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    HD Crashed, looking for advice

    I bought a pair of seagate 160gb drives about 2 years ago. One crapped out on me today. Initially, data wasn't showing up, i'd open a file, it'd take a minute or so before anything showed up, then it would only show 100 files when there had been 1,500 or so previously. I rebooted and it went...
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    question about combining different sticks of RAM

    I just purchased two 1G sticks of pc3200, i currently have one 1G stick of pc2700 in my system. i was wondering if it would be possible to stick the two pc3200 sticks in with the pc2700? i figure they'd just clock down to the the slower of the three. I'm doing a tremendous amount of...
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    need help fast, driver CD for asus MB.

    I screwed up some onboard drivers when i installed some new drives. I'm going to reformat but I can't find the CD that came with my asus board. Their website doesn't seem to have all the drivers listed that i need, so i was wondering if there's anywhere I could request a cd from asus? or if...
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    looking for a waterblock that will fit an ATI AIW X800 XT

    hey, i'm doing a little research and putting together a WC setup ... i've hit a bit of a bump with my gpu though. almost all of dangerdens ATI blocks say that they won't fit an AIW card ... i was curious if anyone knew of a good block that'd fit the card i have. thanks - tek.
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    question about updating ati drivers

    I recently upgraded my graphics card from an old nvidia card to an ati all in wonder x800 xt. being that i've had nvidia cards for years, and this new card has alot more going on with it (aside from just display functions) ... i realized i dont know how to update it. ati's website has...
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    question about monitoring temps

    I just bought an ATI AIW X800 XT and was wondering if there was anyway to monitor the GPU core temp? according to a few websites, it has the hardware to do so .... but I'm at a loss as to what program to use. if anyone could point me in the right direction, i'd appreciate it. cheers - tek
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    question about combining memory

    i just bought a gig stick of pc2700 for my computer, its replacing a 512mb stick of pc2100. i was wondering if i could leave the 512 stick in and add the gig on top? or would that cause all sorts of problems? im assuming memory runs as fast as its slowest runner. anyhow, the RAM is in an asus...
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    problem with geforce 4 ti4600

    I've a ti4600 that i've been using since 2002. Its been having some troubles lately, the second monitor output won't work (i think it detects somethings attached, but won't display anything) ... recently i found that the 12volt jack for the heatsink fan stopped working (so i had to reroute to my...
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    looking for the fan voltage on a arctic cooling NV silencer 1 (rev. 2)

    pretty much what the title says, i've a geforce 4 ti4600 that is still working (but just really spotty in some areas, i.e. - the second display won't work, etc). the latest problem is that the fan on the NV silencer I'd attached isn't working. This could be due to the actual fan being broke, but...
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    problem with a geforce 4 ti 4600 fan

    hey, i've had a gainward ti4600 golden sample since 2002, i added an Artic Cooling NV silencer 1 and I've noticed the fan isn't working. I was wondering if anyone knew how much voltage it took. i'm trying to find out if maybe the plug on the card is dead or if its the actual fan. hopefully if...
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    trying to find a new processor for my asus A78NX deluxe

    i was looking at the xp 3200+ (to replace an xp 1700+) would that be compatable?
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    question about an XP install (hd copy/swap)

    hey, this is going to sound stupid, but i was curious if i could format a new HD, add it as a slave to my regular box, boot up, copy all of the content from my main drive over to the new one ... turn off my computer, pull the old main drive, change the jumper and ide cable on the new one and...
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    looking for a super strong adhesive (for metal)

    hey, a friend of mine likes these metal sculptures made of nuts and bolts, the only problem is that it looks like they're welded. i don't have a welding torch or anything to that degree (hottest thing i've got is a soldering gun) so i was looking for an adhesive thats very strong, something...
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    question about battery powering el wire

    hey, i'm trying to figure out a few details about wiring some el wire to a battery pack of some kind. i've never tried this ... so it doesn't come as common sense (so i'm sorry for the retarded questions) anyhow, i've a 5 foot length of el cable with a 12 volt inverter, i was wonder what you...
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    about hand scanners

    they don't make handheld scanners anymore do they? not barcode readers, but a literal handheld scanner. i've been looking for one in paticular (Genius (KYE) EasyScan Color Deluxe hand operated scanner) ... but i think they've been discontinued for some time. has anyone ever happened on a...
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    question about sharing a dial up connection on a LAN

    i was wondering, my roommate has a laptop that has a modem and a wireless card (and she isn't using). the wireless card is communicating with a linksys wireless accesspoint (a "wireless B router") my tower (which i use for work) is hooked physically with a cat5 cable to the router and...
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    looking for a TINY lcd

    does anyone know where i could find a tiny lcd screen? i don't know if they make them 1" x 1" ... but there's a way to manage a larger one to fit what i need it to do. its a stupid question i know, but i haven't started building yet and i figure i might as well ask the idiotic things...
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    replacing the LED in an mx700

    hey, i finally upgraded my ye olde ball mouse w/ a logitech mx700. i was wondering if anyone had ever replaced the LED?
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    im trying to remember a sound card

    its a professional sound card ... tons of imput ... since the search is down i can't track the thread i saw it in. (though it was a while ago) if anyone could post the best sound cards they know of ... i'm sure i'd come across it ... its pretty hardcore, though i can't remember the name at...