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    AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 series

    I did, and their sales dept said, "I'm sorry but at this time AMD has not provided us with an ETA."
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    AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 series

    Only OEM? Then, why does B&H have "coming soon"?
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    AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 series

    Any news on the AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 series CPU market? I saw the release date for retail was Aug 3, 2021, but I'm unable to find anyone in North America that's selling them. Should I try to find a European retailer, or wait for the suppled to come westward?
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    Gaming rig upgrade under a budget.

    Try MemTest86+
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    10 Gbps from the pole, how do I effectively do this?

    I would recommend investing in a new router that can handle 10G, such as this one ($700) as an example: And before you ask, yes, the 4 WAN ports are just generic interfaces that can each be configured separately as VLAN, WAN, LAN2, etc. This...
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    Apple will remotely install software to scan all US phones for child sex abuse images

    I should also point out that Tim Cook wrote this letter in 2016 that is still public... condemning survellance on their platform (including iCloud).... talk about a flip flop.
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    UniFi Dream Machine Security Hardening Guide

    That's a great start to hardening those Dream Machine devices. A while back, I recommended one to a friend, but looking at what you found, I am reluctant to recommend it again... Also, it would be helpful to separate out the hardening sysctl values from the IPv6 disable values....
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    On the topic of waiting for replacement GPUs.... The fan PWM circuit on my GTX 960 failed a while back, and a replacement fan didn't work. :( So, until I can get an upgrade (at a reasonsable price), I strapped on a Noctua 92mm fan. Actually, it runs quieter than the stock fan by far...
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    Best GPU for $200, need by early September

    You might regret going cheap on a 1030... I also agree if you can jump to a 1650 (SUPER or not), I think your client will appreciate the performance improvement. Or split the difference (price and performance) and look for deals on a 1050 Ti...
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    Quieter fans or different case?

    In my experience, the two noise makers are 1) fans and 2) spinning hard drives. Assuming you replaced all HDD with SDD (or super-quiet HDD), then the next step would be to have bigger, slower spinning fans. Less open areas in a case does help the noise, but if the fans have to spin faster to...
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    Windows 10, New Features, DO NOT WANT

    Sounds like you really want to use Linux. :)
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    iOS 15 Beta

    I haven't tried it yet, but I wish they had a LTS edition of iOS... The phones always run slower after a major OS upgrade...
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    Memory Lane: List some of your old favorites

    Agree most with Unreal Tournament and all the frags from Face_2 map. :) Also, I'd love to see a modern remake of Descent...
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    Discord has apparently reached out to Microsoft to discuss its sale.

    Too many sell-outs these days, but I know that's just my idealist talking since Discord is not profitable yet. I respect their stance to not fund with advertising. I would have liked to see a joint venture with Microsoft rather than a buy-out. (Discord + better UI = winner)
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    Looks like NewEgg has them today & tomorrow at $180 as a Shell Shocker deal (limit 3).
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    Raspberry Pi 4 vs x86 Emulation

    This forum seems more appropriate for Raspberry Pi and related discussions.
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    Which cases should I be looking at for triple radiators?

    Have you considered the Lian-Li O11D? They claim support for 3x360.
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    Define 7

    Thanks for posting. I see a lot of dust on the front fins already... I hear both side of the front case door issue... Does keeping it open really help your temps?
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    Define 7

    So, where are all the Fractal Design Define 7 builds? There are dozens of reviews out there (both professional and consumer), but I have yet to see any mods/builds/custom ideas. Anyone care to post pictures of your Define 7 / XL cases?
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    Best NAS, 6 bays Mon, 8 bays preferred (3.5")

    This guy built a 6-bay NAS using Odroid-H2 (x86). The key was using an m.2 PCIe to 4-port SATA adapter.
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    In the news today, researchers found 33 security vulnerabilities in many different IoT devices, including the beloved Raspberry Pi. Does anyone have details on what exactly are the affected devices/risks...
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    Raspberry Pi 4

    Here's the full article about the 8GB Pi. I'm guessing more of a low-end server replacement? Alas, I don't have a need for that much memory, but an M.2 slot would be much more useful to me...
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    A Picture I Took 2018 - 2019

    Thanks for the all the great pictures! Please continue to post in the new 2020 thread. A Picture I Took 2020
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    Raspberry Pi 4

    The new Pi 4 is out... Dual HDMI, USB 3.0, and true gigabit ethernet. Anyone ordering?
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    A Picture I Took 2018 - 2019

    Do you know what species? If not, approximate location where it was photographed?
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    DAN C4-SFX: The smallest water cooling case in the world

    Seems like it would be better to put the twin fans on the top, not the side. Airflow bottom to top makes sense to me. I don't like the side-flow in any case, as someone else mentioned the top corner getting hot. I see this all the time with cases.
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    A Picture I Took 2018 - 2019

    Why would this be better than using a tilt/shift lens? Or just moving the subject farther away to get more field in focus?
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    A Picture I Took 2018 - 2019

    For portraits, I love my 85/1.8D lens... but I consider the 1.4G an upgrade at this point. Great lenses.
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    A Picture I Took 2018 - 2019

    I'm not sure how much post-processing I should do with this tricolored heron... Seems a bit washed out but not too bad I guess for bright sunlight.
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    A Picture I Took 2017

    Please post in the new thread...
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    A Picture I Took 2018 - 2019

    Happy New Year, everyone! Just went on a short birding trip over the weekend. Here's a pretty Eastern Towhee bird that decided to show himself. Now that I'm looking at the final picture, he kinda reminds me of Angry Birds, the game. :)
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    A Picture I Took 2017

    Here's a shot from a recent birding trip. Looks like a snowy egret.
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    A Picture I Took 2017

    The real test of camera sensor noise is astrophotography. But with daylight pics, I don't notice any noise at or below 800 ISO in my camera (D750).
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    Least-cost Upgrade

    Thanks for the info. I find that this Xeon & slow memory that I have is sluggish and jittery. Somehow, this 7 year old mobo is still working, but I feel like I'm on borrowed time.... I priced an AMD Ryzen CPU with mobo for under $200 that appears to be usable. I haven't looked into AMD since...
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    Least-cost Upgrade

    Yikes... I guess I need to save more money...
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    Least-cost Upgrade

    I'd like advise on what to get for a swap-out upgrade. We're talking motherboard, CPU, RAM combo. It's been a long time since I knew all the different chipsets out there. Oh, and I'm completely terrified of Intel's Management Engine on-chip. I'd like to kill that thing. Just for a point of...
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    FireFox Really Slow

    With FF 52.2.0 ESR the speed has been ridiculously slow since the latest update. 10 add-ons, 1 plugin. Seems the Linux version has all hardware acceleration "disabled by platform". I've got the nvidia drivers installed, so not such FF's problem. Even opening Google homepage is 20+ sec delay...
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    A Picture I Took 2017

    That second image doesn't look like Earth! Pretty neat.
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    What Linux Distro Do You Use?

    I'm a bit of a Red Hat fanboy, so after much trial & error, I've settled on Centos 7 with Cinnamon desktop. Background picture is my original photography.