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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    I kind of doubt those markets are clamoring to pay double MSRP for a used and abused 2070. GPU compute is a very powerful thing that many fields are leveraging, but they aren't leveraging it in the form of the OMFGBBQPWNEER 90000 RGB Aorus Strix Red Devil 4080XT.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    I'm just gonna keep using my Vega 64 and RX 580s until ??? . This bubble will eventually burst. Hell look at the steam hardware stats, we're creeping up on the 4k series from NV, and the top 10 GPUs look like this.. There is no sustainable market for these insanely overpriced GPUs outside...
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    [H]ot - 1 year Sam's club , $10 GC, +more $19.99

    #CommissionsEarned 😁
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    [H]ot - 1 year Sam's club , $10 GC, +more $19.99

    Get you a chicken and 6 cupcakes too.
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    Aorus RGB Memory 32GB

    Thanks, this would be for the x99 rig in my sig
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    Aorus RGB Memory 32GB

    Whats the chance of it working quad channel?
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    Earth's Black Box Climate Warning Box for Future Generations to Study.

    Ugg ... weather change....kronk hot last week .... was cold yesterday .... hotter today ...... how dare you.
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    {HOT} Thermaltake 500w PSU $15

    I've got one of these smart power series in my VR / racing rig already. Think I paid $50 for a 600w(?) , Been going just fine for the last 2 years
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    {HOT} Thermaltake 500w PSU $15

    Really? I got one the minute before I posted ☹️
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    {HOT} Thermaltake 500w PSU $15

    Got 1... Don't even need it. Ships free with prime
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    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    I just want a used 1080 ti or 2070 to upgrade my VR rig. Prices on them are over what the new MSRP was. This is dumb.
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    The Best VR Headset Money Can Buy Video, Varjo VR-3

    So which one of you [H] bastards is ready to sell my your Reverb G2 for a good deal? :P
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    The core i9 12900K used 2.3x power than the Ryzen 5950x in official benchmark

    Oof. I have not paid attention to processors in a few years and was giving Intel the benefit of the doubt
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    Amazon’s New World game is bricking GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards

    fanbois are thiiiick in this thread
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    Windows 11 May Not Run on Early Ryzen, Threadripper, Skylake-X, or Any Pre-2016 Intel PC

    Wasn't planning on using 11 anyway so I feel fine
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    NVIDIA CEO: GPU Shortage Will Continue Throughout 2022

    Wow... I can't believe someone saved that hahaha.
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    DRM has ruined Resident Evil Village on PC

    I can't remember the last AAA game I bought. All simply ooze with disappointment on top of the anti-consumer practices that people continuously defend.
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    amazing deal or scam?

    I like that in all the GPU photos not one is from the same location. Tile, wood, 4 different carpets, on a pile of boxes. Store must have lots of variety in it.
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    Right to repair executive order

    Credit where it's due. This is a big win if it actually happens.
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    Your daily reminder to not trust "Free" games from the interwebs

    Fairlight making a comeback too.
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    Days Gone

    Update. This game is fucking awesome. I haven't been this into a story in a game in I can't remember how long... maybe Firewatch? But this thing is looooong. Buut I'm loving nearly every minute of it. Pissed I have to get off to go to work tomorrow. Haven't had that feeling since I was a...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    you still alive Business6 ? I see you in my friends list but you haven't made a vidya in a while
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    Days Gone

    I know the terms when you first launch the game and choose between "limited" and "full" was pretty astounding. That said I'm not worried about the data collection from it for my own reasons. SmileyFace.iso
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    Days Gone

    Been playing it about an hour. Like it so far. Rig in sig is getting some massive framerate fluctuations at 1440 ultra. Going from 70+ to 30s and back in certain areas. Updating drivers now, seems the newest ones have support for it and see if it helps.
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    New HTC headsets. Vive PRO 2 and Focus 2

    The only thing that this product is going to kill is HTCs marketshare. With the other, cheaper, and arguably better options out there, these are some dumb products to launch. Apparently they learned nothing from their smartphones.
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    New HTC headsets. Vive PRO 2 and Focus 2

    Welp, HTC is officially out of the market. If they release anything after these I'll be shocked.
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    Battlefield 2042

    I loved 3, 4 was tolerable. Losing the "main base" really sucked.
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    SETI.Germany's 12th Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2021)

    I really hope mine and others performance helps out enough. I've been chipping in on the Pentathlon every year I could. Thrown more at it this year than ever before. Really would love to help get [H] on the podium.
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    Intel CEO: Most People Only Replace A PC After 5-6 Years

    I seem to upgrade my main PC at every new RAM standard. C2d < X58 < X99 < ??? DDR5
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    Air-cooling principles - several questions from a novice builder

    1 yes, on most motherboards or in software the CPU fan speeds will be temperature dependant. 2 yes. Higher fpi radiators have the potential to cool more due to more surface area to disapate the heat. However it requires a fan that has more static pressure to overcome the resistance of the fins...
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    SETI.Germany's 12th Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2021)

    I thought it didn't start yet?
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    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    I don't know how I missed this one. A friend recommended it to me after I couldn't think of something to play. Just got off the first planet and got the ship working and this game is tits/10. Can't wait to get home and play MOAR
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    SETI.Germany's 12th Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2021)

    Almost none. Once it downloads the work units you crunch and it uploads the results. Not much bandwidth used, especially on WU that take a long time to crunch
  34. R is scalping RTX cards

    🤷‍♂️ I like PPC, been buying from there for an extremely long time. If people are dumb enough to give them $1200+ for a 3070, they'd be dumb not to take it.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Finally got it downloaded. Jumped into training in the Cessna. I fly kbm in elite, I know it's not ideal, but it does the job. Instructor wants me to press NUM6 to turn... I use a tenkeyless keyboard. Looks like I'm dragging my old ass X45 out of the closet.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Alright nerds. I grabbed this on the gamepass $1 for the first month dealio. But the download is so sloooow. 500/500Mbit fiber connection, and even on the large files I cannot crack 100. Usually its around 80 on the small files, when it gets a chance to eat, it's at 100. I've seen 107 once or...
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    Elite: Dangerous

    I was doing robigo mines passenger missions before finishing the fed grind. Right now I jumped about 600ly away trying the new "afk type 10" stuff out. Works well but it seems there is a memory leak or something happening, after about 3 hours in the field, frame rate just fucks off and gpu...