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    Sync two computers over the internet

    So this really isn't a cloud thing per-se, but not sure where else this goes... I have a collection of extracted DVDs that are currently on one of my machines. What I want to do is set up a second machine with my DVD library at second location (a cabin), first for redundancy and then so I can...
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    Headset/mic suggestions

    I will preface this by saying I have no experience in this, zero, nada. I normally just yell across the room... I need some suggestions for some decent headset/mic units to give to Santa Claus for my son and I. He like to play minecraft and our PCs are in different rooms, so he...
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    sell or keep KD5

    About a month ago, I took possession of a KD5 from goldshell. When I first plugged it it, I was getting 45 KDA per day. Now that is is down to about 22. Of course the price of KDA has shot up and as such, so has the street price of a KD5. I see them going for $35,000 on ebay. I seriously...
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    The new phone book is here, the new phonebook is here

    I'm Somebody! My shuffle "win" arrived today. It's a Jerk moment.
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    Pascal Marty McFly Gilcher Ray Tracing mod

    Has anyone used the Ray Tracing software mod developed by Pascal Gilcher? If so, which games and hardware? Thumbs up or thumbs down? I'm thinking about giving it a whirl.
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    water treatment stuff

    Does anyone have an additive they like to put in their water to keep the bacteria from growing? I don't want expensive stuff, just cheap. I suppose I could use antifreeze, but just don't like the idea of it inside just in case.
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    x299 raid5 to a x99 raid5

    I have a MSI x299 with a 9800x running my media server. I am using four 9TB drives using the boards onboard raid controller and doing raid5. This system is overkill. I recently purchased a gigabyte x99 with a 5820k from the forum here. Can I easily just plug in the drivers on the new...
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    3080 tuf repairs

    I have a 3080 tuf that is giving me fits. The card had been working fine for months with the exception of the ram getting hot. I don't think that is really a problem with this actual card...just the 3080 itself. So, I decided to install a Bykski full cover waterblock on the card. I got...