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    Fractal Design Define R6

    So looks like Fractal Design is coming out with a new case. Thoughts? Looks like I will be finally upgrading my Antec P183 V1 that I've had for many years now.
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    Which <$400 27" for best color?

    Looking for a 27" monitor(1440p max) that is <$400 with great color. Will be video editing, watching videos and gaming with the monitor. Have a GTX 1070. Currently have a 5 year old + Asus 23" 1080p 60hz 5ms. Only thing is no Acer. My monitors of interest. Benq 1080p 144Hz 1ms. My main concern...
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    GTX 1070 Folding results

    Just got in my EVGA GTX 1070 SC today! I have so far completed 1 WU and am getting an estimate of 715,000 PPD. Running Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit. Pretty amazing how we can get that kind of PPD for less than $500 now. UPDATE: See post #5 for update. Looks like it has steadied at 560k PPD now after...
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    Wall mounting router

    How are you guys mounting routers, switches, etc onto the wall? Would something like this work? Thanks in advance!
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    I3-4160 5 pack $116 amazon 5 pack i3-4160 for $116! It doesn't show in the title description, but it does have the 5 pack in the image. I talked to a rep using chat and he confirmed that it is indeed a 5 pack. Hoping that it won't get canceled! Update: they have fixed it...
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    Do you give out your wifi password?

    I hope there isn't a thread like this already(nothing in search).. Just curious, how many of you guys give/don't give out your wifi password to your guests? What are the reasons?
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    New Velociraptor 600gb $100 -Newegg

    Hot? Newegg
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    2500k overclocking help

    CPU cooler is Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 and idle temp is 45F. I tried to get it up to 4.5ghz but no matter what, it crashes after a few minutes of prime 95. The ram I have Anything I should change in the settings or the setup? Thanks for any advice! *click able thumbnail*
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    Microsoft Flight

    I don't believe it has been posted yet.. but it released a day early. Link here Even though Flight simulator X will still be my main simulator, I will still fly flight.
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    GA-Z68XP-UD3P ssd main raid 1 storage?

    Sorry if this has been asked. But I am about to build a new pc for a friend. Is it possible to install the os on the ssd and set the storage to raid 1 with 2x 1tb wd blacks? If I remember correctly, You can only install the os to the raid 1 setup? If so, I am thinking to do a software raid...
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    Sleek Audio

    Anyone own Sleek Audio headphones? I have been looking at them for several years and decide to finally get their CT6 custom. Going to an audiologist Wed to get my impressions done! :) Will report back when I get them too, it is a 2-4 week build time.. if you don't have them, what Custom IEMs...
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    ethernet wire caps?

    Edit: Complete! and Before pics Long story short. My dad is going to change some rj-45 wiring of the house.. but forgot what the caps(and the tools to melt?) were called so he can go buy some. Or if there are any similar way to connect the wires together. Thanks!!
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    FS: XFX 5850 $150 shipped

    Well I decided that I still need the 5850 and will be keeping it. Card no longer for sale. Thanks for all the interest!
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    120mm fans

    I am looking for fans that will work with this fan controller. I would like the fans to be quiet and have decent amount of airflow. budget is $30 each fan. Oh the fans need to be 3 pin. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
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    FS: Asus 3450 gpu $13

    I have an Asus 3450 PCIE gpu for sale. It has 512MB(DDR2). I will include the original box, gpu, and accessories. Going to let it go for $13 shipped in lower 48 states of US via USPS. I will only accept paypal. For pics/more info feel free to PM me. Heatware Thanks for looking!
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    water cooling setup

    Hello all, I am most likely going to get this for my water cooling setup. The problem is that I have a Antec P183 case. The back of the case only has 1 120mm fan and the water cooling holes are on top of each other and not side by side below the fan. Is there anyway where I can mount the...
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    FS: Intel Q9450

    Intel Q9450 that has been OC to 3.2ghz. I will sell it(cpu only) to folders for $130 shipped. I won't be able to take pictures of it until tomorrow as it is still in my system.(upgrading to sandybridge rest of parts coming in tomorrow). For more questions, please PM me. Paypal only and heatware...
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    sandybridge upgrade

    I just bought a Intel i5-2400 from Microcenter. Yes yes, the K was out of stock and I decided as long as it is better than my q9450 ill be happy. Fail? :)Looking for a motherboard + memory with a $240 budget although I could stretch it out a bit. I am currently looking at this memory...
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    psu and am2 cpu

    Looking for a reliable 400-500watt psu and a am2 cpu(as I might be replacing one). Yes, it will be going into a computer for folding :) edit: oops I forgot to put WTB: in the beginning!
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    surfbouncer VPN

    Has any one used their VPN before? If so how is the service and is it reliable? Reason why is I would like to have a VPN connection for when I go to China this summer. Their VPN Appliance seems very interesting, but I am most likely going to get the personal! If you know of any other services...
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    xp 2 partition/recovery console

    Long story short. On a computer of mine(not in sig) I chose reinstall xp and don't touch the original. I forgot the exact wording but now I want to get rid of the 2nd installed xp and use the first one instead. Also when I use the xp home cd there is no recovery console. How would I get the...
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    need help for overclocking(pics included)

    Is there anyone out there that is nice enough to help me overclock? :D If so that will be greatly appreciated!! Here are some pictures about my system info bios settings and what not. Also i am not sure why my graphics card(9800gtx+) is running at 16x as my motherboard, a asus p5q pro is pcie2.0...
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    I stopped

    Hello all just letting you know after a few years of folding i just stopped an hour ago.. i may go back into it in an year or so though. Reason why i quite is because i really don't see the project going anywhere. Plus here in Texas we are already in 80s for the temperature!! It is hot...
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    Maxtor BlackArmor

    Hello all, i am seriously considering getting a Maxtor BlackArmor 160gb for an external drive/ security. I am wondering if anyone has it here and what are their thoughts on it? Or if there are any other alternative to it with around the same storage, security, price i would be interested too...
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    voip server

    Ok well i saw in the networking pic thread v2.. that seems like some of you have voip servers?? :confused: sorry i am a noob, but can you set it up and something like vonage?? If so how much does it cost for a set up like that? Thanks!
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    firewall solution

    Hello all, i want to get a firewall for the home network , secure :).. I plan to build a pc for it.. but not sure what software to use.. seems like pfsense is the best/ easy to use to me.. Well my questions are which ones are easy to use? Which ones prevent DoS attack and stuff? Also my dad has...
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    pc use edge connection from cell?

    Ok well i was reading around(Joe Average can prob answer this) but anyways, i heard that if you buy a gophone sim card that you can get edge and it will use its minutes? If so can i like connect the cell to a laptop for internet connection? Reason why is I dont have the money for edge/3g on...
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    web host Is this a reliable web host? Also is their service reliable? Or any others? (except siteground) Thanks!
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    silent 80mm fan?

    Hello all, i am looking to buy 2 80mm led fans that are quite, my pc is pretty loud and i would like to switch 2 of them with silent led ones, my budget is $5-6 each. Thanks!
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    usb wireless with sma connector

    Hello all i was wondering where i can get an usb wireless with an sma connector? Also where can i find some wi-fi antennas ? Thanks!
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    where to input key in windows 7 beta after install

    Ok so this is what i did first i had no luck obtaining a key but i could download the iso from microsoft's site... so then i did burned to a dvd and put it on my other machine (amd x2) installed everything worked fine.. but then while i was reading on H a few hours ago some one had a link to...
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    windows 7 beta limited ?

    Well according to this source it says that windows 7 beta will be only limited to the first 2.5million downloaders?! If that is true... do you happen to know when MS will be releasing it?? Anyways i am going to wake up 6:40AM tomorrow to dl it haha ;) and no don't tell me to torrent it... i...
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    net send through proxy server

    Ok well i was wondering if there are any programs that will let me net send through a proxy server :confused: This is what i want to do since my cousin let me use his proxy server*his home pc* and oh actually i can connect to his router so i am actually on the network through proxy.. so i was...
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    vpn/proxy server

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to set up a vpn or proxy server?(free would be great) Anyways what i want to do is say if im on vacation or at someone's house i want to be able to connect to my home's internet so it would be more secured.. I tried the Hamachi + Freeproxy way but i...
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    lost cell phone, possible to recover?

    Ok i posted this in a news where t-mobile refuses to help customers find lost phone... but so does that means that AT&T/verizon etc does?! If so i never knew that.. I guess its too late to call at&T that i lost my razr like an year ago? Well i still do have the original box with the IMEI and MSN...
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    edit ok i have guessed the password for the encryption key but when i imported it... i tried to access my encrypted files but still can't access it :confused: What should i do? Thanks!
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    ok well i installed a new motherboard and vista but i have problem with F@H [23:25:44] Project: 5506 (Run 0, Clone 492, Gen 245) [23:25:44] [23:25:44] Assembly optimizations on if available. [23:25:44] Entering M.D. [23:25:50] Working on p5506_supervillin_e1 [23:25:50] Client config...
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    onboard nic hates me!! (help!!)

    Ok so i am not sure if its only me, but onboard NICS they all seem to hate me... Ok so first of all my first build amd 3200+ the onboard nic was working great then one day it decided to die(2yrs ago) so i had to get an external nic, then my amd x2 biostar it was great with xp but then some how...
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    my threat/attack list beware!

    Ok good news :) Anyways i convinced my parents to let me run the pc 16 hours a day to run folding at home :)*i told them ill pay $5 a month for electricity bill haha* so before i go to school i turn on pc and turn off before bed 11-12pm.. way better then only be turn it on after around 5pm...
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    cpu + hsf lap time!(advise)

    Hello! Well its finally the time where im brave enough to lap my e4300 + stock hsf and since i found out how*tutorial on youtube* :). Anyways I was wondering what is the best brand for sand paper and should i use wet or dry? I plan on using 600, 800, 1000, 1500 *is 2000 necessary?* Any...