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    How do I build a high performance silent system

    I recently upgraded my PC and due to the state of parts availability ended up with an Asus ROG prebuilt (11700 / 3080). It sounds like a jet, with the fans constantly ramping up and down during gameplay. Id known before purchasing it that this particular case had issues with cooling and...
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    3070, 3080 or 3090 for 4k@120

    What card would I need to push 4K @ 120Hz? I’m not playing anything crazy, Anno 1800 and some older games like ARK, but my understanding is that for 4K the memory for textures is a limiting factor.
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    App crashing - how to fully remove and reset?

    I have an ios game (Splendor) that started crashing to desktop every time I open it. I restarted the phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and deleted all the app data, but it still crashes every time I open it. It works fine on my wife’s phone and there’s nothing about iOS incompatibility...
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    VLC has terrible sound quality playing mp3s

    I just got a new laptop and installed VLC media player, but when I play mp3s through VLC it sounds terrible: compression artifacts, no highs, no bass. If I play the same file in Windows Media Player its fine. Standard VBR mp3 files. Any ideas? Windows 10 Pro, Xeon E2286M, 64 GB RAM. Forgot to...
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    Displayport to VGA adapter for 27" 1440p monitor

    I'm trying to hook up my work laptop to one of my Monoprice Zero-G 27" monitors for easy switching between the laptop and my desktop. The monitor has two inputs, a dual-link DVI and a VGA. With the DVI taken up by my desktop, that leaves me with the VGA. My laptop only has standard...
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    What's the best Android currently available on Verizon

    My upgrade is up. What's my best option for Verizon at the moment? Is there anything coming out within a month that's worth waiting for?
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    Verizon upgrade is up - Galaxy Nexus or is something better coming soon?

    My Verizon upgrade is available on the 10th, and I've been looking to get a Galaxy Nexus. Is there anything coming out soon (within a month or so) that would make me regret getting this phone now instead of waiting?
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    Mobile GPU that can handle Skyrim at 1920x1080

    I travel a lot and am looking to upgrade my current XPS 15 with a Geforce 420M to something that can play Skyrim and other modern games at 1920x1080 without having to drop graphics quality into the basement to get playable framerates. I love my current laptop and specced out a new XPS 15 on the...
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    What could make a computer not recognize a serial keyboard in the BIOS

    I've got an old POS system that won't recognize a control panel which is essentially a custom keyboard (functions instead of letters, etc) that hooks in via a serial port. I've tried replacing pretty much everything involved (keyboard, RS232 cable and serial expansion card) but it's not...
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    Why does my Gigabyte motherboard make noise when I scroll my mouse?

    I have a Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3. When I scroll my mouse wheel, and on random other occasions it makes a noise somewhat like an older mechanical hard drive doing a long read. I can't figure out why. I have an Intel SSD drive.
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    Looking for a thin, wireless mini keyboard for portability

    I'm looking for something to carry around with my laptop so I can use external displays without being crammed up against my laptop. Something like the HP Wireless elite without a keypad would be perfect. I really like the construction and slim profile, but it's too long to fit into a laptop...
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    Logitech keyboard with USB3.0 ports

    Does anyone know if Logitech has any keyboards out now, or soon to be released that have built in USB 3.0 ports? If not, are there any available from other quality peripheral manufacturers?
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    Need recomendations on a core components upgrade

    I'm planning to upgrade my current X2 6400+/8800GTS build to something a bit more up to date, and am looking for recomentations on a solid motherboard, CPU, RAM and GPU setup between $300-400. Deciding factors are: Stability Price Quiet Don't care about overclocking. USB 3.0 support...
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    Possible to run 6GB (2x1 and 2x2) in dual channel?

    A while back I bought another 4 gigs of memory for my computer (a Corsair XMS2 2x2GB set) and installed it alongside my existing 2 gigs (a Corsair XMS2 2x1GB set). I just noticed on POST that it was detecting the memory in single-channel mode, figured I had mistakenly installed it in the...
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    Upgrading from an NEC 20WMGX2

    I'm looking for a 23-24" upgrade path from my current NEC 20WMGX2 without sacrificing image quality and maintaining the glossy screen finish. I've read some of the posts in the current HP and Dell model threads and am not sure if either of these would be an "upgrade" to what I've regarded...
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    Multisync 20WMGX2 suddenly only refreshing at 30Hz?

    About 30 minutes ago my screen went all fuzzy. After checking the Display Settings, the only options available are 25-30 Hz refresh rate, interlaced, unless I reduce the screen resolution to far below its native resolution of 1680X1050. I updated the drivers for both the video card (8800...
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    USB 2.0 Hub transferring at 1.1 speeds

    I have a USB2.0 hub built into my NEC LCD display, however when I copy files to my USB thumb drive while it is plugged into the hub the transfer is extremely slow and I get the little message in the system tray about updating to a 2.0 device. Device manage lists the device as a Generic USB...
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    Athlon X2 6400+ overheating at stock settings

    I recently upgraded to a X2 6400+ and have been experiencing overheating issues while running at stock speed. My CPU cooler is a Zalman CNPS7500-Cu mounted with AS3, and I've got two 80mm intake fans pulling air in from the front of the case, and 80mm exhaust fans in the rear and top...
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    Need help diagnosing bluescreen/load crash issues

    Several times a day I am getting a BSOD which forces a restart. Usually the computer will Blue Screen again during the boot process, and sometimes will not even POST until after a cold boot. This was happening with my old system which I just replaced(motherboard, processor and RAM), and I...
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    New RealPower 850 doesn't fit into case; need smaller recomendations

    I recently upgraded my PSU to a CoolerMaster Real Power 850, and while installing it today noticed that it is too long to fit into the PSU cage in my CoolerMaster ATC-200 and extends a good half-inch out of the back of the case. What would be a good, slightly shorter alternative? I could...
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    Looking for a new multiplayer game for LAN play

    My family is in the tradition of holding periodic gaming nights where we invite a few friends and play some multiplayer game over a LAN. For the past five years or so, this has basically been Age of Empires II, with attempts to bring in Warcraft III or other new RTS games not succeeding. I'm...
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    MultiSync 20WMGX2 image bleed through

    I recently purchases a MultiSync 20WMGX2 and lately I've been noticing some sort of image bleed through when I have a window open with a dark background. For instance, when I'm on the [H], I can see the outline of the lighter elements of any pages I previously had open. Has anyone experienced...
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    VPN question

    If I have two clients VPNing into a local LAN and they send data to each other, does that data need to go through the VPN device or can it be sent from one client to the other?
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    Where to buy replacement Klipsch Promedia 4.1 Control Module?

    I'm trying to find somewhere online where I can purchase a control module for my Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 speakers. It's the piece containing the volume, surround and bass knobs that mounts under one of the satellite speakers and runs Front and Rear imputs from the computer and an DIN cable to the...
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    Windows XP Pro, Icons and File Associations missing

    Sometime within the past couple weeks several of my icons and types of folders are only showing as the placeholder Program Box on a White Page icon. All .jpeg images are showing as the same, and most of my media files, .mp3, .wmv. .avi etc are missing their file associations. Has anyone seen...
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    NF7-S 5-pin USB connector to 9-pin header

    I'm hooking up the front USB ports on a Coolermaster ATC-210 to the NF7-S I'm housing in it, and I noticed that each of the connectors running from the two front ports is only a single row or 5 pins, while the USB1 and USB2 headers have 9 pins (two rows of 5 with one blocked off). Can I hook...
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    Where to buy VX2025 at B&M?

    What are the national chains that carry the Viewsonic VX2025? I stopped by Circuit City and didn't see any in stock, and they're not listed on Best Buy's website.
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    ASP Error when trying to run simple record count script

    I'm trying to write a simple ASP script that will connect to a MySQL database, count the number of records, and then display that count on a page. <%@Language="VBScript"%> <% dim Conn, myRS Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") DSN = "DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51...
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    Looking for a solid 939 board

    I've been out of the loop for a while and plan on upgrading from my current NF7-S/2500+ system to take advantage of the newly reduced pricing. I currently have my eye on a Dual Core 3800+ (or possibly an Opteron 165 if prices drop comparably) and would prefer and Asus, Abit or DFI board. I...
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    A7N8X-E Deluxe build randomly shutting off.

    Having a wierd problem with a board I just got today. I can turn it on, POST, boot off of a CD and start to install Windows, but about 3-4 minutes after I turn the board on, it does a hard shutdown, just turns itself off. The power LED on the motherboard stays steady, but I can't turn the...
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    World of Warcraft Patching

    Why doesn't Blizzard give specific times or schedules for when they will be implementing the latest patch? It's very odd that player have to literally wait until the last moment to find out when new content is going to go live.
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    3D Brick Bash

    I used to play this game on a Mac back in the '90s, does anyone know if there was ever a Windows port made? Basicially, it's a three dimensional version of the games where you bounce a ball off of a paddle to break the tile above.
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    Siemens Speedstream 2604. Firmware, TFTP and PID.

    I have a Siemens Speedstream 2604 router that is giving me problems. Whenever I log in to the Admin interface and try to setup Virtual Servers, the router crashes and I need to restart it. I believe that sometime in the past the router was a victim of a uncompleted firmware upgrade, but I'm...
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    Decent behind the neck/head headphones

    I'm looking to purchase a set of headphones for use at work, ones that I can wear behind my head rather than over it. I'm looking for something lightweight and decently priced, but would be willing to spend more for better quality. Use will be soley music and voice recording, source is just my...
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    Multiple switchable taskbars

    I'm looking for a utility that will allow me to have multiple taskbars in Windows XP and let me switch between them. Basically, I often have to have multiple windows open at once, including several browser intances, and when I get several open at once I can't tell which is which. I'm looking...
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    Wing Commander: Privateer remake

    Fan remake of Privateer, just came across it on FileRush. Looks cool, downloading now. Official site here.
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    How to check an ATI RMA status

    Does anyone know where to go on ATI's site that lets you check the status of an RMA request? I sent my card in about a week ago and want to see what the status of the RMA is.
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    Sudden problems with my 9800 Pro

    I got back home from school today, booted up the computer and went to get a drink. When I got back it was hard locked at Windows Login, so I rebooted again, but this time is wouldn't even POST, just displayed some artifacts on the screen. Rebooting several other times would get me into...
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    phpNuke fixed width template

    I'm trying to set up a phpNuke site for a friend and he has a template that he would like to use, but it's fixed width at 800X600. Is there anyway to edit it so that it fills the entire page