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    Any sub 10" windows 8 tablets w/ USB port & under $500?

    Im looking for a tablet to keep in my car specifically for data logging, looking up repair manuals and just general surfing if i want. Is there a sub 10" tablet that fits this need? it needs to be windows 8-8.1, no RT variant as i need to install an x86 program for data logging and it needs...
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    ended up going with the green camp this time around

    Hey guys/gals, im a long time red team buyer (since x800xl) just wanted to show off my new card I got today. its been a LONG time since ive had a nvidia card, haha started off with a FX 5200 ultra, moved to an X800xl, to 4870 1gb, then to the 6950 2gb, now to a GTX 780, big step above :) sorry...
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    Any news on further price cuts?

    Just wondering since im looking at pulling the trigger on a R9 290 within the next month or so. Im waiting on the custom cooling solutions from other manufacturers since there's the issue with the stock cooler on the R9 290's. I could deal with it, but im not ordering a card right away...
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    Portable gaming/work laptop

    Hey Guys, ive been searching and searching and i think i've found the perfect laptop for what i want. 13-15" mild gaming abilities good battery life 4-5hrs with mild use Sony Vaio S13 Premium now, i've been searching around and i've only been able to find 2 other laptops in it's class the...
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    Looking for a portable gaming laptop

    Hey, so i cant decide what i want for a portable gaming laptop. doesnt need to be able to play everything at ultra settings, i just want to be able to play BF3 every once in a while. im looking at these models HP Envy 14 Beats - older model HP envy 15 - current model (i would prefer a 13-14"...
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    upgraded my rig finally

    bout time i upgraded! got a maximus IV Gene-Z 8gb of corsair vengence ram and a i5 2500k :) gotta upgrade video cards once the new 7xxx series comes out to replace my aging 5770's replaced my aging q6600/ maximus formula x38/8gb of ddr2 rig the system was showing its...
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    got my 2311s in today! :)

    Just got my 3 monitors delivered at my work and im using one right now, they're F'ing awesome, i cant wait to take them home and set them up in eyefinity!!! i was originally asking for the 2211's, but they got me the 2311's i guess, haha. but either way, its gonna be a Awesome setup! pics...
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    New build this summer

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc - Gaming, web browsing, etc etc 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? about 1200ish for the main components, monitors & vid card are already set in stone unless they release new cards within the next...
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    single 6970 for 5760x1080 eyefinity?

    so, my question is this, will this work out alright? only really playing BC2, aion, starcraft 2, etc etc.... nothing too fancy, i just want it to run on medium in these games. going to be overhauling my system around this summer when i get the money to a 2500k with 16gb of ram, etc etc. also...
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    budget eyefinity?

    hey guys, im looking into getting myself into a budget eyefinity setup here in about a week or two. due to the nature of business that my company does i am able to get a substantial deal on dell monitors, so i was looking into getting 3x dell U2211's to do this. i just want some opinions...
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    Is the gtx580 worth the price premium?

    Im just curious of what everyone thinks, because im going to be upgrading my system soon and im probably going to be buying my video card. i've been primarlly a ati guy mostly because of the price/performance ratio, i started out with an x800xl back in the day, then moved up to a 4870, and...
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    replacing raid 0 raptors with SSD what do i need to know?

    as the title states. im probably going to be reformatting my computer for this install, ive got all my necessary data on my 1tb samsung drive. is there anything i should know before doing any of this? is there any optimizations that i should perform on the drive before...
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    Computer upgrade choices.

    Hey guys, ive come into a bit of money and i have been having an itch to upgrade my system a bit. so, here's my 3 choices. A) Get a new mobo, processor & memory and move up to an I7 setup. probably gonna be: I7 930/950 Asus Sabertooth x58 and 6x2gb of ddr3 for 12gb of ram. Gonna run me close...
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    Will this work for a 5040x1050 setup?

    Hey, i was just wondering if a passive DP to VGA adapter will work for a eyefinity setup @ 5040x1050? or a passive DP to DVI. thanks :) also, i noticed that this adaptor has been validated for up to 1920x1200. but i have no idea...
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    Did i mess something up?

    Hey guys, writing this because i think i fried my trusty 4870 trying to clean off the old thermal gunk and putting new stuff on. i was using q-tips to clean it out, and it was in those little circuit things that surround the acctual chip, so i think it might've gotten caught between the two...
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    Quick question about eyefinity and my current monitor setup.

    Hey guys, im thinking about purchacing a 5870 soon to replace my 4870 that i have right now so that i can run eyefinity. now, i currently have a gateay FPD2275W and a HP L2335 in a dual screen setup, and was wondering if adding a second FPD2275W to the left side and setting all the screen's...
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    Need a new deathadder/other mouse, any suggestions?

    Hey guys, my deathadder is currently suffering from the double clicking issue, where it'll double click when i only click once on the left click button. Im thinking I'm either going to get another deathadder for $50 or so, or go and get the new wireless mouse that razer has out, the mamba...
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    Need some printer help

    Hey guys, my mom has a Xerox C3545 printer at her work, and the control unit/system that drives the touch screen and stuff isn't working properly, and i was wondering if anyone here knows the exact terminology i should be using to search for to find the part that i need. the peice that im...
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    MW2 Host migration = teh suck -.-

    Yea, basically this, it doesnt take 5 seconds to migrate to a new host, it takes like 5 minutes..... pretty lame IMO
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    MW2 Launch, who's there?

    Im here chilling infront of gamestop on my laptop and mobile wifi from my verizon HTC Touch pro. gotta love watching all the other people just sitting out there while im surfing the web, lol.
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    Upgrade to 4870 1gb Crossfire or 5850?

    Hey guys, im kind of in a bind, my birthday is coming up and im going to have a bit of cash to spend on myself, i was wondering if i should upgrade to the 4870 1gb in crossfire, or spend a bit more on a 5850 single card solution? btw, i would not be selling my 4870 if i upgraded, i'd give it to...
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    5770 CrossFire or 5850?

    Which would be the best setup considering there's only a $25 difference. and putting the fact of power usage, microstutter (if there even is any) and all that stuff, which would you say is better?
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    4 Samsung 2494SW's for the price of 3. $779.97 Coupon code: D8JCZ8T7RL5NF4 (expires 10/8) not that bad of a price considering you can sell the 4th monitor for $200ish
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    Help SOE Design the new planetside game!

    try this link: i just shortened it up so it didnt have all the other stuff besides the survey ID, i was using the one from my email, so idk >.> PSU page for planetside 2 news and...
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    LG Flatron L1732S help

    Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone has any idea what might be going on with this monitor. it has the power light flashing blue constantly, and i can't get it to work for the life of me. it's like it's in standby mode permanently. I can't unplug it from the power and fix it, or change...
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    Just ordered a HTC Touch pro

    im finally getting a new phone, my old Razer v3c hasn't been lasting much more than 15 minutes on a phone call on battery life. So, im pretty excited to be getting something different finally that is alot better for texting and stuff :) gonna go hit up for some custom roms if im...
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    I miss planetside :(

    that was a great game. i played it for hours on end during the summer of my freshman year, i loved the fact that it was a FPS, and a RPG and it was HUGE! i just wish that sony would bring out planetside 2 :( that would bring some amazing variety to our current RPG market. or if...
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    Dual screen not staying expanded when i restart vista.

    Hey guys, im having an issue with my dual-screen setup. whenever i shut down my computer for the night it won't remember to re-span the screen to my two monitors. instead it just only displays the first screen. now, what happens after that is whats really strange. when i go to try...
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    More video card issues :(

    Hey guys, ive got some more issues with my 4870 1gb card. im running a dual monitor setup and my secondary monitor and primary monitor keep getting these weird black spots on them that goes away when i move the browser around or refresh the screen. and also, the video card drivers seem to...
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    Powercolor HD4870 1gb issues.

    Hey guys, my powercolor HD4870 1gb card is acting up quite badly, idk why either. it's usually when my game is loading a new level or map or whatever it'll crash the graphics driver. this is on 8.11 and 8.12 though it seems to have only occured recently. i had it clocked at 800mhz...
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    Anyone have a samsung 2423BWX 23"?

    Im looking to pick one of these up sometime after christmas, because costco has a $70 off coupon making it $259 with $15 shipping on their online store. anyone have any thoughts on this monitor? i havent been able to find a reputable review for it for a while now. edit: btw, it's this...
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    Recommend me a 37" TV.

    Hey guys, im looking to get a 37" TV as my main computer monitor this christmas. anyone have any recommendations? id like it to have a TV tuner, support 1080p and be under $1,000 or so and im probably going to be picking it up at a local best buy or circuit city or microcenter. any...
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    Recommend me a 37" TV.

    Hey guys, im looking to get a 37" TV as my main computer monitor this christmas. anyone have any recommendations? id like it to have a TV tuner, and be under $1,000 or so. and im probably going to be picking it up at a local best buy or circuit city or microcenter. any...
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    Can someone recommend me a TV tuner for 64 bit ultimate?

    Title says what i need. does anyone know of a card that is fully supported in vista ultimate 64 bit that is under say $100 or so? thanks, cause my POS win-PVR-USB2 is un-supported in 64 bit and i kind of miss having tv on my system. preferably PCI-E 1x slot, or PCI will work. thanks...
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    Just got a razer deathadder

    I like it, it's replacing my MX- revolution :P so, anyone else out there have this mouse? i like it, but the way i like to sit my hand out the mouse it leaves 2 fingers on the right click and that sometimes clicks the button down which is annoying. i just have to change the way i lay my...
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    I swear, if farcry doesnt stop crashing.....

    it used to be only once every hour or so, but now it's every hour and then every time i try to continue from my last save after that...... is anyone not having these crashing issues???? ohh yea, and it wont recognize when i hit the ~ key so i can monitor my FPS -.- maybe it's just my...
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    farcry 2: Im stupid

    So yea, ive got 1 save on my farcry 2 game, and yea, i jumped off a ledge, and then as i was falling, i saved it, thinking that it would slow down my fall when i reloaded.... and yea..... any ideas on how i can fix this? :D i tried a game trainer to get infinite health, and all that...
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    Vdroop question.

    Hey, ive just got a question about v-droop. ive currently got my Q6600 running at 3.0ghz right now, 333x9. i put 1.275 volts in the bios, and i get 1.240volts in CPU-z at idle. now, when i go to run prime95, the voltage drops by 0.032 volts to 1.208 volts. is this a safe drop? it...
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    True 120 push/pull help with thermalright mounting clips

    Hey, i just got my TRUE 120 in, and i LOVE IT! now, im trying to set it up as a push/pull configuration, and ive got 2 sets of the fan clips. my only problem is that i cant mount both the fan clips in the same hole at once :| any ideas? id prefer not to ghetto mod it if i dont have to.
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    Do these temps seem right for a powercolor PCS+ 4870?

    Hey, im just wondering if these temps seem right to you guys. i recently purchaced this card, and im getting ~52C idle and maybe mid 60C load does this seem right for a 4870? i knew that they ran hot, but this one seems to be running nice and cool :) maybe it's from the bios loaded onto...