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    Router Throughput Question

    I bought a modem (Motorola SB6120) to get rid of my leased modem. During the setup process, with the modem hooked up directly to the computer, I ran the speakeasy test and got speeds around 45,000 kb. When I reconnected my trusty wrt54g running dd-wrt (v23sp2), my up stayed the same, but my...
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    Video card fan 'reving'

    I bought an EVGA 9800 GT in January of this year - works great, no problems. I move, don't plug in the computer for a while, and now when I do, the video card fan will "rev" like it's trying to get up to speed and can't make it. It goes through this a few times, the motherboard beeps (longer...
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    Huge VCore Fluctuations... PSU or Mobo?

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    Dumb, quick question

    Howdy If I have a server that's dual pIII 933s and dual pIII 500s, is it a 64-bit capable system? That is, could I run a 64 bit version of windows on it? And that said, since they are older systems, would it be better to run Windows Server 03rc2 on them, or would they be better off...
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    Sleep Mode Problems?

    Howdy I've had my NEC LCD1760NX for nearly 2 years now and I'm starting to have a few problems with it. It seems to suddenly go into sleep mode, rather randomly, and can't be woken up. It has dual inputs, and I've tried it with both inputs from two different systems and the problem is the...
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    Logitech/Klipsch Subwoofer to Receiver?

    Howdy I've got a set of Logitech's Z560s... love the speakers, but I really want a 5.1 system. So I'd like to get a receiver and use the existing speakers, but I can't connect the subwoofer because of its input. Is there any way to connect the subwoofer to a receiver? Sorry if this sounds...
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    Dual Mac Addresses... please?

    Okay, here's the deal. My school does on campus internet by Mac address... ie, they tie a specfic Mac address to a person's id number, and you have to log in the first time you try to get on the internet, blah blah blah. I've got my router... welll, routing... changed the Mac, doing NAT...
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    IE Address Bar Incredibly Slow when lacking http://

    Howdy Was working on a computer the other day, and the address bar of IE appeared not to work if I didn't enter an 'http://' before the address. I'm working on the owner's other computer now, and it now has the same issue. Un/Reisntalling IE has no effect on the issue. I've done the...
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    AIW 9600 w/ an AGP 2x slot?

    Howdy... a friend of mine wants to upgrade video cards, to one with dual montiors, cable-in, tv -out, etc. So the AIW 9600, essentially. Anyways, he's got an AGP 2x slot... will this be an issue? Thanks -Chris
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    DVI Inverting Red and Black?

    I got an NEC 1760-NX off newegg about a month ago, love it. Got the wrong DVI cable, DVI-I instead of DVI-D. So I RMA'd it, and went to because newegg was/is sold out of the DVI-D right now. So I got the cable yesterday, hook it up... and the standard, POST black, DOS black...
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    Lilo and USB keyboard...

    Howdy... any way to make Lilo listen for a USB keyboard? BIOS picks it up, Linux picks it up... my RAID card and Lilo don't, however... any ideas?
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    Mouse acting crazy in Fedora

    Okay, so I'm running Fedora, and sometimes (often) when I come out of a screensaver, the mouse completely freaks out... almost impossible to control, random clicks, and it keeps snapping to the bottom left corner. I figured it may have been something related to Fedora as it's a fresh install...