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  1. cthulhuiscool

    As [H]ot As They Come: Crypto Rebate All Purchases 50% Ebay, 100% AliExpress In a (likely short lived) killer deal, this app will give you a 50% rebate on all ebay purchases and 100% on all aliexpress purchases made through the app, paid in the form of the platform SG crypto of equal fiat value. Once everything clears you can move the crypto to...
  2. cthulhuiscool

    Question about Deleted Data Security of Different Drives

    Digging around on google is turning up conflicting results, so I wanted to pick your guys minds. Basically, I'm curious of reasonable ways to securely erase drives so that if I were to say sell or give away such drive, I don't have to worry about some clever fella digging up financial details or...
  3. cthulhuiscool

    Don't Make 'em Like they Used To: Display Audio?

    So I've tried running through 3 different monitors recently. An ultrawide monoprice brand, and 4k Asus and a 4k Benq. Problem with all of them is the audio out is really quiet. I have audio source maxed, set volume at max in the monitor settings and run them to my speakers and it is super quiet...
  4. cthulhuiscool

    3DS XL w/ Flash Card and Accessories

    Not traveling as much as I used to and already played any games I cared about, so putting this guy up. In good condition, great if you want a giant library to go.
  5. cthulhuiscool

    PS4 Monster Hunter World Group Thread

    Just creating a thread for any ps4 players that want to coop. My psn handle is cthulhuiscool if you want to add me. Please mention hardforum in the message so I know it isn't a spam account (I get those from time to time).
  6. cthulhuiscool

    New GPU, Fan Grinds

    So I rma'd my fried gigabyte gtx 980, got a new one back. This one's fan makes really loud grinding noises from time to time. It's especially load when turning on and shutting off the pc. I have made sure there are no cables getting caught in it, and while it's running can make the grinding...
  7. cthulhuiscool

    BTC Fork

    Can someone explain the upcoming BTC fork? What it means, what to expect, etc? Searched around but haven't found anything that spelled it out really clearly
  8. cthulhuiscool

    Artifacts, What Do?

    My gpu (Gigabyte gtx 980) literally caught on fire a few months ago (normal use, no overclocking. Decent cooling) and I had to rma it. Got it back worked fine for a little bit and it's now pushing minor artifacts out the wazoo. Nothing completely game breaking, but occasional weird lighting, and...
  9. cthulhuiscool

    Monoprice Not Keeping Word on Warranty

    So I purchased a MP brand monitor from them in February (model linked below) and it's starting to go bad. I contact them for a replacement, and they say they cannot because they are out of stock. They do not have an ETA for when they will get more. I ask if they can either refund me cash (not...
  10. cthulhuiscool

    Low Cost VR Solution: TrinusVR Having spent the last few days tinkering with this, I have to say I am SHOCKED how well it works. Using my Moto X pure (1440p) phone and a good set of google cardboard oculars, picture is pretty well on-par with my experience using an oculus. Since it is...
  11. cthulhuiscool

    Need to Fix HSF

    One pin that plugged into the mobo on my hsf broke. Still seems to seat well because there is no heating problems. I'd be more comfortable if there a way to secure the corner down better though. Any ideas?
  12. cthulhuiscool

    Video Games are In the Blacksploitation Era

    Not exactly complaining, but think how many new games are shoehorning in stereotypical black characters. Almost always, they aren't in the slightest bit nuanced, just a cookie cutter stereotype from the 70s. Does the game industry thing so little of us?
  13. cthulhuiscool

    Test Individual Drives in Raid

    I have a 3 disk striped raid, and I think one of the drives is starting to go. When I download or write to it in high speeds I get a click. Is there a way I can test each one individually to tell which (if any) is faulty?
  14. cthulhuiscool

    Last of Half Life Writers Leaves Valve Time to hang up the hat boys, this one's dead in the water.
  15. cthulhuiscool

    15% Site Wide @ Monoprice Use coupon FUNDAY Great coincidence for me, stumbled across a monitor I liked there googled for a coupon. Couldn't be happier with the one I found :)
  16. cthulhuiscool

    Switch Spec's Revealed Biggest shocker to me is the sceen is only 720p. I mean you can get a 1080p cell phone for just above 100 these days, so seems like an odd corner to cut.
  17. cthulhuiscool

    Time Til 1060 Cheaper

    What's the usual time scale for these things? I'm got a budget for about 200$, could pick up a a 970 now, but would rather just wait an get a 6gb 1060 to be a lil more future proof. How long do you guys think I'll need to wait until I can pick up one in that price range (new or used)? I'm...
  18. cthulhuiscool

    Witcher 3 GTX 970 Framerate Drops

    So I'm running into an issue where I start the game and it runs great (around 60), but after some time, usually 10-20 minutes there is a sharp drop and it won't pick up above 40. Restarting the game doesn't help, but restarting the computer does. I do not have similar issues with any other...
  19. cthulhuiscool

    Best Graphics By Year

    I made a thread very similar to this back in 09, figured I'd bring it up to date. It's kind of interesting to explore the progression of graphics through the years, if nothing else to feel that 550$ gpu purchase was well spent ;) List is hardly set in stone, so if you see something you disagree...
  20. cthulhuiscool

    E3 Roundup Thread

    Not seeing a thread like this here so let's have a one for everyone's reaction to this year's e3. What looks awesome? What looks meh? What made you start drinking again? Have at it. For me I was underwhelmed. Interested in Mass Effect, but cannot say until I see some actual gameplay. Zelda...
  21. cthulhuiscool

    See "My Content" Mobile

    On mobile, I cannot find a way to see my previous posts. Is it possible?
  22. cthulhuiscool

    365.10 Slow For Anyone Else?

    I did a clean install off 365.10 on my 970, and everything has slowed a ton. Getting sub 30 in games i used to easily lock at 60. Any ideas?
  23. cthulhuiscool

    New Monitor, Picture Sucks: Any Ideas?

    Ordered this guy Acer G257HU smidpx 25-Inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) Widescreen Monitor: Computers & Accessories Load it up... picture quite simply sucks. Colors are super saturated and cartoony looking, and it seems to feel like it is displaying at a smaller resolution than I have it set...
  24. cthulhuiscool

    Qnix = Bummer :(

    Just figured I'd post a PSA for all of you, avoid Qnix monitors like the plague (particularly the 27" 1440p models). In the last month I have gone through 3 here's my experience with them. #1 Worked fine but had some really bad screen bleed which I couldn't fix. Ended up flipping it on craigs...
  25. cthulhuiscool

    Fixing Monitor Bleed?

    I picked up a new Qnix 27" and it has a small, but noticeable, amount of bleed on the bottom. I have read that it can be fixed by popping open the panel and both straightening the metal frame out, and placing some electric tape somewhere. Though I can imagine how this is done, anyone have some...
  26. cthulhuiscool

    QNIX QX2710 27" 1440p Monitor $200

    Qnix = Bummer :( See my experience with this monitor here
  27. cthulhuiscool

    Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Sucks

    So despite my better judgement (considering I have a decent pc) I picked up a xbone black friday bundle, the reason pushing me over the edge being backwards compatibility. Having tried to play a few games now... it just sucks. Like it's beyond buggy, and should be considered in alpha stage of...
  28. cthulhuiscool

    Wolfenstein: New Order $5ish

    Another g2a deal If you scroll down to the marketplace sellers, there are several copies going for about $5. It got some decent praise but I never got around to it myself so can't say how good it is, maybe someone else can...
  29. cthulhuiscool

    Rage $3 The game was meh but practically giving it away at that price.
  30. cthulhuiscool

    Dell Black Friday "Doorbuster" Scam

    So I was interested in the dell black xbox one black friday bundle. I was online, logged in. Ready to go at about 250 pst (sale opened at 3). Was mashing F5 from 258-3something and... nothing. The price stayed it's value of ~470$, never dipping but also never going "out of stock" (you can still...
  31. cthulhuiscool

    The Only Game Review Site You'll Ever Need Had me literally falling out of my chair laughing. Had to share it with you guys.
  32. cthulhuiscool

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided Preorder Bonuses Announced...

    ... and they have me speechless. This is possibly the WORST use of preorder baiting I've seen.
  33. cthulhuiscool

    Arkham Knight Gameworks

    So the patch rolled out finally which largely addressed the issues the game had. One thing I'm experiencing though is the gameworks functions KILL performance. I have a 4gb 960 and it is able to handle everything maxed at 60, but the second any of the gameworks features comes on it dips to 30...
  34. cthulhuiscool

    Watch Dogs: 2$ Registered fine on uplay for me. Note that "G2A shield" thing before you checkout so they don't weasel an extra buck out of you.
  35. cthulhuiscool

    Mass Effect 2 (steam)

    First to post (who has more than 64 total posts) gets it.
  36. cthulhuiscool

    Half Life 3 (Kinda) Confirmed Dead

    Stumbled across this article: Newell: Though I'm not entirely sure what he is referring to when he speaks about what they "learned" from the Portal 2 release, his words seem to indicate there is little to...
  37. cthulhuiscool

    Windows 8 Won't Fully Shutdown

    So I just installed win8.1 on my desktop (from 7) and an issue reared its head. When I shutdown I can hear to drives click off, but the fans all stay on. Only way to get them to turn off is to hold the power button down. I have tried turning off hibernation, but it didn't help. Specs: i5...
  38. cthulhuiscool

    EVGA GTX 960 SSC Bad Coil Whine

    I'm getting the dreaded coil whine issue with my new 960 ssc, but only very specific settings. It does it for 3dmark ice storm benchmark, and the stalker call of pripyat main menu sceen, and binding of isaac, but hasn't done it elsewhere. I have only had it running for all of 4 hrs so obviously...
  39. cthulhuiscool

    Free Origin Games

    Burnout Paradise: BYNE-EPMY-WBXU-N3NW-55XP Medal of Honor: 9ATK-MY96-8STX-ZHCQ-M46E Mirror's Edge: 3SY8-TH4B-AAR6-YG4R-78Y4 Populous: HPGY-UNZC-MMTE-E824-ZBJM Enjoy. Be courteous and only take one, and let us know which you take. Obviously an honor system, but doesn't hurt to ask :p.
  40. cthulhuiscool

    Free GOG Games Account required. Just add em all to your cart and checkout and they're yours.