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    Anyone upgrade from 970 SLI to 1080?

    So, I made an impulse purchase on an Asus Strix 1080 the other day when I just happened to see them in stock at Amazon. I'm trying to decide whether or not to keep it now though, because after looking at the benchmarks over on TPU, it doesn't appear to be much of an upgrade, especially for the...
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    GTX 680 crashing Heaven at stock settings.

    Got my EVGA GTX 680 signature+ today and get it installed, so I figured I'd play around with overclocking it, but first I wanted to give it a run through Heaven at stock settings. Crashed in about a minute, wtf? Just out of curiosity I bumped up the power to +130% (highest it would allow, my...
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    Deus Ex:HR AE on sale again $15 at GMG

    In case you missed any of the previous sales, it's back to $15 again. I don't remember if it's been cheaper, but I snagged a copy this time around.
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    Amazon games sale: Darksiders, Bioshock 2, CoH, etc.

    This is a repost from SD: Amazon games on sale Some very nice prices there.
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    Keeping crossfire 6970's cool

    My 6970's are burning up, I've had them overheat on me a couple times already. Besides watercooling, is there anything you guys have done to help keep your cards cool? My antec p180 case has OK airflow, but there's not much more I can do to improve it. I thought about pulling the coolers off...
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    Forza 4 $27 @ Target B&M

    Stolen from SD. Shows the price online, but it's in-store only. It's oos at a lot of stores, but I managed to get one of the last copies at my local store. I can't get the site to come up atm to grab a link, but it isn't for sale online anyways.
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    So what is the best waterblock nowadays?

    Just asking out of curiosity. I haven't even looked at any water cooling stuff in several years, so I was just wondering what the latest and greatest was. Last time I did any water cooling, several years ago, Cathar's cascade block and another one he had done (don't remember the name) were the...
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    Crysis 2 freezing, poor performance

    Yeah, I know, another Crysis 2 thread, but I didn't want to post this 50 pages deep in the "official" thread. I tried searching for this in the forums and googling it, and I can't seem to find any answers. The game keeps freezing and going into a sound loop every couple minutes. It will...
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    Just Cause 2...It's already over?

    First off, this game is fun as hell, but it has to be the absolute most poorly paced game in history. I beat the game with only having completed 29% of it. I did a ton of little towns and military bases, making sure I got 100% completion on all of them, and I did a bunch of the Ular Boys...
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    Horrible experience with BFG

    **UPDATE** I would like to say a big thank you to Jeff and Jon for getting this resolved, it's much appreciated. They over-nighted a replacement to me, and I can finally get my system put back together. It's unfortunate that they even had to get involved and that this couldn't be resolved...
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    Logitech MX Revolution problem

    The stuttering with this mouse is about to drive me nuts. There seem to be quite a few people having this problem over on the logitech forums, but logitech support is a joke and nobody seems to have found a solution to the problem. I know quite a few people on here have this mouse, so I...
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    Problem with Corsair PC 8500

    I just picked up two 2 GB sets of xms2-8500 dominator, and neither one of them will work in my system (see sig). I tried just installing them in place of my ballistix, with no changes to the bios settings, because I figured they'd boot right up and then I could adjust the speed and timings in...
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    Getting really frustrated with buggy PC games

    Is anybody else getting really tired of all the buggy games coming out on PC. I mean, it's expected that there will always be a few games with problems, but this is getting ridiculous. I have a stack of games sitting here, that I either can't play because they constantly crash, or are at the...
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    Raidmax Smilodon ATX Case $39.99 AR

    Newegg has the Raidmax Smilodon case for $69.99 - $30 = $39.99. It's a little flashy for my taste, but I'm building my 10 year old little brother a new rig for Christmas and I bet he'll think it's pretty cool. Pretty nice little case for the price...
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    Crossfire is broken in Fallout 3

    Just FYI for anyone who wonders why their framerates suck in this game. Here are my benchmarks with and without crossfire: All settings at ultra high, no AA 15xAF With Crossfire: 2008-10-30 16:53:58 - Fallout3 Frames: 1738 - Time: 40692ms - Avg: 42.711 - Min: 31 - Max: 48 Without...
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    My Warhead Crossfire Results

    I know I know, another freakin warhead thread, but I didn't want to bury this 8 pages deep in another thread. I picked up warhead today and unfortunately, the performance is dismal to say the least. So, I figured I'd run some benchies with and without crossfire to see if it was scaling at all...
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    Vista 64 Winload.exe missing or corrupt

    I'm running Vista 64 on my primary drive, and I have a secondary RAID 0 volume that I use for apps. It's been working fine, but now when I have my secondary RAID 0 volume connected, I get an error when the OS tries to load that says "Winload.exe is missing or corrupt". It doesn't happen all of...
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    Recommend a 120mm fan

    I just put together my new build and I need a couple more case fans. I have several panaflos and sanyo denkei's laying around, but they're way too loud and I don't feel like volt modding or messing with rheostats. I need a good 120mm x 25mm fan, that moves a lot of air, and is pretty quiet...
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    My 4870 is making yellow snow

    That's right, yellow snow. I first noticed it in Crysis, on certain walls there was yellow snow artifacting. So I fired up ATI tools artifact tester, and let's just say it's gonna be a yellow Christmas if this keeps up. Is this a driver issue anyone else has run into, or is one of my cards...
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    OCZ OCZ2P800R22GK 2GB Kit DDR2 PC2-6400 Platinum Revision 2 $33.90 AR

    I know, like there aren't enough memory deals posted already, so here's another one. It's $68.90 with a $35 MIR. I almost picked up a set of the reaper memory, but this is a few bucks cheaper, and I believe the platinum edition is supposed to be a little bit better. Someone correct me if...
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    Coolermaster Cooldrive 6 $9.99 @ SVC

    Just picked up a couple of these from SVC. They're regularly $79.99, marked down to $9.99, no MIR. Same unit costs $74 over at FrozenCpu. If you need a fan controller/HD cooler, seems like a heck of a deal. They've also got the Coolermaster 450W REAL POWER PSU's back down to $24.99 after...
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    My 90nm 3200+ results

    Seems to be a lot of speculation about these processors, so I thought I'd post my preliminary findings. I've got my 3200+ on a K8N-NEO2, doing 2.4GHz at 1.45v, prime stable right now. I'm sure it could go MUCH higher, but this POS MSI board is holding me back. It's rock stable at 10x240, 4x...