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    Mult-Radiator Configuration

    Hey guys.. so I'm going to start work on a new build. I'm planning on using the Corsair Crystal Series 680X. The thing I'm a bit confused about is how to mount two radiators (CPU 360 mm + GPU 240 mm). I imagine the 360mm would mount on top, and the 240mm on the front, blowing forward, out the...
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    Samsung SSD Over Provisioning

    Hello gents, Could use some advice on disk configuration. There are 4 Samsung SSDs and 1 mechanical drive. Disk 0, 1, 2 are SSDs, using Magician to set a 10% over-provision. Disk 4 is an m.2 970 EVO. Disk 3 is mechanical. I was having a problem attempting to create a system image. It...
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    Quoting Not Working?

    Not sure what happened, but when I quote a message, the quote doesn't display in the new post. It was working, so maybe I changed a setting accidentally. I'm using chrome. Any idea?