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    What do I need to know about BitLocker?

    I just upgraded to Windows 10 Pro in order to have BitLocker. I have an OS drive and several data drives with the same files on them. I do not have TPM and had to configure BitLocker to use a password. It also saved recovery key text files for each drive. I am not sure how to handle these...
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    HELP: Upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, turned on Bitlocker, and now get Windows Install prompt on reboot

    The "Upgrade" option tells me to remove installation media and restart. I am not using any intallation media though. The "Custom" option brings up a list of all of my drives. I select the SSD that Windows is on and get "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR...
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    Questions switching from Windows to a MBP?

    I have some questions as I have never used MacOs before. An iPhone is all I am familiar with. 1. How do you handle all of your data on a MacBook? Very large SSD, small SSD with some files only in iCloud, small SSD + iCloud + NAS? Trying to figure out if the 512 GB default is enough. 2. For...
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    Going from 2560x1440 to 4K are games noticeably improved?

    I wasn't sure where to post this. I am curious about first hand experiences playing games at 4k. For those of you that have made the leap was the improvement readily apparent?
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    Are there any advancements in 4K gaming monitors on the horizon?

    I keep waiting for a worthy monitor before building a new PC. I am looking for something with G-Sync and not IPS. I have an IPS G-Sync monitor now and don't like the panel at all compared to VA or OLED. It seems that all of the picture quality improvements are happening in the TV market and...
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    HELP: "Your PC/Device needs to be repaired" after update"

    It does this on every reboot now. Do I need to reinstall Windows? How do I even do that these days? Copy a version from Microsoft onto a USB drive using another computer?
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    Will a three slot card work with a sound card in front of the first fan?

    I have a micro-ATX motherboard and a small sound card. Based on my current three fan video card, the sound card in the fourth slot would likely leave little room in front of the first fan. Would this cause much issue?
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    Any reason to buy a 2070 super from a board maker instead of Nvidia directly?

    They seem to be in stock at Nvidia, but harder to locate a specific card in stock otherwise. Any reason not to get a card directly from Nvidia? It would be a bit cheaper that way as well. I have no idea about an Nvidia RMA process though.
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    Which card for 50% more performance than a 980Ti?

    I have just started playing The Division 2 which is more demanding than anything I have played in a while. At 2560x1440 with all of the settings maxed I am seeing around 40 FPS. I would like something that would give me an increase of 50%, or a bit more. Suggestions?
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    Are there 4k HDR options other than the $2k Asus PG27UQ?

    I want something with the picture quality of an HDR television. Quantum dots with FALD most likely. Not IPS would be good. Are there any other options out there?
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    Keyboard alternative for gaming?

    I tried playing a traditional WASD third person shooter and my left wrist started bothering me. I think it is because my wrist bends reaching back and to the side for ctrl or shift, or reaching forward and to the side for r or t. I like how with a PS4 controller your wrists are mostly...
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    Are co-op PS4 games such as Alienation or Helldivers shared screen?

    Or are they intended to be played by two players each with their own console?
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    Do all of these new USB headsets even make use of a sound card?

    Do they utilize the motherboard on board sound either? What is putting sound out on USB for a headset?
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    For gaming and music do I want headphones or a gaming headset?

    I want something over ear and closed back. In my case, headphones are for when my family is nearby watching television. What us good for $100 or $150? I came across the Sennheiser 598 CS. Is there anything better on somewhat of a budget? Do I want regular headphones or a gaming headset? Is...
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    IPS monitors look terrible compared to an HDR television

    Everyone always raves about IPS monitors. After gaming on an HDR television my 144 Hz IPS monitor has lost its luster. The low contrast ratio, IPS glow, and less vibrant colors are readily apparent. It's too bad that the very few HDR G-Sync monitors are still priced so high.
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    I have been a PC gamer my entire life, but the PS4 Pro looks amazing

    I installed the Shadow of the Tomb Raider demo on my PC yesterday to see if it might be passable for my son. Today I put the demo on the PS4. It looks amazing. The polygon count is probably higher on the PC, and the foliage, for example, is more detailed there. I think it comes down to...
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    Is there a list of PS4 exclusives and PS4 Pro enhanced games?

    Sony's website doesn't give any options to filter or sort PS4 games.
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    Are there any PS4 shooters that are appropriate for a ten year old?

    Do any of them have settings to tone down gore or language?
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    I think my 980 Ti may be going bad. Help please.

    I was playing The Grim Adventures of Van Helsing and the screen would turn a solid color (white, black, yellow, pink, etc.) just after the intro screens. A small number of times I was able to play for half a minute before it would happen. I have to power the PC off, and back on, in order to...
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    Action RPG recommendations?

    I have tired of Diablo 3 and Grim Dawn. I tried Path of Exile, but the dated graphics are hard to ignore. Is there anything else I should take a look at?
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    G-Sync tearong above 144 FPS

    In Grim Dawn, I am now getting framerates occasionally beyond 144. This is causing tearing. V-Sync is off in the games video options. If I turn it on this problem goes away, but is that the right approach to take? Are there other setting in the Nvidia Control Panel that I am not seeing that...
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    Is there a way to test that a 980 Ti is operating correctly?

    In Grim Dawn, my frame rate seems lower than normal and once in a while the game will pause for a fraction of a second and then continue normally. Everything looks fine in GPU-Z regarding clock rate, temperature, and fan speed. If it matters, it is a Gigabyte G1 Gaming. Thanks.
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    PerfCap reported by GPU-Z

    Is having a PerfCap reason normal? It seems to alternate between "VRel" and "Pwr". When not playing a game it shows "Util".
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    Non-mechanical keyboard recommendation?

    I have tried several mechanical keyboards and plain don't like them. I currently have a Corsair Strafe RGB with the Cherry MX "silent" switches. they are far from silent. I find myself going back to my many year old Saitek Eclipse. What is a good rubber-dome keyboard with some gaming...
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    How do I view the current clock spped of a 980Ti?

    I am curious what my card is at while on the desktop.
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    Suggestions for an air cooler for stock i7-6700K?

    It would need to fit in a Corsair 350D. They list a maximum height of 160mm.
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    How do I installl Windows 10 free on a new build?

    I don't care about retaining the Windows 7 license on my soon to be old build. Am I able to enter the Windows 7 license key during the Windows 10 installation? Do I need install Windows 7 first, and then upgrade to Windows 10 from that? Will Windows 7 even install cleanly on modern...
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    4K at 60 Hz or 1440 at 144 Hz?

    I just can't make up my mind. I keep going back and forth. Either would need to have G-Sync. Which would you choose? My thought on monitors for 1440 would be the Asus PG279Q or maybe the Dell S2716DG if the Asus has quality issues. For 4K, the Asus PG27AQ. I would probably end up...
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    Laptop recommendation: Windows 10 & SSD

    All I have found for a reasonable price so far is a Toshiba Satellite customized from their site with Windows 10, i5-5200U, 8 GB RAM, and a 128 GB SSD for $620. The budget for this is $700. Dell has the XPS 13 with an SSD which would probably be good, but is a bit over my sister's budget.
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    Is G-Sync worth dealing with the quality issues of Acer and Asus?

    I keep hearing about quality control issues with monitors from the two predominant manufacturers of G-Sync models. Should I continue to look at G-Sync monitors? Should I loon at non-G-Sync monitors from Samsung, LG, etc. and just continue using Vsync?
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    Which 4K monitor for 980Ti?

    It seems that if you want G-Sync, the best you can do is 27". I think I am waiting for the Asus Swift PG27AQ to arrive. If G-Sync isn't necessary, one can get a 28" or 32" 4K monitor. It is disappointing that a smaller screen has to be settled for in order to get G-Sync and IPS.
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    JBL LSR305 powered speakers or Bose 201? Connection questions also...

    I have an old pair of Bose 201 speakers that I have not used in many years. Is it worth getting a small amplifier for them, or would a set of newer powered speakers be noticeably better? As for connections, would a sound card such as the Sound Blaster Zx allow me to output to this pair of...
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    Suggestions for a compact 2.1 receiver?

    I want something small that could be placed on a desk top. I just need it to power two book shelf speakers, and have a jack for a sub. If it matters, I don't need AM/FM tuning, or a multitude of inputs for components other than a PC.
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    Older Corsair HX520 still compatible?

    Does a ~7 year old Corsair HX520 offer everything I would need for a new Z97 build with a single GPU? Here is link to the PSU:
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    Where are the IPS G-Sync monitors?

    There don't appear to be any available. You can get G-Sync, but not an IPS panel. Or you can get an IPS panel, but without G-Sync. There also seems to be a lack of G-Sync panels in general. There are maybe four or five models available. I don't understand why monitor makers are not...
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    Could a bad/insufficient power supply cause these problems?

    System is an i7-860, Asus P7P55D Pro, 4GB G.Skill DDR3, HD5870, one optical drive, and three hard drives. I get occassional crashes to a blank screen (less of these after switching from 8GB to 4GB). I get other errors such as superfetch stopped working, windows update stopped working, host...
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    What is the proper default voltage for an i7-860?

    Should I set it manually, or leave it on Auto? On Auto I think it may undervolt during low stress. I'm trying to resolve system stability issues.
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    Anyone with an Asus P7P55D Pro have issues with G. Skill RAM?

    I get occassional crashes to a blank screen (less of these after switching from 8GB to 4GB). I get other errors such as superfetch stopped working, windows update stopped working, host process stopped working, microsoft software protection service stopped working, etc. This is the RAM I...
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    Need memory recommendations for Asus P7P55D... current memory seems unstable

    I get occassional crashes to a blank screen (less of these after switching from 8GB to 4GB). I get other errors such as superfetch stopped working, windows update stopped working, host process stopped working, microsoft software protection service stopped working, etc. It seems Windows 7...
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    New Windows 7 PC crashes to blank screen :(

    i7 860 + Asus P7P55D Pro + 8GB G.Skill DDR3-1333 C7 + 5870. The PC will randomly every day or two just go to a blank screen (as in no video output... the PC is still powered on but no output). I had tried reinstalling Windows 7, running windows update, and installing only the video card...