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    Ever see a cooler defect like this? (no pun intended)

    So I bought this BeQuiet! Shadow Rock Slim on eBay...the seller claimed it was new, and it appeared to be by the look of the box and film at the base. But wait! I got a refund as the seller was unaware and it didnt make sense to pay the shipping back (US back to Canada). I tried opening a...
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    USB M.2 thumbdrive enclosure with TRIM support?

    Has anyone come across such a device that supports NGFF 2280 form factor? I'm looking for something like this (this one only fits NGFF 2242): All the ones I'm seeing on Amazon and Aliexpress either use a...
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    Driver, power, or OS issue?

    I've been having a peculiar problem with my Skylake build since I put it together a few weeks ago. Quick spec list: CPU: i7-6700K @ 4.5GHz stable (OC does not seem to affect problem) MB: Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 TH (latest UEFI version F5) RAM: G.Skill TridentZ 2x8GB 3200MHz 16-16-16-36 1.35V via...
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    very confused -- Color Management & Color Space questions

    I have a Spyder5Pro that I used to calibrate my Dell U2410 (purchased here!) but I'm having some trouble getting the colors to look uniform across programs. For reference, the calibrated profile covers 100% sRGB and 98% AdobeRGB For a RAW file that has been processed in Lightroom CC (ProPhoto...
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    Help with a custom Seasonic cable

    I'm trying to make some custom cables to clean up clutter in my case and I'm having trouble finding a reference for how to create a 6-pin Seasonic power connector to a single female 4-pin molex (for my Xonar STX). PSU end: Single terminal to Xonar STX: I'm currently using a 6-pin to 2x...
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    Gigabyte Z170 - no adaptive Vcore?

    I don't get Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 TH only has Auto and manual modes for Vcore. There is no adaptive or offset. When manual Vcore is selected, the inputted value overrides all power saving functions when idle. I have all the C-states and EIST enabled. Clockspeeds do drop when idle but...
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    Gigabyte - crappy fan control = heat trapping

    Been tinkering with my new Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 TH for a few days now and I have quite a few regrets as this is my first Gigabyte board. I'm on the F5 "BIOS" version. - no fine grain LLC control - no adaptive Vcore (I thought Skylake was supposed to have this??) - attempting to load UEFI profiles...
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    DDR4 compatibility or RAM/IMC instability?

    My new DDR4 G.Skill TridentZ's aren't playing nice with my Gigabyte Z170 UD5 TH. They are 2x8GB rated at 2800MHz 15-16-16-35, 1.25V (link) It's the first time I've had an issue with G.Skill memory...but it may just as well be a Gigabyte UEFI issue. As soon as I set XMP or manually to...
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    Compact, cheap ATX case recommendations

    I'll be upgrading an X58 system to Skylake some time next month. I'm looking to migrate the ATX-size board of the X58 into a cheap, compact case to act as a backup. It doesn't need USB 3.0. Anyone have recommendations in the $30 and under range if buying new?
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    Mobo compatibility for PCI-e NVMe (Intel 750)

    I'll be building a system soon using the Intel 750 (PCIe add-in card version). Ideally I would go with the Gigabyte Z170 UD5 with Thunderbolt, but I haven't found any compatibility information on Gigabyte's site. Does anyone know if all boards this generation support NVMe over PCI-e? Is this...
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    Skylake lower SKU's availability?

    All the articles I have read have pointed at a late Sept launch for the remainder of the desktop Skylake lineup, yet I have yet to see availability on any vendor websites. Anyone know what's going on?
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    laserjet with scanner recs?

    I've had it with my old inkjet. It was an old HP C5xxx series whos LCD died. I can't print anything from it because the error light is always on but I have no LCD to view what the error is. When it was still working, it constantly demanded all ink cartridges to be functional just to print...
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    Lian Li PC-9F ATX mid tower $70 after MIR

    Lian Li PC-9F ATX mid tower Currently on sale with $20 MIR and free shipping. I've built in a good number of Lian Li's in the $100-$250 range and I've gotta say this is by far the best one. The drive cage design is my favorite...
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    RAID1 and Intel RST on Z87

    I just upgraded from X58 to Z87 and I'm having trouble understanding if there is a difference in RAID setup or if I did something wrong. Old mobo: EVGA X58 Classified (E760) On the old system, I set up a RAID1 with 2x300GB drives through the "control+I" screen, and then installed Intel RST...
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    Vertex 3 install? + why this behavior?

    I am creating this new thread regarding the relatively poor performance of my 120GB Vertex 3 because my previous thead was more of an inquiry into my secure erasing options. In this thread, I particularly want to address some phenomena I noticed. Background: -- Bought 120GB Vertex 3 second...
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    How to TRIM once given my situation?

    I bought my first SSD the other day, a used 120GB Vertex 3 to upgrade an old C2D laptop from 2007 (Asus U3S). From what I can gather from the seller, the drive has never been TRIMed as it was run in a Mac over its lifespan. OCZ Toolbox is showing an uptime of about 100 days, and WEI is giving...
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    Displayport question

    I just bought a Dell U2410 rev. A06 from a nice guy on this forum and was looking into DisplayPort connectivity. I am running off of a XFX 2GB HD 7850 which supports DP 1.2. This Lenovo mDP to DP m/m cable was the only one I could find that explicitly states that it is DP 1.2 compliant...
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    Xonar Essence STX very minor bug - anyone else?

    Since there are so many STX owners here, I figured I'd throw this out there. Has anyone noticed that the Dolby Pro Logix IIx function for the headphone in 2 channel mode sounds slightly left-channel biased? I've owned the card for over 2 years now and no driver update has fixed this...
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    XFX 7850 black screen + bsod?

    Is anyone having black screen problems with their 7850 or 7870? I have a XFX 7850 DD BE I bought about 2 weeks ago and have black screened 4 times already. I shrugged off the first black screen but now I'm more concerned. The crashes occur randomly while I'm watching youtube. I can usually...
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    Overclocking the Radeon HD 7850!

    I just got my XFX R7850 DD BE. It is factory OCed to 975/1300 with a stock voltage of 1.213. Sapphire TriXX (using v4.3) is the only utility that is able to control my VDDC and reports that 1.213V is the max as it is. Question 0: What version 7850 do you have? Question 1: What is your...
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    XFX Radeon 6000 series - rattling

    I just got my XFX Radeon HD 7850 Double Dissipation Black Edition. I found that when the fan goes to around 50%, the card makes a high pitched rattling noise. The noise comes from the red metal strip on the side of the card vibrating against the heatpipe on the inside and can be stopped if I...