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    Outraged @ HF,

    I hereby, petition for redress, the issue at hand, being that HF shows undue patronage to the nvidians via forcing a capitalization of the letters, therein establishing an irrevocable bias in favor of NVidia <- as shown here. Capitalization, denotes status, which evidentally, HF has decided not...
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    General Mayhem,

    Hey Good Sirs and former CIA, I can read the General Mayhem. I have never been able to see this G14 classified section before. I wanted to say thanks!
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    A10 7850K OC'ing safe voltages,

    hey OCers, quick question, what is the max safe voltage for running kaveri in regards to, vcore & APU1.2V? I've seen people use 1.25v on the APU1.2V for overclocking the gpu, but my motherboard says that's the max which is kind of worrisome. vcore shouldn't be higher than around 1.5v...
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    Anyone else eyeing AMD's Carizzo?

    Yea, this cpu looks pretty exciting: Summary: AT 2.6GHZ, the Excavator matches a 3.2ghz steamroller
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    My Athlon 860K Review:

    Hi, I purchased an Athlon X4 860K for $76 on ebay new. Why? Because I was curious about overclocked steamroller core performance. Anyways, I added some 1866 ram and adjusted blck and multi and sure enough its a great cpu at 4.64ghz. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied, lets get started...
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    so I wrote a letter to AMD,

    ---------------------------------BEGIN TRANSCRIPT---------------------------------------- Dear King Roy and the AMD rebel alliance, Nvidians have nuked the Tahitian islands....what was once a hot, tropical and vibrant life source for many a gamer, is now a hot and desolate wasteland...we, the...
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    nvidiot 980 vs my 7970,

    7970 advantages, ~ more wattage which translates directly into better WRH (winter room heating)/gigaflop ~ higher fan noise, which is really superior roomate noise cancellation ~ better fps with amd cpus using mantle, ~ superior price, ~ made by AMD 980 advantages? ~ trade in value for...
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    spam area?

    is there a place for spam?
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    AMD & Intel: CPU hardware backdoors

    Allegedly, both AMD and Intel cpus have hardware backdoors that allow the NSA to control and spy on them.
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    Intel's Iris Pro:

    Intel's Iris Pro graphics are faster than any of AMD's apu's. This is terrifying. AMD's graphics have helped them stay relevant vs Intel, but now that Intel have surpassed AMD's best apu, what...
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    AMD SOC Low Power Chips: In tablets and phones soon?

    AMD has released some really low power APU's for thin clients. "AMD&#8217;s G series SoCs are the firm&#8217;s main low-power chips that are intended...
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    The Pixel Painter,

    This old guy makes some amazing artwork on Microsoft paint.
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    XFX 7970 Black Edition

    I'm selling my XFX Black Edition 7970. It has the flickering at 2d clocks but that is an easy fix, just bump up the clock. I've run it undervolted at stock clocks (0.968 vcore 1000/1425) so I don't know how well it will overclock. It also has another bios with the ghz edition bios which is...
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    XFX 7970 Black Edition

    This is my 7970. It has the flickering at low 2d clocks. However, at higher clocks, it works very well. $270 shipping included. If we don't use ebay, and through paypal or some other payment, I can lower it around $20. PM if you're interested. thanks. (im going to keep it nvm)
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    AMD's 5 GHz is Out!

    It looks like newegg as the FX9590! But at 899$ for what I understand is an overclocked 8350, that's a little much.
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    Upbeat for AMD:

    I apologize if I sound like an AMD fanboi, but I'm pumped up that AMD has managed to really change the computer world time after time. I used to hate the Athlon 64's for kicking my P4's butt in gaming, but AMD saw that 64 bit was the future. Then they pushed out the more cores idea. And...
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    7970 flickering fix

    Hi, I have an XFX Black edition 7970 that was flickering at 60hz 75hz. However, I noticed that as soon as it rose to the highest performance state, it stopped flickering. So I created a CCC profile and bumped the core clock to 900 and bumped up the voltage as well for the lowest state...