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    Pre-built NAS vs. DIY

    Just wondering why in JBOD over RAID? Im in need of a simple solution for pure backup and nothing else. I was looking at the Synology DS216j to run in RAID 1, is this a bad idea? If so why?
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition Review @ [H]

    So for those who have 980 Tis, is this worth considering an upgrade?
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - AOC u3477pqu

    Has anyone overclocked this monitor? Newegg has it for sale right now for $499. So tempting
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    ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Dan do you know if this board can boot windows from the m.2 SSD? I saw a video talking about making sure that in order to boot from a m.2 the board has to support nvme. Board specs shows this board having NVM Express storage capabilities but a reviewer said it does not support NVME drives. Im...
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    ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Given that this review is 5 months old, would this board still be suggested? Im about to build a X99 system and Im in need of a good board.
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    Need help reviewing $2k build list

    I kind of dug around a bit more on parts and changed up the cooler and mobo. Right now Im looking at the Corsair Hydro H60 and the MSI X99A, I would like as cool as possible and I figured on the cooler I can change up the fan to something quieter later if needed. Im still not opposed to other...
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    Need help reviewing $2k build list

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming and work. I work in finance and tend to game while I work so Ill have multiple trading programs as well as games active at once. I play the standard FPS and high end games, GTA V, Skyrim, JC3, Fallout 4, ect...
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    VNC and limiting users access to control panel???

    Iv never setup remote desktop before and vnc allows for quick setup and lets me have as many users on at once as needed.
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    VNC and limiting users access to control panel???

    I run a Windows 7 pc with Real VNC for work for multiple users and I want to see if there is a way to limit the users access to things like control panel and the services within it. Id like to disable everything within control to the users. Just want to know what my options are for disabling...
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    Hard drive dying, backup options?

    I used Macrium Reflect to clone the windows 7 hard drive to a new SSD. After the cloning I used the boot menu to pick the SSD and it appeared to load up that drive but I dont think it actually did. I think it still boots into the dying HDD. Though if I only have the dying drive connected, it...
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    Hard drive dying, backup options?

    It's windows 7, it's not a standard server but runs a extremely basic site for my company. Ill look into macrium and acronis, thanks
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    Hard drive dying, backup options?

    I have a work server pc with a dying hard drive, Im given a prompt to make a windows backup, Iv never done this and not sure what aspects are backed up. This pc is my server for work and the guy that help us set it up as a working server is no longer around. I need to find out if there is a way...
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    Windows Server 2012 R2/Virtual server dual screens?

    Do you have more info on KVM, I have limited experience but Id be interested in knowing more if it could help achieve my goal. Thanks
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    Windows Server 2012 R2/Virtual server dual screens?

    Yes, I want 2 outputs for the VM Yes in Hyper-V within 2012
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    Windows Server 2012 R2/Virtual server dual screens?

    I have a small nanopc Im using for testing purposes, currently running windows server 2012 R2, previously had Windows 7 on it. It has one DVI and one HDMI, when I had win 7 on it, I was able to get dual screens to work. I put windows server 2012 R2 on it last night and dual screens wont work on...
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    SLI n multi-monitor question

    Been out of the loop for a while, can SLI when active support multiple monitors now? Is it limited to just when game is in use or can you game on one monitor and use the other for anything else? From what I remember when SLI first came out, you could only use one monitor when active, just not...
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    Aug 30 to Sept 1: NewEgg Bitcoin Discount offers up to 30% off on Purchases over $300

    To bad they sold out I wanted to get my hands on any PS4
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    Aug 30 to Sept 1: NewEgg Bitcoin Discount offers up to 30% off on Purchases over $300

    havent used bittrex yet but cryptsy is pretty seamless so far.
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Need help deciding on a router for someone, price really isn't an issue, he just wants the best he can buy atm. He's using this list and looking at the top 2. His current is this DIR-685...
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    Get Thief Gold FREE Steam Game

    Found on reddit
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    Need quiet case fans with standard wall outlet plug

    Im building a server case for a project Im working on and I picked up these fans that go with the server rack. They use a NEMA 5-15P wall outlet plug, which fan wise I need for this project, but these fans sound like a freight train. Can anyone recommend an option for quiet but powerful enough...
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    windows 2012

    I too would like to know
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    Win 7 want very limited access

    Id really prefer to use RDP/VPN over logmein but as per agreement for allowing us to place the PCs in the office, we either HAVE to use their VPN Juniper provided service or I have to figure it out on my own, which left me with little options (logmein) given my lack of IT knowledge. They wont...
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    Win 7 want very limited access

    Correct me if Im wrong but Terminal services allows for RDP? We wanted to set it up to RDP into each pc but the company where we are placing these pcs will only allow that to happen if we use VPN. They are providing the VPN for each machine for $100 a month. Im only setting up 6 of these for now...
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    Win 7 want very limited access

    Im setting up a few Windows 7 pcs for our workers, they will be logging in remotely via logmein. I want to restrict these guys to as little as possible, access wise. I don't want them to be able to power off but I do want them to be able to restart. Id like to limit their access to just the...
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    Network switch

    Just wondering if a network switch has an effect on the over all speeds of a network for each pc hooked up. Going to setup about 5-6 pcs in an office with a T3 connection in one cubical. We might not be able to get multiple cables setup for that cubical and might have to go with a network...
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    Need suggestions: SSF, Win 7/8, powerful mini

    Do you happen to have a link to the HP one by any chance?
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    Need suggestions: SSF, Win 7/8, powerful mini

    A couple of notes first off. This system will be one of a few dedicated windows based servers for my company, one for each user. Originally we were going to setup our own larger server running VPS for each trader but that is taking to much time to figure out and get moving on. Largely in part of...
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    Securing a public pc?

    My trading group wants to setup a test pc at our clearing firm, most likely in a office or even closest that we'll end up renting out if everything works out. One of the concerns is that no one will be around to watch over the pc. We we be accessing the computer by remote, either vnc or RDC. I...
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    Galaxy Note 2, whose getting one?

    Should have tried ATT, they were willing to price match Amazon Note 2 price for me a few weeks ago but I declined on hopes for seeing what options would be out there in the next few months.
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    Galaxy S4 - Watch Thread....
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    Galaxy Note 2, whose getting one?

    Where did you see that rumor?
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    Galaxy Note 2, whose getting one?

    I wouldn't mind a 5" screen phone that could use the S pen. Other stylus have to fat of a head for what I want to use it for.
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    Galaxy S4 - Watch Thread....
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    Galaxy S4 - Watch Thread....

    S4 announcement set for March
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    Sony Xperia Z

    I think the ZL can take the SD card upto 64 gigs while the Z is upto 32. Id love to get the ZL but I want to get my phone soon so I think Im going Note 2, plus I really want the fine point stylus of the note 2. I like the nexus 4 but hate the limited drive size.
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    Any way to communicate with iMessage users from Android?

    good luck, Id like to know if it is at all possible