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    Rocket Lake Benchmarked by Anandtech - Pleae leave your gaming performance at the door! I did it all for the AVX -512! (Come on) The AVX -512 (Come on) So you can take that Gaming Performance And stick it up your (yeah)
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    Windows 10 resets my Network Sharing Preferences after every major update.

    This is getting annoying, I have to re-enable Network Discovery, Turn on File and Printer Sharing, and Turn off Password for shares. Back when I used Windows 7 Homegroup, it never game me this shit after updates (even after upgrading those systems to Win10, it rode the Homegroup). But 5...
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    Anandtech tests AMD Ryzen CPU licensed to China - find surprises in the architecture There's a reason why it's taken forever for this licensed Zen 1 t o appear - they did more than just copy-and-paste. It's surprising how much they castrated certain instructions! And is AVX just not there?
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    brother hl-3170cdw printer keps getting jammed

    I've had it for four years, and it's running stock equipment still. We bought this amazing paper a few years back,. and it's been perfect- until now. The paper consistently gets stuck in the point where it's turning-over (after printing), in the back. Unfortunately, that could be caused be...
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    AMD and NVIDIA get into mid-range GPU Price War

    AMD Announced the RX5600 XT for $279 at CES, a card with the same number of shaders as the RX 5700, but lower clocks and a 192-bit bus. It's due to be released this Tuesday, the 21st. Nvidia fired back yesterday with an official price cut on he RTX 2060 6GB to $300...
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    All Intel CPUs in last 10 yrs have critical bug to show protected kernel memory areas MUCH More Detailed Link On This Issue From Python Sweetnes Linux Kernel Patch Page This means real trouble for anything and anyone who uses the internet. With proper exploits, a simple JavaScript program from a web page could...
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    Turned based 4x games with random tech tree?

    All, I have loved Master of Orion since the day it was released. And I have never loved a game as much since, even the himpressive sequel MOO2. After awhile I just got bored wit the fixed tech tree of MOO2! I find fixed tech trees boring. I just do the same old shit over and over, in the...
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    UPlay - How much of a Pain is it?

    So I've been eyeing some games in the current Steam sale (Farcry 3 Blood Dragons, Child of Light, etc), but I'm not sure I want to drop any cash to support UPlay, which traditionally sucked. I could deal with that five years back when UBI's best titles were the repetitive Assassin's Creed, but...
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    Just "found" why my SSD was missing 28GB

    So yeah, I recently upgraded my gaming computer from 4GB ram to 16GB, and I noticed recently while making space for Titanfall that my previously roomy 160GB SSD was looking very full. I totaled-up the used versus free, and came up NEARLY 30GB SHORT! Turns out that Windows automatically...
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    Interesting Article About Windows and SSD Defrag

    It seems we've had the wrong answer about this the whole time: Windows 7/8 does defragment your SSD, but it does so intelligently. I think the most disappointing thing about this is how long it took...
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    Need gaming keyboard to compliment my K400r

    The K400r hooked up to my HTPC is good for basic web browsing and quick posts, but I find that it's lacking in several major areas: 1. The keys are tightly spaced together, so I find I smash adjacent keys in fast action games and when typing stuff. Need more space between keys, both for gaming...
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    Disappointed with Shin Megami Tensei IV

    This was one of the games that finally enticed me to buy a 3DS, along with Zelda and Etrian Odyssey IV (both of which I enjoyed immensely)! I've been playing the game for about 5 hours, and I'm not really getting into it. So far, these are my critical complaints: * Convincing monsters to...
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    Why is my 2500k throttling?

    My system: Intel DP67BA with latest BIOS 2500k, base clock at 33, but turbo set to 40-43, auto voltage, low power state activated. Turbo boost short power max = 200w Turbo boost sustained power max = 200w Windows 7 64 with power plan set to "balanced" So I've recently been playing around...
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    Problem with PlayOn Buffer

    Hey guys, On the advice of the forum members here I just picked-up a PlayOn Premium subscription. I run it through my HTPC using XBMC, and everything works fine except... Whenever I pause the stream it only buffers the next 8 seconds of video, and then stops (until I press play again)...
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    Canon s100 - how to control audio recording levels?

    So I love my new s100, and the video it takes is a fantastic step-up from my G11. However, I've recently had problems with louder noise sources (amplified concerts) getting clipped in my videos. Obviously I need to adjust the levels manually to avoid this, but I can find no such control - not...
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    Ivy Bridge pushed back to March 2012

    Didn't see this posted in the front page, so I thought I might share. I guess if you were eying IB over SB, now would be the time to rethink those plans :D
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    Any ideas why memtest fails to run?

    System: Win 7 64, 2500k, Intel DP67BA, 2x2GB 1333. So, I recently had a few BSODs that pointed me in the direction of possibly bad RAM (through google search). I downloaded the latest UBCD to run memtest/memtest+, and neither program works on my system. Here is what I see: memtest: restarts...
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    First full reviews of desktop Llano,2975.html And I'm sure Anandtech and Hardocp will be along...
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    Help me out: Section 8: Prejudice or BFBC2: Vietnam?

    So I just finished Portal 2 and need a game to hold me over until Duke Nukem Forever. I'm hungering for something multiplayer, so I was thinking either BFBC2: Vietnam or Section 8: Prejudice. Both would run about the same price (I already own BFBC2). I would just go and buy Vietnam because...
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    Need to determine best processor for low-end WoW build

    I'm doing a World of Warcraft build for a friend for about $500 (OS/Mon not included, all new parts), and this leaves me around $100-130 to spend on the processor. Unfortunately, the best-value processors in this price range are excellent at multi-threaded loads, but are marginal at...
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    Interesting Article on the State of Lucid Hydra

    I expected problems with the technology of mixing multiple unrelated GPUs. But still, I'm surprised by the issues Hardware Heaven encountered now 8 months after the first boards/benchmarks were released (plenty of time for drivers to mature)...
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    Anyway to create profiles to switch settings fast (like in ATI CCC)?

    I have a game that's too dark no matter what I set my brightness to (only raising the gamma helps), and there's no option to change the gamma in the game. I can correct for this in the Nvidia control panel, but this is the global gamma setting, so it's a bit clumsy to use (have to change it...
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    Burnout Paradise PC: can't get transparency AA working

    With all the transparent things lining the roads (fences and other surfaces), Burnout Paradise could really use the transparency AA treatment. But when I force Transparency AA from the Nvidia control panel, I get no changes whatsoever in the game. Game plays fine in every other way...
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    Game suggestions for Wii - can you help me sift through the chaff?

    I got a Wii about a year ago, and I notice that I hardly ever play it. I think it just has to do with me not being able to find the games I will actually enjoy buried among the onrush of crap. Here is my short history of Wii games played since purchase (and why I didn't like them): Mario...
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    Can you recommend a place to buy a quality replacement cell phone battery?

    The battery on my old LG LX150 (Sprint) is going, so I need a new one. But at the same time, I don't want to buy some crap Chinese knock-off that will light my thigh on fire :) I checked LG and Sprint's respective sites for the phone, but could not find batteries for sale direct, so it looks...
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    Just upgraded to Windows 7 - why can't I set gamma for fullscreen 3D under "Color"

    I used to be able to do this for XP. In the Catalyst Control Center under "Color," you could select gamma curves for video, desktop and fullscreen 3D. Now I'm in Windows 7, and now the options are gone and it only adjusts gamma globally. How do I get my fullscreen 3D gamma adjustment...
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    Help: Itunes 9 is suddenly a resource hog

    I recently upgraded to Itunes 9, and now the program uses twice as much memory as before. I use list view, but the memory in-use now is the same as Cover Flow used to use (250MB for a damn media player!) Also, the interface is very sluggish, it takes over a second for it to respond to my...
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    Need a suggestion for inexpensive WHITE speakers

    I'm looking for a pair of speakers for my kitchen, purely for music playback. Since the acoustics aren't great, I don't need massive quality, but I do want something good. I'd also prefer something white, as that would match the decor (which is why I didn't just splurge and buy another set of...
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    Verizon FIOS DVR users - a few questions

    I'm moving into my new house next month, and thinking of ditching Comcast for Verizon FIOS. I am currently using a Comcast Motorola HD DVR. Does the Verizon DVR have 30-second skip, and some form of replay button (10, 15 second?) I am addicted to this feature, and after searching the...
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    Any way to fix the leveling system in Oblivion?

    Now that I've finished Fallout 3, it realize that I never finished Oblivion. When I look at how simple Fallout 3's leveling system is, it dawns on me that this is one of the reasons I put Oblivion down in the first place. Usage-based skill levels in Oblivion mean you spend hours doing the...
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    Assassin's Creed PC + Radeon 4850 - Artifacts?

    I just picked up this game for my 4850 system, and I've noticed a few things: One, the Anisotropic filtering is off. I can see distinct mip-map lines on some surfaces. Two, I'm seeing all sorts of lighting artifacts: when my character, NPCs or even walls get in the way of certain light...
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    Can't seamlessly share printer with Windows machines

    I've run into a bit of an issue with the SAMBA printer sharing settings in OS X. I have my printer connected to my Mac Mini, and I have it shared. I can see it with zero problems from my Windows XP box, and installing the network printer is without issue. The problem is, I cannot seem to...
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    Zalman passive northbridge cooler

    I just got my new Asus A8N5X up and running, and boy is that northbridge fan loud! I realize that Nvidia's single-chip solution runs hot, so is the Zalman beefy enough to handle it?
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    Audio Thru support?

    I just recently purchased an Intel Mac Mini for use as my low-power always on computer. In the past, I have connected the audio between my two computers such that the always on machine acted as a passthru. The audio from computer 1 would go into the line-in on computer 2, and the combined...