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    What 4k monitor to get for content creation and some gaming.

    Finally got my 3090 from EVGA queue so looking to get a 4k monitor. Do content creation using Davinci Resolve, Lightroom, Maya, Photoshop, Premiere and some gaming mostly Final Fantasy 14, Valorant. some Star Wars Squadrons, Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen. I as looking at Asus PG32UQX but...
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    Recommendations please on replacement esxi server.

    Looking to replace my old dual opteron 24 bay supermicro server I bought on a hot deal here awhile ago. It died when I shut down to install 14 tb drives and won't post. Managed to rig it up running with a evga sr-2 motherboard so not in a rush to buy. Old server hosted the following ESXi...
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    dual opteron 6 core 24 bay supermicro server won't post after power down to install 14 tb drives

    My Dual opteron 6 core 24 bay supermicro server won't post after I powered it down to install the 14 tb drives I bought on Black Friday. I pulled the drives out still won't post. Reseated ram still doesn't post went down to 4 sticks of ram still doesn't post. Tried various combos of 4 sticks...
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    Gigabyte Designare TRX40 blue screens with any of the gigabyte software.

    If I install the gigabyte software and try using it I get a blue screen crash. Rest of specs in sig. Is there a way to fix this or is there no point to using it for tweaks or monitoring? I uninstalled it and system is stable.
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    Advice on finishing Threadripper 3960 video editing build please

    Looking to finalize my Threadripper 3960x video editing workstation build and order the rest of the stuff soon. Spoke with some friends and this is what we came up with. Please advise if you based on your builds would be greatly appreciated. CPU: Threadripper 3960x Just received today. First...
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    What motherboard to get for threadripper 3?

    What moherboard to get for threadripper 3 that is reliable and can hold 128 gb of ram? Feeling somewhat burned with Supermicro after my current rig stopped working in Windows after 5 years when the bios battery died and can't figure out what bios setting it was to fix it. I had Asus...
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    X9dai bios battery died and now freezes on booting or reinstall windows 10

    I replaced my bios battery since it died and now my x9dai system freezes on booting or if I try to install Windows 10 from dvd or usb it freezes at the select a language. Windows 10 was working before the bios battery died I had upgraded from Windows 7. Anyone have a x9dai know the bios...
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    3rd 24inch IPS 1200P for surround or should I be looking at 4k??

    Friends are saying I should get a 3rd screen for surround. Should I be getting a 3rd 24 inch 1200p screen for surround (Battlefield 4, Battlefront, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy 14) If so should I just get a 3rd Dell 2412M. Or is something better for about the same price now? Or is 4k screens...
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming $649.99 after rebate or EVGA Classified $629.99 after 5x ebay buck

    Amazon has the Gigabyte G1 gaming for $669 with a $20 rebate for $649. EVGA 980 Ti classified for $699. on ebay but with the 5x ebay bucks promotion you get $70 in ebay bucks which makes it...
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    What portable hard drive to get?

    What portable hard drive to get? I have a WD Passport 500 gb and it still works but would like a bigger one. Are WD Passport still the portable drive to get? I am hearing the new WD Passports have the controller built in and don't have a sata port to get your data off if the controller...
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    Worth upgrading to 980 or 980 ti or wait for Pascal?

    Considering upgrading my 780 to a 980 or 980ti or should I wait for Pascal? SLI is not an option. Hard to find to many 980ti work related benchmarks but plenty of gaming ones. 980 ti seems like a decent improvement for games. Not doing any 4k work yet but friend tells me that 3gb cards...
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    inexpensive reliable pcie raid card for data raid1?

    What is an inexpensive pcie reliable raid card for data raid1? I had a Highpoint Rocket Raid in my previous PC it worked fine for years. Is Highpoint still decent? Don't like using motherboard raid 1 just in case I need to move the drives to another PC.
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    Should I hold out for the 8gb GTX970 or just get 4gb gtx970 on a black friday sale?

    Should I hold out for the 8gb GTX 970 or just get a 4gb gtx970 on a black friday sale? Still not seeing an ETA on the 8gb GTX 970. Been hearing 8gb is a good idea because of the bad console ports and certain games eat alot of vram main one I want to play is Star Ctiizen. Not looking to go...
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    Is Hyrule Warriors worth getting?

    Is Hyrule Warriors worth getting? I do like Dynasty Wariors games but the no online multiplayer really puts a damper on my excitement cause I usually run though the Dynasty Warriors games with a friend. I bought a Wii U awhile back on a deal off the hot deal section to get Mario Kart 8 and...
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    pci-e Raid card for a raid 1?

    Whats a decent pci-e raid card that isn't that expensive for a raid 1 for two data drives? Is Highpoint still the way to go here? Or should I not bother with a second card and put two data drives on my areca ARC-1214-4i with the two raid 0 SSDs or run the raid 1 off the motherboard. I...
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    HGST NAS 4tb vs WD Reds 4tb for raid.

    Are the HGST Nas 4tbs reliable or recommended? Saw in the hot deals section HGST Nas 4tb is on sale right now and $10 cheaper ($175)and 7200 rpm vs the WD red 4 tb ($185) which are only 5400 rpm. I been buying mostly Western Digital drives over the years and been using WD Blacks or Seagate...
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    Video editing workstation / hackintosh build, advice please?

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Video Editing primarily with some 3d work and hosting Virtual machines because that 24 bay Supermicro dual opteron I thought was such a great deal is too darn loud. Premiere Pro, After Effects, Maya, Photoshop...
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    Raid 5 for video work/VMs or should I just go solid state?

    I have a Areca 1120 with 4 320 gb seagates Raid 5 as my current array which is getting old and I can't use it in a new workstation anyway because no more PCI-X slots. I'm looking at either going with a 4 drive raid 5 again with Western Digital Blacks or should I just be getting solid states...
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    What is a good reliable power supply for a dual xeon workstation build?

    Looking for a good reliable power supply to run the following: Supermicro X9dai 2x Xeon E5 2680v2 4x 8 gb DDR 3 ECC for 32 gb of ram probably go up to 64 gb later for total of 8 sticks. One super power hungry video card. Want the option to get a GTX 790 or whatever dual gpu card is out then if...
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    e-atx compatible case that holds lots of drives 10+

    Whats a good e-atx case that holds lots of drives preferably 10+ that has good airflow? Friend has Lianli but they don't seem to make that one anymore. Have an old coolermaster around but drilling and taping it for e-atx will be a pain and it doesn't have as many drive bays I would like...
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    anyone running extra spicy xeon e5 v2s on supermicro x9dai?

    anyone running extra spicy xeon e5 v2s on supermicro x9dai or x9dae? The Asus motherboards don't seem all that reliable and Asus has RMA issues.
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    Vid card for gaming at 1900x1200 at high setings for Tomb Raider/BF4/Starcitizen?

    What Vid card is recommended for gaming at 1900x1200 at high settings for Tomb Raider and Mech Warrior Online now and Battlefield 4 / Star Citizen in the future? See rig in sig. The HD 6950 2 gb I picked up on a deal in early 2011 runs everything else I played on high settings till my...
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    Windows 7 drivers for a Highpoint Rocket Raid 1820?

    Are there Windows 7 drivers for a Highpoint Rocket Raid 1820? Did a search and coming up with nothing. Do the Vista 64 drivers work? I have my data drives in a raid 1 on the Highpoint Rocket Raid and if I upgrade to Win7 I would like to keep it that way. Upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista 64...
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    Whats a decent pci-e soundcard with a front panel?

    Whats a decent pci-e soundcard with a front panel? Still on a Soundblaster Audigy 2zs platinum. It has some issues with Vista 64 and the sound cuts out and I have problems with my mic doesn't work properly after awhile. Probably just going bad. I like the front panel for hooking up my...
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    DELL M170 just freezes. I thinking hardware failure what you think?

    My Old Dell m170 just freezes in windows. No blue screen just freezes my mouse doesn't move keyboard doesn't respond. This happens randomly. Been happening more often recently. I cleaned out all the fans with canned air. Still no dice. Nothing shows up in event viewer either...
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    mic gets super staticy in ventrilo + teamspeak how to fix other then reboot?

    I have this problem that after awhile my mic gets super staticy in ventrilo and teamspeak that people can't hear me after my computer has been running for awhile like a week maybe two. If I reboot it fixes the problem. I tried two different headsets a Seinheiser PC330 and a Steel Series...
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    How is EVGA SR2/SRX reliability / ease of set up?

    How is EVGA SR2 reliability / ease of set up? Reliability is important because I tend to keep my systems 4+ years. I have had bad luck with EVGA products. EVGA 7900 GT died and replaced with EVGA 8800 GT which also died and replaced by HD 6950. How hard is it to set up? I've had...
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    What to use to record Battlefield 3 and SWTOR footage without huge frame rate loss?

    What to use to record Battlefield 3 and SWTOR footage without huge frame rate loss? I been using FRAPS to record to raid 0 array on a Areca raid controller while my games play off a separate western digital black on the motherboard sata and my fps tanks to near unplayable levels (teens and...
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    Any news on retail Xeon E5-2XXX and dual socket 2011 evga srX/asus z9pe-d8?

    Any news on retail Xeon E5-2XXX and dual socket 2011 evga sr3/asus z9pe-d8? The ES E5's did not overclock very well at all does anyone know if the retail xeon E5-2XXX overclock? I'm thinking they do otherwise evga srX/asus z9pe-d8 would be kinda pointless but does anyone know definitely?
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    So what type of hard drive to get for reliable storage in 2012?

    So what type of hard drive to get for reliable storage in 2012? I had one of my western digital 2 tb greens in my raid 1data storage array die. Wasn't even that old picked it up last year when they were on sale for $59 before the price hike. Will RMA it for replacement but considering...
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    Space Marine $12.49 on GreenmanGaming Activates on Steam

    Just picked up Space Marine for myself for $12.49 since it didn't go on sale for < 25 during the steam sale.
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    Lexar 32 GB Class 10 SDHC card $35.99 at Amazon

    Just picked up one for my Canon T3i. Nice upgrade from my 16 GB card.
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    Sound input from mic becomes garbled randomly, reboot temp fixes. Please help

    Somtimes when I hop in ventrilo or voice chat on battlefield 3 via browser my voice gets garbled and people can't understand me. I have to reboot my computer to fix it. After rebooting it works for awhile and then eventually next time I log in to ventrilo or the battlefield 3 voice chat my...
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    Worth it to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit from Vista 64 bit or wait till next build?

    Is it worth it to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit from Vista 64 bit or should I wait till next time I build a new system? Some friends were saying I would get better performance in Battlefield 3 but dunno if its worth it to buy windows 7 and then have to reinstall all my applications and games...
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    Dell U2412M vs Asus PA246Q for Photoshop + Gaming?

    How do the Dell U2412M and Asus PA246Q compare as far as color accuracy for photoshop and lag for gaming? I do quite a bit of photo work in CS5 and I currently play Battlefield 3, World of Tanks and Hellgate Global. I plan on playing Old Republic, Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3 when they come...
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    Prog to make demo pc with video clips playing, weather, slide show + scrolling text

    Is there some software to make a demo pc with video clips playing in one corner, a slide show going in another corner, and weather information or a clock in another corner with scrolling text announcements going across the bottom? No internet will be provided so can't really be a web page so...
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    How does a 19 inch 1600x1200 CRT compare in size with a 22-23 inch LCD 1920x1080?

    How does a 19 inch 1600x1200 CRT compare in size with a 22-23 inch LCD 1920x1080? Looking to upgrade to a LCD and the 22-23 inch IPS is $200-$300 and the jump to 24 inch means $500+
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    Best 1080p 22+ inch IPS Monitor for < $300 for both work and games?

    I'm looking to upgrade my screen to full HD. since I just picked up a HD 6950. I want an IPS screen as they are nicer then TN for color accuracy in Photoshop. However I want to be able to play World of Warcraft, Bad Company 2 and Black Ops on it. Currently on an old single SGI 21 inch...
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    What drivers to use for 6950?

    I just bought a Powercolor 6950 with the deal from newegg. What drivers should I use for it? Latest 11.2 or something else? Last time I had an ATI card was a 9800 pro agp and back then certain drivers were bad.