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    Poll - Computer Monitor: Antiglare vs Reflective?

    LG adds a purple-tinted coating which minimizes the reflected light. For something like a TV, I think Glossy with purple coating is the best compromise, but for any freestanding monitor / portable laptop LCD screen, you'd have to be dense to bother with Glossy; for-one , no color professional...
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    The problem is, it was hard to explain thins like these " feelings" when each individual person has a different preference for "fast enough" :D And if they wanted to continue on that train of thought (guesstimates of frame time via observation), they could have followed Tech Report and PCPer...
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    Except they stopped doing that in the last few years - most of the last reviews were just cookie-cutter benchmark graphs. Once that change happened, I found TechPowerUp to be the better review site (because they have so many more games, and do power comparisons on these 400w beasts.) Your...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    This shit goes even further into the path of retarded kinks -one early star Citizen forum thread made the case whether they should add rape to the game Oh, and they are so bored inside their Alpha they pay tens of millions yearly to help bugfix that they all have the spare time to write more...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Look at this promo trash with no release date ;at the rate they're going it's going to be 2030 before we see a second Star System. If there are 96 planned systems, will this game take until the 22nd century to finish?
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    Bill Gates predicts our work meetings will move to metaverse in 2-3 years

    He completely forgot about The Internet, and then pretended that he had always known (while rushing out Internet Exploder) There is barely any mention of it in "The Road Ahead," a fucking tome written in 1995! Ignore him...
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    When Is Your Steam Deck Due? POLL

    By the time this thing finally ships to most people, you could just buy a 16-core single CCX Zen 4 (with the exact same GPU) No more gimmicky old...
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    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    I only buy my electronics from Amazon or Micro Cnter You may get crap hardware from any of the above stores, but only one of them will steal your money from you when you try to return it! I haven't used my Newegg account in years!
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    The Nintendo Switch 2 Thread

    Be careful what you wish for - it Took them over a decade to release a true next-gen replacement for the Gamecube! If they had to reset that clock with the permanent transition to a phone form-factor, you could be waiting as late as 2027!
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    EVGA GTX 780 3G or EVGA 960 2G?

    And also because it is the bare minimum to get support for FSR (which really repaves the playing field in newer games) Currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn at a comfortable 40 fps 1080p Ultra FSR nearly maxed-out on my GTX 960! Don't worry about the smaller VRAM , as the impressive...
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    Tesla owner blows up his Model S with dynamite over $22,000 battery replacement

    It's just as expensive on the hydrogen fuel cell side.: the 2020 Marai costs 14k to replace the fuel tank, and the fuel cells are around the same price Hydrogen is 3x the price vs direct-charge BEV and exactly the same long-term maintenance costs
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (Official Discussion Thread)

    Still too much money for a critically-limited GAME I mean, if you don't like the clunky arrow-shooting interface, you'd be surprised how many OTHER WEAPONS UN THHIS game USE THE SAME projectile INTERFACE the ONLY PROGRESSION IN THIS GAME IS TO MAKE THESE NEW ARROWS COST SEVERAL TIME'S AS...
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    Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

    It was broken, since the attack selection is random, and the chances of encountering your desired enemy on The Veldt was nearly impossible! Might as well turn him into a pure attacker (and keep the bare-minimum number of Rages)
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    Connecting two laptops to monitor

    "Welcome to Apple, may I clusterfuck your entire life with clunky incompatible adapters free with every order?" Just buy this, and call it day?
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    How to View Folder Browsing History on Windows 10?

    My windows Explorer shows a list of recent folders The recent folders are listed above Recent Files
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    [DEAD] i7-12700K $299.99 Micro Center In-Store Only

    I'm just saying that, if you buy an early DDR4 motherboard, then you will get stuck with both memory and motherboard If you already own DDR4 then maybe the upgrade makes sense, but for anyone else? Wait the 1 year for them to fix DDR5 availability. This isn't the age of motherboards...
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    [DEAD] i7-12700K $299.99 Micro Center In-Store Only

    But why even bother with purchase of a completely new platform if you're going to buy the bargain-basement system? I know that it took awhile for DDR4-requiring game to come out, but you would be absolutely brain-dead to buy a CoffeeLake motherboard today running DDR3!
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    Borderlands 3

    Yeah, may have finally found the character I've been searching fo to replace Roland, that killer gun-wielding dog FL4K brings is a nice upgrade! I started with Moze, and that mech was initially overpowered; but as battles advanced I found myself hoping for something smaller/ more maneuverable...
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    Well yea man, any time they're doing a grab-bag sourced from somebody's warehouse, you should get in early, as they are trying to build hype; nobody here can tell you the exact rules behind filling Grab Bags, but if they are anything like loot boxes, they start off big early to hook you! The...
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    Pending for deletion

    I still havn't replaced mine. The most demand game I'm currently playing is Borderlands 3 (and my GTX 1060 is the limit there) At the time of purchase, my 2500k had died on me, and it was either fumble through firs-gen zen issues, or reuse my ddr3 1600 with a closeout 4790k at my local...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Well then, I'll putt it on the list of ":eek: only play if you are bored out of your mind" It's an excellent world creation, but there are way too many "boring game loop Pure Survival Adventures" out there for me to bother playing them all.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I saw the ropecaster, and figured that was more my vibe, but imagine my surprise when it's just another arrow WITH HIGHER COST, and you cant recover after firing HAVEN'T THESE PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF A WHIP? Starting to get pissed-off over this game drought of interesting weapon ideas(all of...
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    Bitcoin miners leave China for US

    Bit\coin will be successful without you being an eternal Cheerleader, that's the only reason why I brought up the majority use cases.
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    Bitcoin miners leave China for US

    Cryptocurrency is only sen as a Masthead by those looking to scam others. Most use cases of transactions are either: Ransomware payoffs, Market manipulation, or the rich finding new and ingenious ways to hide their wreath from taxation. Do you think that 419 Scammers should be praised as well...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    if you want me to be good at archery as a primary attack weapon, you need to make it FPS. third-person is for beat-em-ups or trendy Cover Shooters. I can hit a deer at range in Skyrim in first-peron but this shit I'm constantly missing.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Yeaah, I put that one off, due to my under-performing HTPC (GTx 960), but FSR should allow me to almost max it out at 1080p at 40 fps. I just can't t get into the clunky shooting aspects even using mouse/keyboard, so I'm trying the beat-em-up angle as my primary. Oh, and another amazing game...
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (Official Discussion Thread)

    I'm still waiting on my first playthrought, thanks to mouse-look on my main gaming system turning me off, and I wanted better quality on by b7
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (Official Discussion Thread)

    Well, they beat Borderlands 3 to their "yeah sure we're going to add FXR support sometime this century" I've been waiting for this to restart the game on my HTPC on a GTX 960, as I hate using mouse look fr third-person shooters (currently run med at 30 fps 1080p, FXR should give me High 1080p...
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    Would 260W PSU be sufficient for 2 x 40W max video cards?

    Why are you adding a second video card to the system? Just want to add more outputs, or do you really need the extra performance? If it's the added outouts, then you can just use onboard video for everything except 3d.
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    is it the Kepler refresh? Well,at least it's not as ancient as the gt210.
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    Halo Infinite

    Why not? if you're free-to-pay, there are so many other choices out there! Destiny 2 is still a much better FPS than this, Apex Legends has got the mechanics of Slide implemented much smoother than Halo, or if you want to get your battlefield "big map with vehicles "experience, Amazon has...
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    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!

    Faye's backstory being "good?" The "Mistaken Identity revival - but you still pay the bills " was already an old -and-busted lazy trope by the time Bebop decided to phone it in. Really, Faye was made incredibly vulnerable through this simple backstory, so she could be broken down quite...
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    Halo Infinite

    Man the game is just boring - apparently the rest of the world agrees, as the current weekly steam charts have fallen by a factor of 3x in two weeks ( down to 100k this week!) The cheaters have probably also made a dent in that player count...
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    Halo Infinite becomes most-played Xbox game on Steam ever in under 24 hours

    I'm just saying the only hope i s a massive Xbox management shakeup - unlikely to happen when MS ha been satisfied with being a distanyt #3 for the last decade Sorry Bethesda, they will carve you up and eat your desiccated corpse within 10 ears
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    Halo Infinite becomes most-played Xbox game on Steam ever in under 24 hours

    In what, another year+ when they finally release the whole game? Only 343 Industries could take twice as much time just to finish a base Bungle game! (still missing old features!) Yet Microsoft has never once threatened them with handing the reins to someone else? Whatever happened to the MS...
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    Staples Mesh office chair

    maybe try a replacement piston?
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    Halo Infinite becomes most-played Xbox game on Steam ever in under 24 hours

    Yeah, the boot camp section doesn't covers any of this. if they want to retain players - how about going over all the controls + weapon spawns in the only training?
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    Nvidia record quarterly revenue ($7.1B) in Q3 2021 calendar year

    It's true, but we still have spotty shipping causing delivery delays all along the chain (going to be another year before cargo ships get the jab., and maybe a pay increase?)
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    Elder Scrolls 6 will release for Xbox and PC only

    Right, I always consider these things timed exclusives - as soon as the portable hardware is capable, it will get ported. PlayStation will probably also get a port,
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    Halo Infinite becomes most-played Xbox game on Steam ever in under 24 hours

    Well, It's not wrong - they are still requiring logins to Xbox Live (they have no reason to use Steamworks MP, but at least they're targeting WIN64 instead of Metro-Sexual locked-down UWP!)