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    RyZen Pstate Overclocking, method, calculation and Calculator

    I will give offset a try tomorrow. AMD reported Core Parking was an issue with balanced mode. After testing, I can say it's not the only issue. I get a significant FPS decrease when using balanced over high power mode with the CPU allowed to a 5% minimum state.
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    RyZen Pstate Overclocking, method, calculation and Calculator

    Has anyone had a problem with P0 not being recognized? I have changed P0 to 4.0ghz, but the max it will go is 3.2ghz for P1. It will clock down below 3.2 automatically. If I set P1 to match P0, then it locks in at 4ghz and will not drop down to the next P state. Any ideas? I have tried it...
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    AMD Polaris .. supply problems abound

    He never said anything about production. You might want to watch the saved stream again. As a mod on that channel, all I can say is you need to listen closer to what he says.
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    User error or more Microsoft sabotage?

    Wow, some of the most non [H] replies I've seen in a long time :-)
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    Looking for a Good Screen Saver

    Yes, it will run as a demo until you buy an unlock code. There is a short demo on my rig on a 7970 that did not support Eyefinity.
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    Looking for a Good Screen Saver

    SereneScreen Marine Aquarium - Download I love my Serenescreen aquarium. It has several built in options for sounds and music. Also it would work perfectly on my PLP monitors before eyefinity, on my 7970 cards.
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    Anyone felt old when around younger gamers?

    Games, no never felt old. When I went out to breakfast and the girl behind the register rang me up and looked at me and said "I rang you up for the senior drink", I felt gutted.
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    AMD's Failure Rates, Part Two (2015 Edition)

    You are correct, driver optimizations would have been a better choice of words.
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    AMD's Failure Rates, Part Two (2015 Edition)

    Could it be since Nvidia does not have the long term driver support that AMD has, their cards are retired from service at a faster rate and not reported as faulty? Not trying to start a flame war, just posting a legitimate possibility.
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    Wait a sec. Intel just said "Screw it, we're out"?

    Maybe they are preparing for the switch to quantum computing. I could totally see the government restricting ownership of quantum devices. This would really affect the shift of most things to the cloud under corporate or government control.
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    Samsung gear vr?

    Mine was not supposed to ship until the 18th. Low and behold, FedEx showed up Saturday morning with it.
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    Hell freezeth over. XBOX One to enable Crossplay with PC, Sony, etc.

    That does not mean they won't try it. Get people hooked on beating console players in game or cross chat, then set the hook.
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    Hell freezeth over. XBOX One to enable Crossplay with PC, Sony, etc.

    MS is priming everyone up to start charging for Windows Live for the PC players.
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    Why I Love The “Star Wars” Prequels (And You Should, Too)

    My future dream for this product. Luke and Rey save Kylo, Leia is the new emperor, kills Luke and turns Rey to the dark side. Kylo will reform the Knights of Ren to hunt her down and save Rey. Lando will return to take back the Falcon since it was his originally and fly it as the lead ship...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    No, I have an old 360 wired controller that I keep hooked up to my PC.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    I picked it up for the xb1 on sale last week. I tried playing from the couch and was doing horrible. Last night tried streaming the game to my PC. Wow, made a huge difference. My KDR shot way up, and the game was much more fun for me.
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    MSI PRO MOD - S3"YAZI" - Venator Class Star Destroyer

    This is art, pure and simple. You sir are a master. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to see more.
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    What is your Windows 10 bloatware removal tricks? You will find a lot of useful information in this vid.
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    Warm: Best Buy Buy 2 get 3rd Free Console Games stacks with GCU $32+tax effective

    Stopped in yesterday. SW Battlefront would not ring up on the list for this deal. Picked up Halo 5, Rainbow 6 and COD BO 3. I did get them to price match Battlefront to Game Stop for the Deluxe Edition.
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    Having more than 1 Xbox One in the house?

    That speed is fine. You are still looking at 15 minutes the first time you put a disk in versus well over an hour if you down load. MS servers will only download so fast, and unless everything in your house is streaming and downloading at the same time, I think you will have diminishing...
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    Having more than 1 Xbox One in the house?

    I think you will have to end up downloading to both places. Also, if you have data caps, pay attention to this. You can chew threw it pretty quick. Also, what is your internet speed. If they want to play, it will be a lot faster installing from a physical disk.
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    Having more than 1 Xbox One in the house?

    His saves should sync to the cloud, and will be downloaded when he logs in and plays the game. You would need 2 copies of F6 to play at the same time. Getting games from the MS store is good if you don't want to worry about discs. The plus side is when you want to play, you don't have to...
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    Having more than 1 Xbox One in the house?

    You will need live accounts for them to play on line. You can share the disc, but they can't play at the same time, that would be considered piracy. One trick for MS store purchased items is to set the home console of one player in an opposite room. That will give each other access to...
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    Star Wars Battlefront PC $34.99

    When I can get the game and season pass for less than 40.00 I will be in.
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    UPS Having Trouble Handling Holiday Online Orders

    You can probably thank someone's six sigma project fire the delays.
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    Logitech G710 Mechanical Keyboard $60 amazon

    I picked one up when they were $44.99 on a BF deal from BB. I took mine to work and use it there. It feels good, and I like the sound. I don't know if it's my imagination, but I think my typing is more accurate on my G19. I like the keyboard a lot.
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    Wow their prices are not bad. Depending on shopping, I might give them a try next week.
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    Comcast Low Data Caps Hurt Competing Video Providers

    Many, but not all. Also there are a lot of people that don't have the knowledge to go in and look at it. Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner. This is something that I have felt strongly enough if I start getting charged for an overage, I will bring this up to my elected officials to try and...
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    Comcast Low Data Caps Hurt Competing Video Providers

    Why is no one upset over the lack of a 3rd party data measuring device. If you are stuck with a cap, why settle for what the ISP says you are using. If I want to know how much gas or electric I am using, I walk out and look at the meter. ISP's should be required to have an independent way to...
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    Microsoft Sets Stage For Massive Windows 10 Upgrade Strategy

    I bet there is going to be a huge class action lawsuit over this come spring.
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    Why I Love The “Star Wars” Prequels (And You Should, Too) I really like the idea of Jar Jar being a Sith Lord. It does make some sense.
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    Sign Up For The DOOM Alpha Here

    That closed fast.
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    What did you buy from the Steam Thanksgiving sale?

    Spermination has a good deal going on too.
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    issues with Sapphire support for R9 295x2 card

    You might also hit up Sapphire Ed, he may be able to help you out as well, or at least point you in the direction of a better person to speak with.