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    I need a program to adjust contrast/color on my laptop

    The contrast and brightness need to be adjusted. I'm using a Dell 700m with the Intel Extreme 2 graphics controller.
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    3rd party program to check if my vid card is working correctly/temp

    Hi guys. I'm getting some slowdown on counter-strike. We're talking dipping into the 30s and i'm running a 6800gt. Obviously this shouldn't be happening. Does anyone know a program that i can use to see if its getting to hot and slowing the core down? I've tried the one Nvidia says to use but...
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    Why are most of my games doing this? There is a picture of the main menu in Age of Empires III. The card hasn't ever been overclocked or anything. I put an aftermarket cooler on it but that's been on it for about a year. It doesn't do this in counterstrike but i couldn't even...
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    Why isn't my mousemovement smooth?

    I'm using an MX Revolution on a relatively low sensitivity and no mouse accel. My problem is that whenever i move the mouse around I'm not really getting smooth movement in a straight line. Here is an example of me trying to draw a diagonal line...
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    WOOT OFF!!!!
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    6 in 1 multi tool for $6. No rebates and free shipping. Coupon Code: HW2151637OFF I just ordered one. Meritline has really good reviews on so you don't need to worry about that. Real good price for a nice tool to have around.
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    Whats wrong with my router/internet/everything?

    My roomate usually takes care of this stuff but hes busy for the next few weeks so i gotta try and figure it out. We have cable internet and use a router to go to all the rooms in our house. For some reason the internet is dying all the time. I reset the modem and i get internet for maybe 20...
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    Is it safe to OC my processor to 3.0ghz with the zalman cooler i have?

    I dont remember the coolers name, but its the bigass flower one for the P4C Socket 478. Im thinking of OCing the chip to 3.0ghz, which i know it can do. Do yall think i can do it with the fan on low speed? i really like the quietness of it.
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    Do these temperatures look ok with my new vf 900?

    I put a vf 900 on my 6800gt just now. Im running with the fan mate all the way down, so its running at the slowest setting. Idle is 51-52C and Load is 61-63C. These seem high to me, but they dont seem dangerous at all. I used the stock zalman paste they gave me and spread it out as...
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    Anyone know a good QUIET cooler for my new 6800gt card? this is the one i have. The fan is really effing loud and its bugging me. whats a good cooler i can get for it thats relatively quiet, or at least much quieter than the stock one? and how hard are these things to install...
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    How well do those xbox controller to usb adapters work?

    Im thining about picking one up because i liek the controller style so much and want to start playing some racing games on my comp. Has anyone tried one before? Does it have pressure sensitive stuff...Can i pull the trigger slightly and go slowly and then pull more to go faster? Or...
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    Battlefield 2. I've lost my CD 1. What can i do.

    I let a friend borrow my game (CD Version) and now he cant find CD 1. I still have my CD key though so i dont think im thoroughly boned. Can i just copy a friend's CD1 or download a CD 1 and burn it and use it? Do i need to have a legit CD in my drive to play?
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    Wierd videocard (possibly) issue.

    Ive noticed recently that randomly ill get this small small patch somewhere on my screen that looks like artifacts, like when you clock to high you know. Its wierd though, cause i move the window around and it goes away until i move the window back to its normal spot and it shows up. Like...
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    Will my 350watt PSU be able to handle some newish cards?

    I have a 350watt PSU from Fortron. Its currently running this sytem: 2.4ghz P4C 2 sound cards Tv Tuner 200gig HD CDrw Drive 9800non-pro If i replace the 9800non-pro with a 6800gt or something similar will it still run decently? I read somewhere onlien that 350watts is the minimum...
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    Any type of external volume control i can use?

    I have a 2.1 desktop setup that doesnt have an external knob or anythign to control the sound. This gets annoying when im in a game or something and i cant alt tab and the keyboard sound control doesnt always work. anyonne know of a little knob i can use as a pass through or anythign to...
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    Any good games for and aging system and new bigass widescreen?

    I have a 9800 non-pro and a new 20" lcd basically i cant play many newer games at their intended resolution. sooo anyone know some older games that i can play at a widescreen resolution that are fun? thinkin FPS games...i already have bf2, hl2, and CS source.
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    I cant access my PMs

    Is this happening with everyone else?
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    Windows install problem with new HD

    So i just bought a used Diamondmax 10 from someone on [H]. Im trying to install it but i cant get anything working. Ive hooked it up as Master, and its not working. During the windows install i cant format it fully, the only one that works is quick format but when it gets into the windows...
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    I cant get Prey to go widescreen

    I select 16:10, but all the resolutions are still 4:3 resolutions, there isnt a widescreen res there. So i just have to choose one of those and it stretches. Anyone know a solution?
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    How much does a decent VGA decoder or encoder or whatever cost??? is it what i need

    I plan on hooking my xbox 1 up to my widescreen monitor when i get it eventually. to do this i will most likely need a vga converter to connect the xbox1 HD cables up to the decoder and then to the monitor. How much does a decent one cost. Im mainly asking this because i just took notice of...
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    What kind of performace should i expect with a 9800 non-pro and a 20" widescreen?

    Im planning on buying a 20" WS in the future for my desktop system. I want to play some games on it of course but i dont want to have to spend anymore money on a new video card (dont we all). I'll probably be playing some CS, CS:Source, and maybe some BF2. maybe even some HL2 I know cs...
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    Which 20 inch widesceens have component imputs?

    I'm trying to buy a 20 inch widescreen that can run my xbox (not xbox 360) at high definition resolutions. If i have the high def pack for my xbox and i get a 20 inch monitor with component wont i be able to run my monitor on dvi and then use my monitor to run my xbox at high def? Thanks...
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    External hard drive recognition problem

    I have this ghetto usb 2.0 to ide adapter kit with an a/c power adapter for the hard drive. i have this plugged into a surge protector so i can easily turn it on and off. my problem is that when i turn it on its not instantly recognized by the system. i have to unplug the usb from my system...
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    MX700 vs. MX510 for slight gaming and other stuffs.

    im going off to college soon and im going to be using my laptop as a desktop basically while in my room. i also will have my desktop but will probably rarely use that for games. right now i have an mx510 but was thinking of getting the logitech cordless mx duo so itd keep my desk real clean and...
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    Recommend a goog LCD for my needs, or critique the L90D+

    Well i have a thread going below about the Hyundai L90D+ but after reading some threads ive seen people recommend other ones. Im going to be using this monitor on a VGA connection only becasue im using it on my laptop's VGA out. I need this to be decent for gaming cause i may game on it some...
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    Hyundai L90D+ Question (vga related)

    im thinking of getting a L90D+ for college. im going to be hooking it up to my vga out on my dell 700m for use in my dorm room. is the VGA connection that much worse than DVI when it comes to colors and stuff? if so, lemee know if there is a way to fix that. thanks guys
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    new computer windows install problem

    A friend just built a computer and we cant get windows to install. He went through the main installation and then when it got to the part where it reboots itself it did that, POSTed and then didnt continue with the installation. It just sits at a black screen for a long time and doesnt do...
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    Can i fix this fan or do i need a new PSU?

    I have a fortron 350watt with the big 120mm fan that you can speed up or slow down on the back. The fan is dying as you can tell from : is there a way to fix this or do i need to buy a new one?
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    Will adding 512 ram to my inspiron void my warrenty?

    im planning on getting a 700m with 256 and adding 512. will this void my warrenty and/or complete care? also the FSB of the 700m is 400mhz and the ram may be 333mhz that they give me im worried. will this be a big issue?
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    Pentium-M 2.0GHz matches what in a desktop?

    Im planning on getting the dell inspiron 700m and possibly the pentium M 2.0 ghz what will this equate to in desktop speeds?
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    Ways to quiet video card fan withought putting on new heatsink?

    Question is int he title. After i quiet the videocard fan down a bit my PC will be uber quiet. thanks
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    What will happen if my NB HS falls off?

    it fell of earlier while i was moving my computer upstairs. its an NB32J on an IS7-E. i put it on instead of the retail one so itd be quieter. anywho its been running like this for 6 months maybe, when all of a sudden the little loop the ring connector goes in popped out and the thing fell. i...
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    Alternate Pixel Center?

    what exaclty is this, in the Ati 3d panel under compatibility.
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    Is it safe to give your address when you sign up for free stuff?

    i never give my normal email becasue of spam fears. is there anything wrong with giving your address and phone number? obviously you cant get the free thing withoguth your address, but will they send a bunch of junk mail or anything?
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    Does Doom3 affect overclocked processors like it does video cards?

    im trying to gain FPS but i dont wanna overclock my video card ebcasue ive heard it can mess up with Doom 3. overclocking my processor wont affect anythign will it? i dont wanna burn my chip up.
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    What FPS Should i be getting about? yes another Doom3 fps thread.

    9800 non-pro 1024x768 Medium Detail Bump Maps and Shadows are the only options on 0xAA textures and stuff are quality in the Cpanel 4.9Beta drivers 2.4C p4 1 gig ram etc etc timedemo demo1 gives me abouit 33fps. is this right? it seems low?