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    Let's have a discussion about Smart Access Memory (SAM) and Performance Reviews

    If independent reviews confirm that Zen 3 CPUs really do provide the best gaming performance and the majority of hardware reviewers then base their GPU review setups on this platform (as they should in this case), do you think that SAM should be enabled by default on all of these platforms, or...
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    10980XE Benchmarked ... and it's about what we expected. For current Skylake-X users I can't see much of a reason to upgrade, and I honestly don't see much reason to buy into the platform as a new user unless you have a specific...
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    MSI MAG341CQ DisplayPort Flicker/Corruption

    I just picked this monitor up over the weekend and I've been having some issues with it. When connected to my RX 480 via DisplayPort and running at its maximum refresh rate (100 Hz), I get frequent flickering and corruption of the display. The issue doesn't occur when using HDMI or if I drop the...
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    32 GB (2x16) G.SKILL SniperX 3600 MHz CL19 - $135 @ Newegg Hynix CJR which plays almost as well with Ryzen as B-Die. Seems like a steal compared to the $130 for 3000MHz CL16 Corsair Vengeance LPX I've seen floating around recently.