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    Apple Recommendations

    Looking to pickup an Apple machine to basically run X-Code and maybe some photo/graphics editing, nothing too serious. What are good options at a cheap price? I would not need a monitor and have seen some Mac Pro boxes on e-bay but some can only be upgraded to Mac OS X 10.7 so that is why I am...
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    AMD Turion 64 X-2 TL-50 Temps

    What is the normal temperatures for this processor at idle/load etc. I recently took out the Sempron that was in my wifes laptop and put a Turion in and I am getting temps that are close to 50 C at idle with the the speed stepping turned on and reading .8 volts. This seems a little high and am...
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    HELP! Setting up Cisco 871w wireless

    Hi all, I just picked up a Cisco 871w and didn't realize the complexity of Cisco routers beforehand. I have been able to get the wired network setup with WAN actiivty and wireless turned off. When I try setting up the wireless I get confused/lost and the WAN activity stops working for the PC's...