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    Win10 Jump Lists - Increase Size?

    The jump lists in windows 10 are tiny! The taskbar jumplists are showing up to 12 items and do not appear to be configurable in any way. In Windows 7 and 8, you were able to customize the number of displayed items. I had mine set to 20. Is there any way to tweak this setting? I have...
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    Asrock Z87 Not Posting - Dr Debug 99

    Well, I did head on over to Microcenter after troubleshooting with their online technician. He sent me this Tom's forum post, which i thought was pretty cool tbh: I toted the PC around the store and...
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    Asrock Z87 Not Posting - Dr Debug 99

    Edit: Its working. Microcenter has a nice troubleshooting center! I picked up an i5 4670K and an Asrock Z87 Extreme4 from Microcenter earlier in the week for a build. The machine is using the integrated intel graphics. I've been having a flurry of issues trying to get the darn thing working...
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    New Motherboard DOA?

    Good news everyone!! I unplugged the power and reset the CMOS. It started up! Gotta plug everything back in... testing.... Edit: Its working! Woohoo :cool:
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    New Motherboard DOA?

    Sorry, I guess that was kind of vague. It was just a swap of the Mobo and CPU. Kept the old heatsink (Corsair H60) and plugged in all the rest accordingly. I updated the OP with the following: Last night I took out my old mobo and cpu and put in the new ones. I plugged in both power...
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    New Motherboard DOA?

    EDIT: Restting the CMOS seems to have fixed it! Hooray! No LED is lit by default on this mobo when the power is connected, which differs from my old board. Thanks for stopping by. Hello. I just picked up an i7 4770k and an Asrock Z87 from microcenter. Last night I took out my old mobo and...
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    The 50 Best Booth Babes of E3 2013

    Good guy Steve biting the bullet to scroll through all the pics! :)
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    Old Pixilated Metroid Screenshot Redone In High Resolution

    I am having the largest nerdgasm right now. Metroid nerdgasm. Not only is this art amazing, the soundtrack is too. Definitely off to go buy that.
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    Porn Studios Accused of Screwing Downloaders

    I think he's on to something...
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    Android Based Video Game Console Kickstarter

    It went up from 292 to 352 in the past 20 minutes.
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    Virus Removal Help

    My parents have done it again... they've really messed up their system this time (Windows 7). Last week, my father mentioned that Microsoft Security essentials didnt have a successful run for a number of days. I remoted in to their machine using logmein and found that the AV service was...
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    iPhone Photo + Boobs = Anon Hacker Busted

    Well looks like we have to go back to our childhood: After thorough inspection, the Female Body Inspectors were able to "satisfy themselves" with the identity of the woman in question.
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    Groupon Restatement Sparks More Worries

    Well I think a big issue is that the market has gotten a lot more competitive since alternatives have shown up. I am not quite sure what their normal profit margins are or how their business model runs, and even though they are currently still the most commonly known daily-deals site, I can't...
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    Work log: Turning an unfinished basement into an entertainment room.

    Nicely done! It looks very clean and is a dramatic improvement. Errr.... Lux?
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    SNES PC Build Project - Part II

    Things i especially enjoyed about this video: 1. Selection of Super Metroid, my favorite game of all-time. 2. Use of SNES game music throughout the video. 3. His friend wearing a Tool shirt, as I paused Vicarious to watch this video. Bravo DaBuddMon, bravo.
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    Anyone NOT having fun with BF3?

    I preloaded it and played it on day 2. Was messing around testing my graphics because my machine was surprisingly capable (as in, I was using some Ultra settings). Game Hard froze after about 10 minutes. I rebooted, got into the game, took teh graphics down a bit just in case, and after about...
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    Port Forwarding Not Working

    Well the firewall was never on. Maybe this is a really dumb question but.... do i really need to have the firewall turned on for the router when every computer ont he network has its own firewall anyways? The network is secured with a password of course.
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    Port Forwarding Not Working

    A couple different ports, 80 is one of them. Well the plot thickens. Like i mentioned in my previous post, I got it working after running that script. I was unable to access the server by host name being on the internal network, but outsiders were able to access it. So it was just not working...
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    Port Forwarding Not Working

    Thanks for the post. The firewall is actually off entirely though, so this setting is grayed out entirely. This worked fine on the old router, and I did manage to get it working finally on the new one by running this script: LAN=`nvram get lan_ipaddr`/`nvram get lan_netmask` iptables -t...
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    Port Forwarding Not Working

    OK well I've found out a little more about the problem. I have my links set up as my DNS name, but I CAN connect to them properly when i use the IP. If i ping the DNS, I get my home IP address though. Still confused.
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    Port Forwarding Not Working

    Hi. I had an old linksys router running DDWRT. I bought a new Asus RT-N16 and finally set it up. I had to just duplicate the settings by hand as you cannot back them up across different hardware models even though both are running DDWRT. I hooked up the new router and everything was...
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    50% off any one logitech item (via their e-mail)

    I am also interested in a code if anyone has a spare. Thanks.
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    Kat is basically just a pub-stomper. She can be a wildly inconsistent pick in normals as you have no idea how much CC you will be up against. She can at times be a decent pick in ranked based on team comps - if you have strong aoe team fights for your team (amumu, morg, jarvan, galio, etc)...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    How about plat? *Wink* I have mixed feelings about LB. At times, I think she can be incredibly strong and I think her play style is very fun, but at the same time she can taper off pretty hard late game. Even when fed, I feel like that additonal gold just mitigates her decline, but can't...
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    Dota 2 Trailer!!!!

    No offense, but... sounds like you are playing low level games or maybe just normals. Ranked games and especially higher level ranked games are a completely different story. Average game length in ranked is more like 30-35 minutes in my experience. A lot of times people in normal games or...
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    PS3 Move can be great!

    I just started Heavy Rain with the Move last night (first play through, put in about 1.5-2 hours). Its... interesting. They did a pretty good job of implementing it, but I am not quite sure that I am fully sold on it yet. Some of the movements are a little tedious or overly precise and I have...
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    PS3 Move can be great!

    Ya the newegg deal cropped up right after I grabbed mine. Kind of sucked, but oh well! Don't recall the exact retailer off hand, but I saw it posted on slickdeals.
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    PS3 Move can be great!

    I picked up a move bundle for ~$65 and I must say, I am surprised at how much I have enjoyed it so far with just Sports Champions. The device feels great to use, and the accuracy has been impressive. Looking forward to trying it out with Heavy Rain soon.
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    Is there a "best" case fan out there?

    Thank you my friend. Some Scythe Slipstreams with Sleeze bearings that I bought at most 6 months ago just kicked out. I was wondering why my HTPC was running hot as balls and found out that BOTH the intake and outtake fans. I was able to shoot some lube into the lube-hole in the front...
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    Crysis 2 DirectX 11 Patch Debunked

    Sadly, I think the only joke here is the developer...
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    The Life and Awesomeness of Steve Jobs

    Did anyone else read that headline and immediately think that he passed away? I mean, he has had a lot of health issues lately....
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    Mozilla Delays Final Firefox Beta

    Is it bad that I initially read that as "delays last FAIL"?
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    Hulu Doubles Revenue

    Thats pretty good revenue for being an ad-supported service. I (and I'm sure many other [H]'ers) can't justify spending money on a premium account when there are so many other readily available means to watch TV. As a convenient, free service Hulu does its job well. The more they move away...
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    Rock Band 3 anyone?

    I've been anticipating the release of this game but didn't really do anything to try to get it when it came out. I "preodered" yesterday from Amazon which qualified me for a $10 future game credit. I avoided taxes, used a previous $20 game credit, and got it shipped on the release date...
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    [H] iPhone App - Random [H] Sighting

    Full bars on ATT 3G? Must be photochopped :-P
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    Hell freezes over: Duke Nukem Forever @ PAX

    Anybody else expecting this to be terrible?
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    Big Ratpadz XT Question

    Thats what she said. ...:( I loved my ratpad so much that I bought a 2nd one so that I have them both at work and home with my G9's. I think that if you were to remove the curve, you would need to compensate for the height. Edit: Flipped it around - maybe its not so bad without a curve...
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    Teens Ditch e-mail for Texting and Facebook

    Since when has emailing been the primary form or communication? 15 years ago? In high school I talked to all of my friends via AIM. Now, i feel like more of my friends are on GChat, but... that and texts have similar usage, and then email is still used, but to a smaller extent and more for...
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    Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b Headphone Review @ [H]

    I've owned these headphones since November. I ride the train twice a day, and let me tell you - the noise cancelling feature of these is indispensible when dealing with raucous cubs fans drinking train beers. I also used them at the office where there was otherwise annoying chatter/meetings...