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  1. Blorgon

    HP Omen X 35

    Kind of surprised there hasn't been a thread on this yet. Since Acer's x34p seems to have fallen into limbo, the Omen X 35 seems to be the front runner for upcoming ultrawide monitors. G-Sync, 100hz native refresh rate (I think, anyway; can't remember where I read that). The price is nuts, but...
  2. Blorgon

    Something like the Mionix Naos but with the infinite scroll wheel of a G502?

    Wondering if this mouse exists. I really like the feel of the Naos I have, but I've been using a G502 for a couple months now because the ability to switch to an infinite scroll is incredible useful for some of the work I do. I've really come to hate the G502, but I've tried switching back to...
  3. Blorgon

    [Help] Constant DNS lookup failures

    A few weeks ago, I started getting intermittent DNS lookup failures. I looked into it, and everything I found suggested switching to Google's public DNS. So I switched to that in my router's settings, but I still had problems, albeit a little less frequently. Eventually I got fed up and forced...
  4. Blorgon

    Battlefield 1 No-HUD Gameplay on 21:9

    Looks absolutely phenomenal. A HUD-less game mode would be awesome for BF1.
  5. Blorgon

    Playdead's INSIDE [from the makers of LIMBO]

    Anybody here pick this up yet? LIMBO—Playdead's first game, released in 2010—really turned me around on gaming as an adult. I had grown up playing on a Sega Genesis, N64, PS1, PS2, and a Gameboy Color—but from around age 16 to 20 I hardly gamed at all because nothing really ever grabbed my...
  6. Blorgon

    W10 Search Not Working?

    Can anybody explain why this is happening? Why would search not look through File Explorer by default? Where is it looking instead? Why would they neuter the search function like this? I mean, NOT looking in the File Explorer drastically reduces the search's effectiveness, right? I never had a...
  7. Blorgon

    Does this laptop exist? Specs question for those in the know

    I'm having trouble finding what I want, and don't have the patience to go sorting through all the possible configurations of the laptops I have found so far. Here's what I want: i7 6700HQ 16GB DDR4 RAM 256-512GB SSD FHD display And the kicker, NO DISCRETE GRAPHICS. I want a laptop...
  8. Blorgon

    Skylake Quad Core NUC

    Getting antsy to pick one of these up.
  9. Blorgon

    uBlock Origin Extension Corruption?

    My uBlock extension keeps getting 'corrupted' and I keep having to repair it. Anybody else having this issue?
  10. Blorgon

    Any prospects for mid range, sub 5" Android phones?

    Desperately clinging to my Moto X 2013, but increasingly annoyed by the lack of expandable storage, and the fact that I'm having a hard time finding a reasonably priced replacement X since I just cracked my screen. Are there any prospects for us normal people that want a phone that'll fit in...
  11. Blorgon

    8.1 Re-Installation Help

    I used slmgr.vbs /dlv to get my Activation ID, then slmgr /upk <Activation ID> to uninstall the product key. I got the message saying I was successful. The reason I did this was to change motherboards and do a fresh install, but now on my new installation, the product key is no longer working...
  12. Blorgon

    Any options for a bad GPU out of warranty?

    Does a GTX 570 have any "for parts" value? Is there anything I can do with this thing other than using it as a coaster/door prop/paperweight? I suspect leaky caps, but the card is out of warranty. I got the card for free though, so I wouldn't be opposed to seeking out repair service if it...
  13. Blorgon

    Free Sim City 2000 SE

    Personally, it might actually be worth downloading Origin. I freaking loved this game.
  14. Blorgon

    [Help needed] Samsung Galaxy Nexus driver issues

    UPDATE 8/19/14: Finally found something that works: a Windows Update for N and KN versions of Windows 8.1. USB debugging needs to be on for the device to show up. This is the easiest fix I've found, and it's from an official source to boot. Thanks to all those who helped. I haven't been able...
  15. Blorgon

    Capybara's Below [x-post]

    Cross-posting from my own thread on Linustech. This looks un-fricking-believably amazing. Gamescom trailer on Youtube. Found at Polygon
  16. Blorgon

    Calling Brix Pro owners

    Can anybody provide a couple high definition photos of the power switch from both sides of their Brix Gaming/Brix Pro motherboards? Finding nothing on the web.
  17. Blorgon

    Environment embedded VoN?

    I've got a whole folder of ideas for games in Drive, from small details like interactive crafting (which I just found out is a thing via TekSyndicate!), to combat systems, to entire games. Lately, I've been working on a game idea, and was toying with figuring out how to make VoN more...
  18. Blorgon

    Journey's journey

    You know when you find a bunch of cash in an old pair of jeans you haven't worn in years? Back in 2012, I didn't have a PC to run Skyrim. I had an Xbox 360, but there weren't any games for it I wanted to play, so I sold it to buy a PS3 and a PS3 version of TESV. My plan was to play Skyrim...
  19. Blorgon

    Texture-less games

    Alright. Here's my list of games in no particular order with the art styles I'm looking for. They range from texture-less to a specific art style I absolutely love. The Witness Journey Inside Limbo Abzu Rime Oberon's Court No Man's Sky Here's that recurring art style I'm...
  20. Blorgon

    Board games/card games discussion?

    Is it appropriate to talk about board games and card games here, or is this strictly a video game sub?
  21. Blorgon

    Open Hardware Monitor CPU Package Power?

    So, I'm a little confused by one of the readings in Open Hardware Monitor—what's going on here?
  22. Blorgon

    Small Form Factor GPUs?

    Okay, I did a search here, and not much came up. I'm not asking about existing models, I'm wondering what the limitations are for this type of GPU. Since the rest of the tech world seems hell bent on making things more compact and more powerful, why aren't GPUs following suit? Is it a physical...
  23. Blorgon

    Need CAD help for personal SFF design

    I'm looking for a talented CADer to turn my proof-of-concept assemblage of 3D boxes :D into an actual machining plan. And I'm also wondering if anybody here has access to machining equipment, and would be able to produce some cases. I'm thinking something along the lines of what CMadki4 did...
  24. Blorgon

    Issues with Gigabyte GA-Z87N-Wifi

    This was (and is) my first build ever. Slapped this sucker together in a Prodigy. Looking to do my second build sometime in the next few weeks, and I'm planning on recycling all these parts except the PSU, which is more than my system needs, and the HDD, which is fat and slow and stupid. Here's...
  25. Blorgon

    PM "sent" confirmation?

    How come there's no confirmation after you've sent a private message? I've seen it on another vBulletin forum I'm on, and assumed it was a feature across-the-board*. So far, I've tried to send two PMs in response to ads in the FS/T section. Both times after hitting "send", the page sort of...