole thing to 2 step verification for the future, So that should help. It scares the hell out of me, thinking of the damage that could be done if someone can log into your google account.
  11. primetime

    Phone call notations on my pc speakers, why?

    Part of me suspects the BT on my phone is connecting to my pc speakers, but i can clearly see its only connected to my car radio. Its not a big deal truthfully and honestly its half way amusing. My phone is Moto G7 and i only use win10 if it even matters at all.
  12. primetime

    Tools and material for modding existing power cables

    Thinking of doing a little cable modding for now...Anyone have links for tools you have actually used. I have extra cables anyways cause my replacement supply uses same modular cables my other one did (power supply side). I think i would like to cut the spliters off the vga cables so that each 8...
  13. primetime

    Is it time to upgrade? 3800x or a 3900x....or wait for the 3950x lol

    No way i was spending more than msrp...but it seems the prices are back down to normal prices. Maybe i should just wait for black Friday deals cause it aint like i really need the upgrade right now...but its only money. Does that 70MB of game cache really help out? You 3900x people glad you...
  14. primetime

    The next which one should i try thread? considering my vega64 and blaster z

    I got plenty of hard drives and a little time off. Any suggestions these days? I know at one time the creative cards were not very well supported but i think things have changed a bit. Or is Linux still not ready for the rest of us mortals? Seems like in the past i had better results with...
  15. primetime

    pc seems to freeze up on certain web page....then i hear the gpu fan kick on and it comes right back

    Oddly enough i have only seen it happen on the fps review. Some kind of weird bug with AMD drivers and chrome and not going thru the longer process with using ddu and doing a more clean driver install. Im pretty sure a clean driver install will fix this. Seems like...
  16. primetime

    Power goes off for less than a second and pc is not effected (no ups)

    Has anyone else noticed this happening very often? I guess thats why they make decent power supplys the way they do.
  17. primetime

    What new display is right for me with a Vega64?

    Part of me wants a new display for watching the newer 4K UHD videos. Problem is i like to game the other half the time and obviously my current card would have a very tough time with the newer games and trying to play at UHD resolutions. My line of work keeps my relocating more often than not...
  18. primetime

    SmoothVideo Project (SVP) Any people here use this app? I use it all the time since high frame rate movies look way better to me personally. (especially the more high end ones)
  19. primetime

    Sound Blaster Z Optical to speaker issue/question

    I tried hooking up my speakers with the optical cable that came with the speakers just for the sake of trying it out....I can get some of the windows sounds working like the vol up and down tone....but couldnt get much else to work. Honestly i have always used the analog hook for this card since...
  20. primetime

    H.265 AMD VCE Video Codec With Handbrake or other software

    Is there any visual difference between regular H.265 and AMD VCE? I used to use bdrebuilder back in the day to shrink bd movies but have been trying out handbrake.....The AMD codec seems a million times faster and puts the gpu to actual use, so is there any reason not to use it?
  21. primetime

    Vega 64 Black Screen like its turned off? Just started and wondering why

    Its happening when pc is almost idle or doing light browsing...and have to reset or power cycle to get it back....WTF is going on? Its never happened while in game so far, so its makes me wonder what the issue is...Dont ell me i have to RMA this thing already...Havent tried DDU or anything like...
  22. primetime

    Windows 10 updates that fail to install no matter what i do

    Issue was fixed with this method I have tried the windows update tool and it finds zero problems....I have tried deleting everything in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and it just re downloads everything...
  23. primetime

    Windows Experience Index -- Post yours

    Guess i need to upgrade to one of those m2 drives;)
  24. primetime

    AMD Ryzen Master

    Anyone here ever really use this tool? Manually turning on PBO seems helpful in boosting the clock speed. So many ways of achieving the same results? Any harm in raising or maxing PPT, TDC or EDC values? Honestly I think all these apps are confusing to learn lol
  25. primetime

    Need help updating firmware on Seagate Exos 8TB

    Drive seems to be doing fine except every now and then i hear my pc talking to me. (very loud and odd sounding vibrating clank) So i figure maybe its got a newer firmware and as it happens there is. Do we really have to update it outside windows? I made the seagate boot usb disk but cant seem to...
  26. primetime

    If i upgrade to vega....what would be a quick resell price for my rx580

    what would be a fair sell it in one day price on this forum for a perfect used xfx 580? Since im in full time travel mode a quick sell is higher priority than getting most money
  27. primetime

    Crosshair VII Hero UEFI Build Update C7H BIOS 1001 - Still AGESA - ACPI WMI sensor interface v2 (should not cause fan lockups together with updated software) - Fixed HAMP FAN source can't be set properly - Supposedly fixes issues with some...
  28. primetime

    Ryzen Ram Speed....What speed do you set yours for 24/7 usage

    Since setting up my bios correctly with DOCP (Asus XMP) im able to run various ram speed options in what seems to be stable. Seems like Kyle runs 3400mhz in some of his articles but i dont know if he runs it at that speed 24/7. My older retired setup over clocking the ram was out of the...
  29. primetime

    Asus ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO (WI-FI) Owners Disucssions

    Looking for input on getting my board able to run better than 1066 Ram speed. Im using Intel Burn test on MAX settings for 10 runs to give me a somewhat quick result of either stable or not. Anyways mine is only stable when leaving the ram at default speed so far. Ram im using...
  30. primetime

    Thoughts on My rebuild list ok needs editing edit ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero (Wi-Fi) AM4 AMD X470 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX AMD Motherboard $299.99 AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz (4.3 GHz Max Boost) Socket AM4 105W...
  31. primetime

    How does Win 10 use the internet when it has 2 different sources (usb tethering or Wifi)

    As in if neither option is super great can it use both to increase bandwidth? Or should i just disable wifi or disconnect to for it to use the usb tether over my phone? the wifi would be using the motels internet and not from my phone. Is the OS smart enough to use the faster option?
  32. primetime

    Windows 10 fails to boot if my raid 0 "Storage" drives show failure during boot

    How or why does something going on with my storage drives make windows shit a brick? Is that the way its supposed to work? I ordered an 8 TB 256mb cache to replace my ageing 2TB raid area so i can just get away from raid for the time being....IS it possible that my MBs raid feature is starting...
  33. primetime

    Windows 10 data usage

    My Motel's wifi was down for a bit so i fired up a hotspot with my phone......To my surprise it ate thru 3GB in less than a hour. (just browsing FB and this site without clicking on any videos) Whats the deal with the "Node usage"? OK i forgot to change windows to Metered connection before...
  34. primetime

    LGA 2066 cpu coolers?

    This is a brand new socket correct? Are there many new coolers that fit on this socket? Do the old 2011 coolers work on this new socket? Was just wondering since if i built new today i be shit out of luck using my existing cooler? I would love to use one of those reeven justice models H reviewed...
  35. primetime

    Intermittent raid 1 failed on Western Digital RE3 from Asus p6tDelux

    I can always fix this error by powering down the system and unplugging an plugging the sata cord. Doing an analysis still shows the drive at 100% fitness. The issues started in the last year i think...nothing before that. Maybe i should look to retire these very old drives? Or it could be issues...
  36. primetime

    Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered

    Just wanted to see who else has been getting these issues. I can fix mine by not using any driver newer than 17.7s but some have reported theirs being fixed by using the newer driver. I NEVER got these much if any with my older Tahit card. What are they fucking up in the driver to cause these...
  37. primetime

    Any driver newer than 17.7.2 with RX580 get driver stopped responding ctd's

    Im only playing "the division dx12" for the time being so i cant say if it effects other games. Still its been a long time, actually if ever i was effected by driver crashes with AMD drivers. Its like what ever Vega changes they added to the drivers with 17.8 isnt playing well with my polaris...
  38. primetime

    Windows 10 RS3 Build 16241

    Anyone else using it? Im kinda digging the new GPU usage in the task manager.
  39. primetime

    Gaming perf differance of my overclocked x5670 vs a new 4ghz Ryzen7 ?

    I can easily see a 4ghz Ryzen gets about a 50% performance improvement in workstation tasks compared to what i have....I wonder what im looking at in the game performance area? should be at least a 10% overall improvement right?