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    What's wrong with my mysql statement?

    For the life of me I can't figure why my prepared statement isn't working on my LAMP server given that it works fine on WAMP. Can anyone figure this out? Anything wrong with the statement itself that might cause it to fail on one machine? $query = $this->mysqli->prepare("SELECT * FROM post...
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    Mysql stored procedures in Entity Framework error

    I seem to be having problems importing stored procedure in entity framework for child tables. As verbose as this error may seem I have no idea how to fix it besides maybe deleting the relationship then importing the stored procedures, then add back the relationships after(not a good idea). I...
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    Entity Framework relationships problem

    My tables and relationships I would like to do a query where Item.ListID is equal to 2, ShoppingList.CustomerID table is equal 8 and the Viewability.CusID is equal to 8 from G in Database.Items .Where(p => p.ListID == (2) &&...
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    SQL join of 3 tables

    I need to join three tables two of which have matching field I am using for that join and the last table has a field that matches that of the first joined table. I can successfully join the first two table but can't seem to join the third. My query is below. Can anyone offer a suggestion as...
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    Calling Javascript function without click event

    I found a Javascript function that does everything I need to and would potentially replace my 15 lines of PHP code. Problem is I know nothing about JS. The function is called upon click and reads the input from a text box and passes that parameter to the function. I was wondering if I could...
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    Hyper-V and Opteron Series 200

    In order to use hyper-V the processor must support hardware assisted virtualisation in this case AMD-V. However in my research I am getting mixed answers as to whether or not the series 200 opteron supports this but according to amd's page it does...
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    Really simple(strings and spaces in C++)

    I want to enter a string with spaces and want the program to tell me what is size of the entire thing, not just up to the first space. #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <fstream> using namespace std; int main() { string alpha; int alpha_len; cout...
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    Simple bubble sort proving not so simple for me

    I am trying to sort these character arrays and for some reason it not working. It seems to be looping one less than it is suppose and I cant figure out why. eg. trying to sort the entries Sandra, Peter and Amber would get me Peter,Amber and Sandra instead. #include <iostream> #include...
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    concatenating a variable integer to a structure variable name.

    is that possible. example Struct example { int apple; int orange; }; int counter; for (counter=1; counter >10;counter++) { example orchard+counter; //here I could like to concatenate the counter into the stucture variable here so it's would be orchard1 and then orchard2, orchard3...
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    Final Cut question

    does anyone know how to make a text bubble in final cut? You know like those out of a comic kind of thing.
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    Secondary monitor woes

    Whenever I connect a secondary monitor to my laptop, the primary monitor(laptop screen) shuts off and the secondary monitor becomes the primary monitor. I cant even renable was use to be the primary monitor after that. My secondary monitor worked fine for a day before this shit started...
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    Server2k8 does not turn off monitor/LCD

    I installed Server 2008 and love it but I have a problem. I have my monitor set to power off after 1 minutes but it does not power off. It seems to go to a black screen instead.
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    Apple student discount.

    Ok peeps could I walk into an Apple store show them my studen ID and get a discount or are those only available throught online purchases? Hell has frozen over because I am interested in an ipod nano since I would most like not have the money to get a zune, provided it was hot a hot steaming pile.
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    assigning a value to variables in an array in VB

    ok say I have an array, Apples(1 to 15) and I want to assign the same value to the whole array without having to say Apples(1) = valueX, Apples(2) =valueX and so forth manually, is it possible?
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    Help with simple VB version its been 6 years

    ok its been years since I touched VB(high school really, lol) and I got a problem I am writing some simple code to display the average but cant figure out how to it to display my B average if it is within a range of number, as you can see I am tempted to use Java code in VB, lol doing this in...
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    Netgear products

    How come I dont see much talk about netgear products here? I bought their WGR614 V6 last summer for $29 and have not a problem with it and its been going 24/7 in some pretty warm conditions(and is making this post possible).
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    Should I get me an Ibook on ebay?

    Well with everyone anticipating the new line of laptops from Apple I figured I could snag me an Ibook for a G4 Ibook for a more affordable price. What do you guys think? Should I do it or just don’t bother because I will not be able to affordable a new mactel whenever Apple does decide to launch it.
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    Final tomorrow just need somethings verified in Java

    Int sum=100,i; for(i=20;i >16; i-- sum = sum-i; what will be the variable sum after execution? Can you tell me what the heck this says? I have an idea but need do know for sure how to do it. does it say that if i is more than 16, minus one from it, then minus i from 100? if I used...
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    Zero my free drive space

    is there a tool that would zero my free drive space.Say I just deleted my porn stash(for instances) and that part of my hard drive is just written off as free space waiting to be written over when later need. Well is there anyway of zeroing that part of the drive?
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    Ibook G4 and G3 question

    Can you password the bios(like a conventional pc) and is so how do I removed the password if forgotten?
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    Carbon Fibre and molds

    Just wanted to know what is working with Carbon fiber like? It should be like fiber glass, sanding and cutting wise right? Does anyone know where to purchase the mat and resin also? I tired seaching a Marine hardware store site but their search engine is messing up today and ace hardwared does...
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    G5 for your powerbooks?

    check this out
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    ATI Mobility chip stat reader

    it there a program to read the stats(like CPU temp) from the ATI mobility chipsets with PCI-E for notebooks?
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    Another Outpost price mess up or a good deal? Polk Audio R30 Black - Each Two-Way Floor-Standing Loudspeaker for $49.99
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    how did the teacher get this?(JAVA)

    import java.util.*; public class painindarse {public static void main(String[] args) {double L=100; double i; for (i=5; i<90; i=L+20) L=(L-i); System.out.print(L); } } well the professor put that on the board(unless I took it down wrong) and asked the class to figure...
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    Mental Ray error

    when I trying render with lens flares enable I get this error, I am using mental ray to render caustic refraction in a scene with a mirror which show the reflection of an object in the background with a lens flare glow. MSG 0.0 error: "Lens Effects" effect expected unsupported GBuffer...
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    Well I want to do my CCNA and would like to know you guy's opinion on it along on what book I should use. I started using this book last year but never finished studying for the exam seeing that I had to do my SAT's. I hear everyone saying how challenging this thing is and scaring me off. I...
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    Westell interface login

    Does anyone know the default login username and password for the Westell dsl modems in particular the 6100 series? I had to reset someones and they dont have the documentation that came with the modem so I am stuck!
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    Windows CE update

    I am going to ask a question I already know the answer to. Is there a way to upgrade from CE 3.0 to a later version? Is that a resounding no?
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    32V fuse in place of a 12V

    what would happen if I did this given the amperage was the same for both the fuses.
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    Dual core G5's could be in the making how come you mac guys dont post the happening of the mac world in the forum?
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    formatting flash drive in OS 9 and OS 10

    I have a client who need his Flash drive formatted in os 9 because he formatted it on a Windows machine and ever since it would not show up in os 9 on the desktop. I am a hack dumbass so how would one do this if the drive no pop up on the desktop? Could you tell me how it is done in OS 10 also...
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    Sony Minidisc Dock lost.

    I got a Sony MZ-N1 minidisc player from a friend but he lost the dock for it so I was wondering if anyone has a sony minidisc with a dock(that they are willing to disect, not destroy just to tell me the Dock to USB pinout schematics). I searched the net to no avail.
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    Installing winxp from setup files on hard drive

    Hi guys I have a latop that I need to install windows xp on but the cdrom drive is dead. I do have a way to hook up the hard drive to anotther system with a cdrom drive and maybe copy the files from cd rom drive to the hard drive.what I want to is how to get it to run from there
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    Making a video black and white and keeping a single object in colour

    anyone know how easy this is to do and what program can be used?
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    dial-up Internet Sharing between 2 Computers

    Ok I have 2 PC's on is a Winxp home edition box with a dial up modem and the other is a Win me box networked together together by 100mbps etherenet. I want the Win me box to beable to browse the net Via my XP box and dial up modem. I have tried everything but could not make it work. ps. did...
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    ATX to AT psu mod

    I need the AT pinout schematics(the P8 and P9 connectors), it was not in the FAQ. What I want to do is adapt an ATX psu for an AT system, dont know if that is possible(I live in a small country and the demand for AT psu's is non-existant so all retailers stop importing them).
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    Camera Path in 3d studio max

    ok guys I need to know if I can( I suppose I can) have a path made for a camera to follow. I want to do a scene where the camera moves about on various axes. I want to know how to make a path for that camera to follow. Hope some can help.