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    Warm HP 30L with 5800x and 3080 for $1729

    Best Buy has the HP 30L prebuilt with 3080, 16gb, 5800x, 1tb for $1729. Best price for a complete system i have found Just looked at the...
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    WARM NZXT H1 $199 free ship

    The NZXT H1 is $199 with free shipping. No coupon needed. Considering the msrp is $349 I think $199 is a fair price for a nice looking itx case, 650 watt psu, and 140mm aio.
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    HOT Cooler Master 650 watt sfx gold psu $59.99 at Roguecast

    Never had experience with any of Cooler Master's sfx power supplies but seems pretty hot. $59.99 free ship
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    EVGA 3080 black screen issue. Anyone else.

    I have an EVGA 3080 XC Ultra and i am having random black screens. Never happens while gaming. Anyone else have that issue?
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    Hot Corsair SF600 Gold $94.99 @ amazon

    Amazon has the Corsair SF600 gold sfx power supply for $94.99 at amazon. That the cheapest i have ever seen it and one of the best its power supplies...
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    HP system r5 3600, 8gb, 256gb, 3070 1216+ tax free shipping

    You can grab a HP 30L system with ryzen 5 3600, 8gb ram, RTX 3070, 256 wd black nvme and cooler master psu for $1206+ tax and free shipping. upgrade to the gpu from 5700xt to 3070 in the customizations use coupon code...
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    XBOX Series X and S in stock best buy

    Just a heads up. They are releasing every few mintues on the site. I just picked up a series s for my 12 year old. Works best if you use your mobile app
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    20 tubes of Antec Thermal Compound for $15.90 shipped

    Check you amazon messages. I got an offer from Antec to buy their 4 gram tubes of thermal compound for 95% off . Purchased 20 of them for $15.90 shipped Items Ordered Price...
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    Asus strix b450 itx with 3700x random shutdowns.

    Bios version 2501 Systems works fine. Then all of the sudden shuts down. The rgb lights on the back of the motherboard are lit but system doesnt turn on til i unplug the power cord, hold down the power button, plug the power cord back and then it boots and runs like normal. Then it randomly...
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    RTX 2080ti Fe for $1079 free shipping

    Best buy has the Nvidia RTX 2080 fe for $1079 and free shipping Cheapest i have seen a 2080ti fe. they also have the 2080 fe for $719. Apparently this is...
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    Warm...EVGA gtx 970s for $99 and 980 FTW for $130

    Gtx 970s for $99 and 980s for $130 at evga stock. Edit. Sold out of 980s at that price
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    Any peeps here switched from a 1080ti to a liquid cooled vega 64 and Freesync monitor?

    My current rig is a 5930k @4ghz with an EVGA FE1080ti and EVGA AIO watercooler. It never runs above 43 C under full load. I have an acer 34" ultrawide 3440x1440 freesync display that will oc up to 100hz. My question is should i sell/trade my 1080ti for a liquid cooled vega 64 so that i can...
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    Smoking hot deal. Facebook marketplace find

    found this killer deal in Facebook marketplace. Thought I’d share if anyone is interested 2 $350 graphics card and $250 monitor.
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    [H]ot Biostar x370 itx motherboard $62.99

    Biostar x370 itx motherboard $62.99 plus 10% ebay bucks at NewEgg ebay. Great price on a mini itx ryzen board.
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    Evga 1060 ftw 3gb bstock $250 Decent considering limited availability and all the price increases
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    Galax GTX 1070s/1080s in stock at Galax

    Just ordered me a white 1080 with mechanical keyboard for $599. They have some 1070s in white for $549
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    Various Phanteks Sleeved PSU extension cables 50% off at Newegg

    Use coupon code PHJANCABLE I got the black/white extension cables for $14.99 with free shipping. White/Gray Black/White stripes Black/White dots(?)...
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    Xbox one S wont install games from disc

    Anyone else have this issue. I have 2 xbox one s consoles that have this issue after the last update. They begin installing the games and at random points i get a "installation stopped" error. I restart the console and continue installing. Then the same shit happens. Doesnt mater what game i...
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    Inwin 301 Ryzen 1600x build

    Specs Inwin 301 matx case with tempered glass window Ryzen 1600x stock clocks at the moment 16gb ddr4 corsair vengeance ram Msi mortar arctic matx mobo Corsair cx550 psu. Deepcool captain EX 120mm AIO Evga 6gb gtx 1060 with blower style fan 2 120mm NZXT fans as intake on the bottom 2 thermaltake...
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    RYZEN 5 1400 and 1600 available for purchase from Compsource

    Was looking around for inventory and the have them in stock for shipping. Mostly msrp, but I thought some may want to order one a few weeks ahead of release date. I have ordered here in the past and they do ship fast.
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    Best way to unlock a tmobile iphone 5?

    I have a Tmobile iphone 5 with a clean esn I do not have service with tmobile. What is the best way to get this unlocked so i can use it on ATT?
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    New iPhone 6 QC

    Just received my new 64 gb iPhone 6. Received a call and no ringer. I checked the ring/vibrate button on the side and it doesn't work. Stays on orange hence phone won't ring and no sound when typing
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    Used xbox one controllers at cow boom for $19.99+ tax and shipping

    I just ordered me 2 Xbox one controllers for $24 shipped each at cow boom using code XOneControl2082114
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    Straight talk AT&T sims back in stock but now 4g lte let This may b old news but there is the link
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    Warm.. New in box Gateway 10" netbook $129.99 has new in box dual core gateway 10" netbooks for 129.99 and free shipping use cowboom5 at checkout for $5 off
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    Galaxy GTX 470 $139.99 + tax free ship

    Cowboom has NIB Galaxy GTX 470 gpu for 139.99 + tax after using coupon code B2S10. Shipping is free.
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    Free iphone 4 cases/stylus pen...just pay s/h

    cases link limit 2 just use couponcode FreeZooGueAccessory at checkout free stylus link (works on ipad, iphone, etc) use same coupon code at checkout. i have a couple of these cases...
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    Nintendo 3ds bad main pcb

    Just got my sons Nintendo 3ds back from warranty repair. I purchased it for him this past Xmas and it already died. Looked at the repair sheet in the box after they repaired it under warranty and says they had to replace the main pcb. Anyone else have this problem with their 3ds?
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    Which should i keep Dell streak 7 or Touchpad

    So. I have 2 new items. I have a new Dell Streak 7 and i have a NIB Touchpad . Both have never been opened. Trying to decide which to keep. I know the display and battery life and battery life kill the streak 7. The streak 7 is unlocked to where i can put my att sim in and get 4g. I cant...
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    OCZ Petrol 128GB $55 shipped AC AR

    77.99+ $6.70 shipping-$10 new cutomer coupon-$20 rebate=$54.69 Drive activate coupon MIR not the...
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    xbox 360 dashboard update

    got it at 7 pm anyone else get it? i like it better than the old one
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    Warm.Dell Refurb Venue Pro 159-199 free ship

    Dell outlet has the certified refurbished Dell Venue Pro cell phones for 159.99(8GB),179.99(16GB), 199.99(32GB) + tax and free shipping. Great price on a Windows 7 phone with a full slideout qwerty keypad. The rep i talked to said these are unlocked for use on any sim carrier...
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    [H]ot NIB XFX 5770 69.99 + tax free shipping

    cowboom has nib xfx 5770 for 79.99-20%coupon(cyber20) after tax came out to $67 shipped
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    Warm refurb Dell Latitude netbook 195+tax

    Dell business outlet has the Latitude 2120 for 229 -15% off (Q9ZFVJZ3$QW34$) for 195+ship these are built like brick shit houses. Dual core atom n550 10.1 in display (some at the price are 1368x768) 2GB 250GB hd Windows 7 Professional already installed...
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    WTB GPU for folding

    looking for a gts 450, gtx 460 768, or gts 260 lmk what ya got and how much
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    Warm...Galaxy gtx 480 249 free ship comes with a 3 year warranty. seems like a decent price
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    Warm....Gigabyte gtx 480 249.99 free ship galaxy not gigabyte new not a refurb. 3 year warranty. seems like a decent deal
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    Crysis 1 on consoles?

    just browsing the ea store and saw that crysis 1 is being ported to the consoles. Anyone else heard this?
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    1yr xbox live gold 34.99 via ebay has the 1 yr xbox live gold subscription cards for 34.99
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    Refurbished hp desktop x6 1045t, 1.5TB, 8GB wireless, 6450 win 7 $379+shipping had a hp pavilion elite Elite HPE-500f with the following specs for 379.99+shipping Number of processors 6 Processor Mfr AMD Processor Speed 2.70 GHz OS type Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Form factor Desktop Memory RAM, standard 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM RAM maximum...