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    How do people compare game benchmarks perfectly?

    For games that don’t have an in-game benchmark, how do people navigate what seems like the exact same route in a game for 2 videos? I mean yeah, I think maybe they are doing the route manually, but surely there is an automated way?
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    USB Fan controller with 2+ amp support per head?

    Anyone know of such? I keep seeing controllers like the Corsair Commander Pro only support 1 amp or less.
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    Could D5 interfence with video cable signal?

    I am externally mounting a reservoir with a D5 pump that could be a 1-3 inches away from the video cable. Is there any possibility of the magnets in the D5 messing with the video signal?
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    Future of Blu-Ray vs Streaming?

    I stopped collecting BRs and stopped using my entertainment PC a while back because of how convenient all the streaming and saving of movies on the DVR was. I’ve gotten pretty annoyed with my new TV service deciding to only keep recordings for 90 days. Lately I’ve also gotten annoyed at...
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    Is Firefox Going Down the Drain?

    More and more I've noticed some sites not loading properly or parts of websites never loading at all. One example is a little gif in a site blowing itself up on the entire page. The page looks fine if I paste the link in Chrome. I come across sites doing weird things maybe once every few days...
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    Why do people hate bullet sponges?

    I'd like to wrap my head around the why since so many people mention it, and people that really hate it have no problem at all strongly voicing their opinion about it. I absolutely love bullet sponges. None of my old school friends hate bullet sponges. The longer a battle is the better. I...
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    The Invincible I love retro sci-if anything, and that sound clip sounds so Blade Runnerish.
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    Is programming for resolutions that challenging?

    Past couple of months I’ve purchased 2 games: Death Stranding and Control Both didn’t have my windows resolution as an option. I had to edit Death’s Stranding’s exe to support my aspect ratio. I still can’t choose my resolution in the game, but at least it uses my windows resolution...
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    Does Windows 10 Duel Boot affect the mbr of another drive?

    Say I have a fully functioning copy of Windows 7 on Drive A. I Want to install Windows 10 on Drive B to test on. Setting up where to install Windows 10 during the setup is pretty easy. What I would like to know is if I use Windows 10 boot utility to choose between Windows 10 or 7, would it...
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    Is it a bad idea to SLI sub cards of the same GPU type?

    Like taking an RTX 2080 and SLIing it with an RTX 2080 Ti?
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    Do you feel gamers have become "soft?"

    I come from an era when gamers would keep coming back for more. If the game was too hard, we kept picking at it till we mastered it. If we played against better players, we kept playing against them until we were just as good or better. We never cried about difficultly and never called a game...
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    Boot up issue with (ubunto)

    I selected this build because it is for my friend's 10yr old who is greatly enjoying a programming class at school using Scratch. Ubermix comes with a nice selection of software for geeky kids. It works perfectly fine. BUT...if I add a 2nd unpartitioned hard drive to the pc, Ubermix hangs...
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    Who else annoyed with Apple obsoleting your device?

    I have an iPhone 6 plus with 64gb I got new in 2014. Works perfectly fine, only has a few minor dings on the body and no scratches on the glass. And now Apple no longer wants to update it forcing me to count the days until one of my apps do not work on it. I will probably be getting an 11...
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    Randon question about software and services.msc

    Say you have a piece of hardware that talks to a program which has a service that, when enabled, allows the hardware to talk to a specific website through IE. If the service is running, is it possible for the program to detect if the service has the Startup Type to manual or automatic? And if...
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    Letting a game mature 1-2 years for mods?

    Have you guys found yourself waiting a few years for games to mature so that proper mods exist to remove console bs elements? My example is with Prey. I bought it a few weeks ago. It looked washed out, grayish, and slightly blurry background items. I found a quality mod that removed this...
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    Do I have 8GB or 16GB? Conflicting info

    So I have, what some may call "vintage", an EVGA Z68 with an i3770k and 4 sticks of 4GB Corsair Vengeance running 64 bit Windows 7 Pro SP1 and latest updates. Where does it show I have 8GB of ram? In my BIOS My Computer properties Task Manager CMD Line systeminfo | findstr /C:"Total Physical...
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    RJ45 device (not a computer) to Wifi bridge converter? Wifi router maybe?

    I need an RJ45 only device to connect to the internet through a hotspot on a cellular device (iPhone or Cellular iPad). I came across an old thread here mentioning the Linksys WET54G.
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    Laserjet 4000 transfer roller broken clips

    Has anyone tried to print for an extended amount of time with these clips broken to see if there were any ill effects with too much pressure with the transfer roller against the drum? Yes, mine was manufactured in Feb of 1998, but its a 1200dpi laser that keeps on ticking. :D
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    Is there a way to make Doom more difficult?

    Has anyone found a way to up the monster's HP? I really dont enjoy the die once and full restart bit. I prefer monsters that are ammo sponges that force me to scrounge around for ammo if need be.
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    Vintage WC setup in need of an update.

    So I havent upgraded my WC setup in a REALLY long time, and Id expect a few giggles with my current setup as I explain. Im redesigning my office/game area so I will be changing to an all white case and setup. My current setup: Mozart TX case Dual 120MM rad from Danger Den Danger Den block...
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    Could memtest86 solve a memory issue?

    Yeah I know its just a tester, but here is what happened: Gaming box was randomly shutting down like someone pulled the power plug. Almost never in windows but almost always in different games and Valley Benchmark -I tried a different PSU - same thing -I switched from an 980Ti to an ATI 4670...
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    Has anyone considered a digital Time Capsule?

    Hey all, so Ive been thinking about an airtight digital time capsule for family to open up in 100 years. At first I thought a laptop loaded with videos and pics. But then all the typicals started coming up in my head like: 1) How much damage could a leaky CMOS battery cause? Do they even...
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    Any games like Doom or Bioshock on the horizon?

    Anyone know of anything like the mentioned games in production? Yes, I like crazy and unique with little to no exploration needed. :)
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    How long after 1080 is released will 900 series cards stay around?

    The 1080 seems to have only a DVI-D connector, but I need the DVI-I of the 900 series. So I was wondering if Nvidia keeps all the good previous gen cards for x time or until stock is out.
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    2304x1440 @ 80hz analog converter?

    So Nvidia's latest offering has no analog support. I still game on a Sony GDM-FW900. So Id definetely be interested in an analog converter. Problem is every single analog converter I have come across only seems to only go up to 1920x1080 or 1920x1200. :(. Anyone know of one that goes up...
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    3dMark11 FPS of over 100,000?

    I noticed in some people's results they are getting over 100,000 fps in some of the tests which can explain why they are getting such amazing scores. Are they cheating some way or do they have the full version of 3dMark11 and turning off god knows how many different features?
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    Viewing angle best from what LCD tech?

    I have noticed cheap Android tablet LCDs are not quite the same from more expensive Samsung Android LCDs and they are definitely not the same from Apple LCDs. I have a cheap Gateway monitor at the gf's house that annoys the %#^@ out of me, and I want to get upgraded to a far better monitor...
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    Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H and W7 setup with SATA

    Hi all. So Ive been fighting with this all night and would like your opinions on this. Setup: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H i3 2120 Seagate 1gb 16GB of G.Skill RipJaws 500w psu After I install W7 64bit (disc doesnt have sp1)...
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    Samsung 305T locally for $200

    Would you guys gamble $200 for this Samsung? Not for gaming purposes. Its an amazing monitor. So what if it only has 1 dvi connector. My problem is I started reading the last reviews of it on Newegg's site, and everyone is bashing it for it dying so quickly. It could be a rash of all the...
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    Can DVI-D to HDMI Cable = 4k on 4k TV?

    Hi all. Gave up after a few pages of search listings with no luck. As title says, can I get 4k on a 4k tv using a DVI-D to hdmi cable? I know DVI-D can support the resolution, but what I havent seen is if a tv will barf at me and not accept the signal since its a dvi cable on the other end...
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    H8QME watercooling?

    Hi all, Has anyone water cooled this beast yet for folding? From what I have read, Socket F has the same bolt pattern as a Socket 939 socket. So then it becomes a matter of finding 4 x Socket 939 water blocks. I was thinking of perhaps then attaching it to a 4x120mm radiator or possibly...
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    ObserveIT on a VPN

    Hi all, If you connect securely to your office via a VPN to Xen, but then you suddenly notice the ObserveIT icon running in the toolbar at the top tool bar on a mac, is IT able to record everything you do on your computer, or only what you do within the programs running in Xen?
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    Removing Parallel/Serial/VGA port from MB

    Hi all Do you guys think a professional electronics shop would tackle removing the above mentioned ports from a motherboard safely? How much do you guys think is a fair charging price for such a thing? I successfully removed the ports myself from an old dead motherboard without breaking...
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    Home Server 2011 - Changing of MB?

    Hi all, I have a Home Server 2011 that the MB fried. Put the HD in another MB but am having trouble getting it back up and running. My guess is the drivers for the SATA controller. I rebooted into the install USB drive, but repair seems to only work if you have a saved image. That won't...
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    The "Small" ISPs. Thoughts?

    So with my recent trauma with AT&T and its cap, and discovering Comcast is even worse, I started thinking more about those smaller ISPs that exist. You guys have any thoughts/comments/experiences with these other guys? One company I am considering is
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    Gears of War - Trouble connecting on LAN

    Hi all, I'm trying to do a co-op game at home between 2 PCs, but I am getting the following message by either computer that tries to connect to the host: "Your connection to the host has been lost." I setup computer A as host, and computer B gives the error. I setup computer B as host and...
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    Should I get another 8800GTX?`

    I know I know..I'm behind the times LOL. But times are tough and am looking at a cheap solution. Current specs: AMD 1.8ghz Opteron running at 2.9ghz (WC) EVGA 8800GTX (also WC) DFI NF4 Lan Party Galaxy 1000w Yeah, I got the nuclear power to run 2x8800 GTXs, but with my old CPU, is it...