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    Video card upgrade for older machine

    So I went to fire up the battlefield 1 beta today and discovered my current card is too old (driver outdated and no newer version available). Ordered a PNY 1060 ( from Amazon, how bad of a bottleneck will the rest of my machine be with this card? Current...
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    Favor of the day? Can't get division to work in my script

    Basically I am writing a script to grab values through SNMP then display them in an easy to read format. I have a printers file that contains a list of IP addresses for my printers. The script I have is basically a clone from Cisco CookBook (using snmp to gather info about cisco devices)...
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    Fiio E9 Headphone Amp - $28 +freeshipping ( Killer deal, I paid $100 for mine and have never felt like it was overpriced. I use it to drive my HD600 along with the E7 and it sounds great. I just ordered another one for work; now I need to find some slightly cheaper cans to keep at my desk at work. :cool...
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    Sennheiser HD600 for $100, should I do it?

    I have the opportunity to buy the HD600 from a friend for $100. Should I go for it? I know they will need an amp which could get expensive fast. I would probably be willing to spend $200 on an amp. What would you recommend in that price range? Thanks
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    3x 20" LCD or 1x 24" LCD

    So, I currently have a Samsung 2443BWX 24" LCD at 1920x1200. It is a great display for my uses, but I always want something new to play with. I can pick up 3 20" LCDs for $269 shipped. Each is 1600x900. My plan would be to mount them all vertically...
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    What other FPS have small / indoor maps

    Are there still any good FPS games out there with smaller or indoor maps? I have been playing quite a bit of homefront lately, but miss the counter strike style small maps. What good multiplayer FPS games are out there now? Its been a few years since I have done any PC gaming.
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    Time for an upgrade from my X2-4200+ / 9800 GTX+ System $1300ish build

    So, my system is starting to show its age, and I think its time to upgrade. My plan is to sell the 13" macbook air and build a new desktop PC since I already have an 11" air for my mac needs. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming and nothing else 2) What's your budget? Are tax and...
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    Free 5Gb of Amazon Cloud storage

    Amazon Cloud Drive 5Gb for Free, buy an mp3 album and get upgraded to 20Gb for free for one year
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    Build critique on my new WHS box

    I am currently running a WHS (specs in sig). It is in a standard desktop form factor and draws quite a bit of power. I am looking to upgrade to something a little more compact, energy efficient and quiet. I already have a rack for my cisco lab gear, so I will be adding to that. The hard drive...
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    Looking to upgrade my home network

    I currently have a DIR-655 wireless router, and I think it is on its last leg. I have been getting frequent connection drops, and the speed seems slower than it was when new. I have a pretty small apartment, about 1,000sf so rang is not incredibly important at this point, but I would like to...
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    My name is Zac and I have a Mac-addiction problem [11"mba pics]

    I just got an 11" Macbook Air to go with my 13" MBA and 13" MBP. Not pictures is a 13" white macbook. I will get some pics of that with the airs and pro at some point
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    Looking for a netbook with specific requirements

    Looking for a netbook with the following requirements <$500 802.11A Support 64-Bit Windows 7 driver availability 8+ hour battery life <= 11.6" screen / light weight The hardest thing to find seems to be the 802.11A & 64-bit CPU combination. Any recommendations? These will be used in a...
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    Looking for a new laptop bag

    I am in the market for a new laptop bag. I currently have a Targus backpack that was provided with my laptop for work, but we have a security checkpoint (airport style) and it takes too long to open up all the compartments. I am looking for something low profile, with 1 main compartment and...
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    Anyone experienced with the HP 9050 printer?

    We have a HP 9050n printer that someone incorrectly installed the toner cartridge in. Basically looks like had the lever in the "up" position and forced the cartridge back in. Our problem is that we can get the toner cartridge about 80% of the way out (nice smooth slide), but that "hook" on...
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    WHS Woes (Part 2)

    So my trial of WHS is expiring in a few days, so I bought a copy of WHS from newegg with hopes of a simple reninstall from the dvd using the "reinstall" option. Specs are in my Sig. When I boot up the dvd, all my drives are listed (4 SATA and 1 ATA that acts as the system drive). I hit next...
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    Windows Home Server Activation

    I have been running WHS trial for a while now and I finally got the pop-up saying that I need to activate it in the next 25 days. How can I do this? do I need to do a complete reinstall? or is there just an option to buy a license from MS and have it applied to my current install? Thanks, Zac...
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    make 1 to 1 copy of bootable USB drive including MBR / Boot loader

    Ok, so for work I build an 8gb USB drive that includes the following 3 partitions 1) Our windows image 2) Hiren boot cd 3) Slax Linux when I boot from the drive I get a simple boot loader where I can choose any of the 3 options and boot them from the usb drive. pretty nifty, I know. A few of...
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    12gb USB Drive $20 (+10 ship)

    Not a bad deal if you need anything else from eCost. The shipping charge is a little high though
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    Awesome Batman Posters (Plus Others) $4.98

    I am in for a few batman prints for my office Use coupon code APCSHP during checkout for free shipping!
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    Cisco question (1900 switch)

    So I got some cisco gear to start studying for my CCNA I have 2 1900 switches and both of them do the same thing when I access them from the terminal (hyper terminal on windows XP) If i let them just normally boot up it keeps looping the same output over and over If I boot them in...
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    I want my CCNA

    I graduated with my BS in comp sci last may and I miss learning already, so I figure why not go for some certs. (all the compTIA ones seem pointless and too easy, cisco / MS is next) I figure I might as well buy my own practice lab and materials, so i check ebay and craig's list. I found this...
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    My new File Server log

    Some of you may have seen (or contributed to) my original thread a little over a week ago. For those of you who missed it, here is the link Basically I needed a file server, so I ordered some parts, slapped them together and here are the final...
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    So... I am out of space again... what should I do (file server, externals, other?)

    Thanks for all the help. I ordered the parts tonight (7/7/2008 7:00) Final Build: 3.5tb of advertised space! Abit IP35 Pro Celeron 430 Conroe-L 2gb A-Data DDR2 800 HIS Radeon x1550 4x Western Digital 640gb AAKS 2x LaCie 500gb USB 2.0 Drives 1x Western Digital 200gb 1x Lite-On DVD/rw EarthWatt...
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    Question about the Wii Twilight hack

    Not sure if homebrew and the like is allowed on here, but if it is not please delete this thread. I have a wii and have been doing some reading about the twilight hack, however I do not currently have the twilight princess game. I was wondering if I could just rent the game, play it once, load...
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    Amazon Gold Box Sale: Wii Games Right now it is Mario Galaxy for $34.99 Good price on a great game, who knows what else is to come... They also have Smash Brothers Brawl for $26
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    Keep the 2ghz macbook or buy the 1.83ghz macbook pro?

    So I found a Macbook Pro on craig's list in my area for $1050 and I can pick it up in person tomorrow afternoon. 1.83ghz 512mb 80gb 15" matte screen I currently have 2.0ghz macbook 2gb ram 160gb hard drive 13" glossy screen. From the looks of it I can get about $800-900 for my macbook with...
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    Looking for home NAS solution

    So I have been doing some looking for a home NAS solution and I came across the D-Link DNS-323 over at I was hoping to get 2x 1tb drives, but the price difference between 750gb and 1tb drives is pulling me towards the 750gb. I plan on running RAID-1 on this for redundancy...
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    Need some decent outdoor speakers for $200 or less

    I was walking around my apartment and stepped out onto the balcony and realized my music didn't follow me... this was disappointing. So I got to thinking that I should add 2 speakers on the patio. My receiver has a a "B" speaker channel that I can turn off when i am watching a movie so my...
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    iPhone unlocking question

    So today I saw that the iPhone pwnage tool was released ( and it got me thinking about the iPhone a little more. I saw that you can get it refurb for $299 from ATT online (seems to be sold out right now) and I was wondering if I could just stick with my current plan...
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    Newegg: 5-Port 10/100 SMC Switch $5 shipped

    From Fat wallet SMC 5-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch For its newsletter subscribers only, offers the SMC 5-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch, model no. SMC105DT, for $14.99 with free shipping. Coupon code "EMCADCFCH" cuts it to $4.99. Link Newegg...
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    Office 2008: "There is a problem with the office database"

    I installed the beta of Office 2008 from MSDN and everytime I launch Word, PowerPoint or Excel on my c2d Macbook (Leopard) it says There is a Problem with the Office Database In the error message it says to run Office 2008 / Office / Database Utility; but all I see in that folder is "database...
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    what games can i play with my graphics card ?

    Counterstrike Source on low details, Day of defeat, Counterstrike 1.6 , quake 3 arena, soldier of fortune 2, age of empires 2 nothing really new, but all fun games EDIT: WTF?!?!?! how did I become the thread starter? I replied to his thread. lol
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    How many watts does the magsafe macbook charger draw?

    I got a nifty looking battery backup / charger for Christmas this year, and have used it to charge my blackberry while driving (normally use car charger, but I figure I would try this thing out). Anyways, I was wondering how many watts the macbook magsafe charger draws, I know the output is 65...
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    backing up a 1tb terastation

    A company I do some work for uses a 1tb buffalo terastation as their "server". basically just NAS device.They store everything on it, and the 3 computers that access it are on their own network with no internet, just the NAS and 3 computers. What they want to do is backup the terastation every...
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    Any way to change the ugly dock in leopard?

    I just made the jump for 10.4 to 10.5 and I HATE the new dock. In 10.4 i used clear dock, but that is not updated for leopard yet, is there any way to get rid of the reflections and overall uglyness? I like how the dock appears on the side, but I cannot stand having the dock on the side of my...
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    Zune for $85 incase you missed the Woot deal yesterday

    Zune for $85
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    17" LCD $50 (+$25 shipping) comes with no stand, so you will have to wall mount it, saw the deal posted on engadget. Might jump on one to use at my...
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    Brown ZUNE "preorder" $99 at in case you missed the woot deals
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    Netgear RangeMax 108Mbps MIMO Wireless Firewall 4port Router $30 shipped Netgear RangeMax 108Mbps MIMO Wireless Firewall 4port Router $30 at free economy shipping, $10 off for new google checkout users
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    Girlfriend needs a camera for under $200

    alright, So I tried talking her into a rebel XT like mine, I even offered to give her a few of my older lenses, but she says its too "big" and "ugly"... She wants to keep the price under $200 and it must be good for indoor shots since most of the time it will be getting used at parties / the...