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    Need help reviewing $2k build list

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming and work. I work in finance and tend to game while I work so Ill have multiple trading programs as well as games active at once. I play the standard FPS and high end games, GTA V, Skyrim, JC3, Fallout 4, ect...
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    VNC and limiting users access to control panel???

    I run a Windows 7 pc with Real VNC for work for multiple users and I want to see if there is a way to limit the users access to things like control panel and the services within it. Id like to disable everything within control to the users. Just want to know what my options are for disabling...
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    Hard drive dying, backup options?

    I have a work server pc with a dying hard drive, Im given a prompt to make a windows backup, Iv never done this and not sure what aspects are backed up. This pc is my server for work and the guy that help us set it up as a working server is no longer around. I need to find out if there is a way...
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    Windows Server 2012 R2/Virtual server dual screens?

    I have a small nanopc Im using for testing purposes, currently running windows server 2012 R2, previously had Windows 7 on it. It has one DVI and one HDMI, when I had win 7 on it, I was able to get dual screens to work. I put windows server 2012 R2 on it last night and dual screens wont work on...
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    SLI n multi-monitor question

    Been out of the loop for a while, can SLI when active support multiple monitors now? Is it limited to just when game is in use or can you game on one monitor and use the other for anything else? From what I remember when SLI first came out, you could only use one monitor when active, just not...
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    Get Thief Gold FREE Steam Game

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    Need quiet case fans with standard wall outlet plug

    Im building a server case for a project Im working on and I picked up these fans that go with the server rack. They use a NEMA 5-15P wall outlet plug, which fan wise I need for this project, but these fans sound like a freight train. Can anyone recommend an option for quiet but powerful enough...
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    Win 7 want very limited access

    Im setting up a few Windows 7 pcs for our workers, they will be logging in remotely via logmein. I want to restrict these guys to as little as possible, access wise. I don't want them to be able to power off but I do want them to be able to restart. Id like to limit their access to just the...
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    Network switch

    Just wondering if a network switch has an effect on the over all speeds of a network for each pc hooked up. Going to setup about 5-6 pcs in an office with a T3 connection in one cubical. We might not be able to get multiple cables setup for that cubical and might have to go with a network...
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    Need suggestions: SSF, Win 7/8, powerful mini

    A couple of notes first off. This system will be one of a few dedicated windows based servers for my company, one for each user. Originally we were going to setup our own larger server running VPS for each trader but that is taking to much time to figure out and get moving on. Largely in part of...
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    Securing a public pc?

    My trading group wants to setup a test pc at our clearing firm, most likely in a office or even closest that we'll end up renting out if everything works out. One of the concerns is that no one will be around to watch over the pc. We we be accessing the computer by remote, either vnc or RDC. I...
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    VPS service and program power usage???

    Whats the best way to figure out the power usage of a program? My company is in the testing phase of a custom auto trading program to be used on a VPS. It's a small program, 3mb install file and when looked at properties under task manager it says the size is 700KB. Under processes it is saying...
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    Remote applications

    Im looking for information on remote applications and hosting services. I want to know if there are limits to the type of application that can be used. My company had a few custom trading programs created and we want to look into remote app options. If we wanted to use our own hardware, is...
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    How do I create a page like this? I want to create this affect with an image I have. Is there a guide on making this? Thanks
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    CPU Heat spreader supply?

    Anyone know of a shop that sells cpu heat spreaders? Even used ones will work. Looking for these Thanks
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    Need a new build suggestion

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Work related, mainly small web server with a VNC server allowing 50+ people to connect to at once 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $2000 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S...
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    Windows MultiPoint Server users based question

    Im looking to get info about multipoint server. If I understand it correctly it's one system that offers multiple users their own desktop system. Im looking to find out if this "could possibly" replace 3 VNC systems Im running. Right now Im running 3 different VNC servers at 3 different...
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    Got a HP zr30w, issue with connection...need help

    I got a used HP ZR30W monitor, Im running a MSI 560GTX. When I have DVI plugged in I get a blank screen. I do get a screen when using the hdmi to dvi connection but much lower res. The pc sees the monitor when connected by DVI with the proper res just no screen. Am I doing something wrong?
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    What to install or not to install on a SSD?

    What are some of the better programs to install on a SSD. I got my new parts today, and I want to get the most out of the 128G SSD. Iv read about some of the limitations of SSD so I dont want to install just anything on there that takes up space, got an extra standard drive for that. But I want...
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    SSD OS question

    I was rethinking my order and getting the OCZ Vertex 3 , Iv read they have released a firmware update that fixes most people's BSOD bugs. I was wondering do the firmwares have to be installed before the OS is installed or can it be done afterwards? Im also a little concerned about the 120GB...
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    Windows 7 home wallpaper question

    I know this is a stupid question but does windows 7 Home offer the changing wallpaper option, changing it every "x" amount of time?
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    New build need help picking a few parts

    This is going to be a work/gaming machine. 90% of the time I have my work (trading) programs up while Im gaming during the dead times. My current system is in my sig and its a few yrs old. It works fine just have the chance to upgrade so looking to do it. Set on getting... Case...
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    Win 7, using affinity and priority???

    My system : ASUS P6T Deluxe- EVGA 280 GTX- i7 920- CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB- Win7-64 Im just wondering about using affinity and priority for my work programs and if its worth doing at all. On avg I have between 6-10 programs running, from my trading programs to a browser,steam/CSS game, skype...
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    Best networking lan card?

    Im looking for the best networking lan card I can find, something that would be better then the one on the mobo Im using. Being a trader in Chicago, Im able to see the speeds my trades go in. Im avg mid 20ms, while my boss in Florida was avg around 60ms. He built a new pc with this mobo, also...
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    Any way to get 2 different vid cards to work together?

    I was hoping to add another 4 monitors to this system Im using for work. The FireMV doesnt seem to have drivers for Windows 7 64 so Im not sure if I have any chance anyway of getting it to work. Just wanted to know if anyone might have a solution to getting the card to work with the other 2...
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    Need some new pc advice

    Iv been put in charge yet again to build a new VNC server (yes I know how open to the world we are) and I have some specifications it needs to fall into. We use these servers for charting ONLY. Our current systems have 4 desktops each but we need to expend those to more. I use 1 real monitor...
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    Cable and DSL router in one?

    Im looking for an option either router or what ever that will allow someone to fast switch from cable to DSL or viseverse if one goes out. What are my options? Thanks
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    iPad and virtual computing....looking 4 Xendesktop /r related info???

    Im looking to get more info on using a VDI with an ipad. Im a trader with a trading group and most of us are all over the country. Im based in Chiago and my boss is based out of Florida. Our trading systems are based in Chicago so the farther people are from Chicago the slower their connections...
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    How do I add an image to my site?

    I run a small site from my home for my biz. I didnt create the site but I have acess to it and have figured out how to add links but thats about it. I had a logo made for the company and Id like to add it to the site. I include an image of the folder of the site files, just no clue how to add...
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    VNC server running slow, any options?

    I had a Realvnc server running on a xp machine I was using for my company. Long story short my HD failed, got a new drive and installed win7. Now the vnc server is super sluggish. Any action on the server takes a hell of a long time and my coworkers cant work with it being so slow. When I had xp...
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    Need FTP server help

    I want to run a FTP server from my home web server. Im using dyndns to get the web server out onto the net. I also use this machine for a VNC server for my company. The OS is windows XP, I didnt set this up Im just running it from my home. I have a basic ftp service running but as of now its...
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    Bandwidth priority?

    Im currently using the Dlin DIR-655 but upgrading soon to the DIR-685. I have 3-4 pcs on the router at any given time. On one pc I run a vnc server for my company with about 15 people avg logged in at once. This pc is just charting so I dont really need to have this pc very bandwidth heavy. My...
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    Best i7 mobo?

    Whats the best mobo for the i7 980x and cooling fan? This is a work pc for trading and looking to have at least 8 gigs of ram. Just want to know what the best options are. Thanks
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    clone hard drive??

    I have a personal server running for work. I have 2 hard drives in it, the main one has all the server software and info on it. The server was setup by someone else, he setup all the software, basically set it up to work properly. Im wondering if there is a way to clone over everything on C...
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    Find the port a program uses?

    Is there a way to find out what port a program uses? My router is D-link DIR-655 if that helps. I heard that I might be able to speed up some of my trading programs by setting up "QoS Engine" and that I need the ports that the programs use. Thanks
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    Need a new router

    Looking for a new router, currently have a D-link 655 but looking for something a bit newer for work. Read there might be an issue with the Dlink 855 so not sure there. Id like to stay with Dlink, its been the most reliable router Iv used. Any suggestions?
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    What net framework should be used for Win7?

    What Net Framework should be used for Windows 7? When I look under programs and features I see 1.1. Does 3.5 work for windows 7, cause when I try to install it nothing happens. One of the programs I use for work isnt acting right and our programmer thinks it could be the Framework version Im on...
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    Router and DYNDNS question

    Right now Im using DYNDNS to put my pc out there for a VNC server I run for my company. Right now we have a server at my place and one for backup at another location. My router Dlink DIR-655, only allows from what I can tell, one pc to seen. Is there a way with either my router or another, if I...
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    Win7 IE8 not showing images

    IE8 wont show images when Im on a forum, only a link. Anyway to fix that?
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    Need a high res laptop

    Looking for suggestions for a high resolution 17" laptop. Bestbuy had a great gateway 17" laptop but they dont make that model anymore. Im looking ro 1600x1024 or higher. Any thoughts? Thanks