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    broken plastic hotswap bay rails on corsair 800d. what do i do?

    so the hard drive rails on the hotswap bay on my corsair 800 broke i still use that hot swap bay a lot for various reasons. the the 5 inch drive bays are filled with disc burners (again for reasons) this is my workstation pc and of course to make it worse 3 of the hot swap bays rails broke...
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    best long lasting thermal compound?

    how long does THERMAL GRIZZLY KRYONAUT last? it says arctic mx-5 is good to 8 years before changing noucta NT-H2 says 5 years or more any others?
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    "Safe?" overclock and undervolt of a i73970x

    I want to start using my old i7 3970x system parts again on my hdtv because pandemic shortages and all that and to be honest it still plays new games good. , I took off it liquid cooler parts to use on the newer cpu because I found a free air cooler for it with a sucky fan that I will...
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    Need bad azz 2.5 inch IDE harddrive for macmini g4

    I Need a model number or name of a bad ass 2.5 inch IDE harddrive for a 2005 macmini g4 that is bigger than 80gb. and a durable enterprise class like the seagate constellation series drives if possible. I cant find any they are all sata.... thanks
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    Need Cooling device for a Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium Fatality

    I need to get a Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium Fatality pci-e cooling device of some kind but i cant find any heat sink or fan that will fit it. anybody know anything?
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    Raid controller power down idle disk with win7?

    Do adaptec raid controllers listen to the windows 7 command to power down idle harddisk when they are not being used in raid on a raid controller or does the raid controller have to be configured to do it in bios or drivers? I cant tell if it turns the raid drives off or not. my raid card does...
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    WD Black2 drives in ps4/ps3

    i doubt this. bit is the ps3 and ps4 able to use the 2 in 1 wd black 2 solid state and 1tb harddrive? or will only 1 drive show up?
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    Razer mice with EL glow rails.

    What are all the models of mice razer made with the tron like EL wire glow rails effect? they seem to have stopped doing that. the site dont have a product history to check.
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    Nvidia Ion ever come out?

    Did Nvidia Ion platform ever come out? Because I cant find one.;
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    cooling device for X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro does anybody make a cooling device that will fit a soundblaster xi-fi X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro?
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    Best midi tools/player

    What are the Best midi tools/players software?
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    Titan SLI with Titan black?

    Is nvida going to let us SLI a Titan with a Titan Black?
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    windows xp install music.

    What kind of music is the windows xp install music what is the name of the music type? Where can I get more music like it? This music makes working on 3d models and coming up with ideas and building stuff more easy for me. this is it
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    Cosmic Star Heroine kickstarter

    Kickstarter for a early 90s sega cd Turbo duo cd console based rpg if you lpayed one you know what it is like,. For the pc and or consoles. one of the obvious things they are going after
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    Like sonic games? Greenlight Armillo

    Like sonic games? Greenlight vote Armillo. it could come to PC besides wii U.
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    8pin motherboard extension cable on video card.

    Is it safe to use this 8pin motherbaord cable on a Videocard if I use it with the GPU 8pin connection on the power supply? It fits with out forcing it on the power suppply and the video card.
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    Window tint decal vinal

    Are there any vinyl window Decals that will tint the windows of a PC case with a gray tint and darken the lighting somewhat? pre cut to fit a corsair 800d case would be nice. like these but transparent like sunglasses. I did not think the LED fans I bought would be so bright but I sit...
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    Fable 3 Free Xbox live Bug on now

    you can get fable 3 free now thanks to another xbox live glitch that lets you download without full payment. Hurry before they fix or patch the hole. I just got it...I don't really like the game but still I will play it for free. It...
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    Neverhood/Armikrog Kickstarter.

    PC point and click clay animated adventure game neverhood from windows 95 is trying to make a comeback. if anybody played it. The old 1995 demo
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    Heavy Gear reboot kickstarter

    If you played Heavy gear 1 and 2 on PC they want to Reboot it as a kickstarter unreal engine 4 powered targeting high end PCs.
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    Windows 2.0 to 3.1 abandonware yet?

    is Windows 2.0 to 3.1 abandonware yet? and up for download by Microsoft I lost one of my disk from our old 486..... Same with my windows 95 and 98 /98SE disk... I want to play with it again and try to install it on a modern x79 lga 2011 PC to see if it works and what happens. That and I...
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    A.N.N.E greenlight Games you may want to vote for on Steam greenlight this or mutant mudds...
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    Kids today are dumb.

    Fact kids today are dumb. A show that perhaps we grew up with, but I don’t think many kids these days...
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    friends rampage 4 extreme connecting the 4 and 8 pin power at same time

    My friend who lives away from me just get a rampage 4 extreme and he has been asking me questions on video chat. He insist that he want to plug the old pentuim 4 eatx12v_1 connector and the new 8 pin eatx12v_1 power conenctors at the same time to make sure his chip has enough "power". I Keep...
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    Fan that fits a adaptec 2405 heatsink

    is there anyway to get a fan that would fit on adaptec 2405 heatsink and mount it?
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    Good Raid controller cards. what are they now?

    I have not bought or kept up in raid controler cards for a long time since I use the motherboard raid most the time and I see some of the brands seem to have got out of the market. What is good Raid controler that is reliable has a bios supports normal desktop SATA will work all right with...
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    Ecco Dolphin DEVS on Kickstarter want donations for new game Big Blue.

    A new ecco game will not happen because segas suits are clueless tuckwads that are to busy getting taken for a ride by gearbox for 6 years funding there own duke nukem forever. spencer neilson returns to make more music like the sega CD version. (And no the sega CD soundtrack was nothing like...
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    Help save this NES set from best buy. Some people really needs to find away to make best buy look like dumb asses so the CEOs hear it for trying to recycle this good working NES set. this thing has value and should not be recycled and if...
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    driving test simulator.

    Does anybody know a USA driving licence test simulator to download that has real world road rules? like this but with a USA car and or truck?
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    Mario is AL from home improvement.

    The super mario movie poster says al from home improvement stars as mario...
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    What is wrong with this xbr960 can it be saved?

    I was wondering if somebody would help me with this sony xbr960 HDTV CRT. I already called the Repair guy sony sent me too but to me they all sound clueless He said the tube is dying so I just want some other peoples Ideas. I don't think he even bother to check anything since he did not plug in...
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    I have found the real kid chameleon.

    I have found the real kid chameleon he is a hacker as he should be hacking into VR networks to stick it to the man.
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    How to get Doom 95 working on windows 7?

    How to get Doom 95 working on vaio p windows 7 netbook? other than the windows xp virtual PC mode it works in that on My desktop. and hexen 95. I want untouched raw doom that is not dos Doom since I cant find my DOS doom. It starts but everything is scrambled and not playable and hexen...
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    Whats the deal with the EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN SuperClocked Signature?

    What is the EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN SuperClocked Signature is there something fancy in the box or something does it come on a breif case? it looks the same as the other super clock.
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    Need a new sony XBR960

    Need a new sony XBR960 HDTV Mine has died and I cant find any that people will ship to me or in my area. Who is selling one that works and is not that beat up?
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    simulated sine wave UPS bad for CRTs?

    ARe simulated sine wave UPS bad for big CRTs I have an extra hanging around but it is not pure sine wave like my other ones. or better not to use it?
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    Need big mouse pad that is like Razer Megasoma

    I Need big ass mouse pad that is like Razer Megasoma like made from the same stuff but bigger. Or any big soft but firm mouse pad there is a bump in my desk so I don't like hard plastic mats it wobbles don't as how it happened and I don't...
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    Poll Asus or EVGA geforce titan?

    What Geforce titan does everybody think is the better built brand with the PCB's and caps even though they may be the same right now? Asus or EVGA :confused:
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    Tomb raider 2013 pc specs are hilarious.

    I love what console noobs think of Pc specs.. Recommended system requirements for PC • Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 • DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM: AMD...
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    The best place to buy geforce titans thread.

    The best place to buy geforce titans thread. Post deals and pre orders here?