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    What's a computer?
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    Authoring Dolby Vision compatible/compliant mp4 files for HTPC/Media Server Updated 01/09/2022

    I posted this elsewhere, figured maybe some people here might be able to use this though. I fucking hate Dolby Vision. It's pretty as hell, but it fragmented this video generation so much and even fragmented itself within the fragmentation it caused. And it's a proprietary color space. But it...
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    Anybody mess with Dolby Vision UHD (non-DV Profile 5) files? Got some questions...

    Starting to figure out how to add Dolby Vision files to my Plex Server. I know MakeMKV can make DV mkv files now and Plex can play them - but I specifically got some questions about muxing the 2 hevc layers into other DV profiles in a mp4/m4v container for broader native device DV compatibility...
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    Gigabyte M27Q impressions? 27 inch 1440p 170hz Freesync Premium/Gsync Compatible IPS I picked one up, didn't see anything here yet
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    I'm pretty sure, just want confirmation on AMD/MoBo/BIOS question

    If I have a Ryzen board with BIOS flashback feature, and I need to upgrade BIOS for Zen 3 compatibility, but no other AMD CPU - I can do this with the BIOS flashback feature, right? And if so, does it need to be done with no CPU installed, or the (at the time) incompatible CPU can be installed...
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    Safe to pick up DDR4 RAM now for future Zen 3 build?

    I got a targeted offer from Newegg for 10% off RAM, plan on doing a Zen 3 build. Was gonna get Gskill 64 GB (2x 32GB) 3600 memory. Any reason not to pull the trigger on it now? Edit: I pulled the trigger, $196.65 cost to me for the 3600 64GB kit in the end.
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    From Intel Earnings: Intel says accelerating 10nm product transition, 7nm product transition delayed

    Intel said it is accelerating its transition to 10nm products this year with increasing volumes and strong demand for an expanding line up. This includes a growing portfolio of 10nm-based Intel Core processors with "Tiger Lake" launching soon, and the first 10nm-based server CPU "Ice Lake,"...
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    When too far is never far enough: 4D Theater Wind Effect

    Props to SirMaster and SOWK over at AVSForums where I found this
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    Nvidia cancels GPP
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    Announcing DirectX Ray Tracing
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    HDHR DVR will NOT be launching with DRM support for CableCard protected content as stated FYI
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    Resident Evil 2 being officially remade! I have no words. It will either be the greatest thing ever, or the greatest let down ever. No in between. :D
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    Silicondust DVR Kickstarter
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    Official HDHomeRun Live TV plugin for Kodi (XBMC)
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    4GB GTX 960s incoming
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    Steam In-Home Streaming to Google ADT-1

    Anyone doing this? I'm doing it over MOCA and it works surprisingly well :D The only game I have issues with is Metal Gear GZ
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    Help figuring out Steam Box build

    Can't decide what to do. Turning to you guys for help in the decision. It's a bit convoluted, so here we go :D I have my main rig/gaming PC where I play games @ 1680x1050 which contains Intel Core i5 3570k 16 GB DDR3 (2x 8GB) Geforce GTX 650Ti BOOST 2GB Geforce GTX 650Ti 1GB (Dedicated...
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    Weird 8.1 Pro > 8.1 Pro RDP issue

    I'm trying to RDP into one Windows 8.1 Pro machine from another Windows 8.1 Pro machine. Neither the desktop nor Metro RDP app will accept my credentials. However, I can connect via RDP fine using the Microsoft Android RDP app and even access shared folders on the one machine from the other...
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    Want to turn Athlon II X4 into low powered dual core

    I want to truly lock 2 cores (not just have Windows ignore 2 cores). I assume it's the same as unlocking cores....just the opposite? Google will only give me info on unlocking - can't seem to find anything (aside from getting Windows to ignore cores) about locking cores in BIOS. Then plan to...
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    GTX 650 & GTX 650 Ti SLI?

    Would the GTX 650 and GTX 650 Ti work together in SLI (with the Ti clocking/slowing down to match the non-Ti version) or are they too different to be paired in SLI? Thanks.
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    Can you SLI a GTX 650 & GTX 650 Ti SSC?

    Both 1GB. I know if possible the Ti would lower its clocks to match the regular 650. Thanks.
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    Smart Home Gadgets/Appliances

    Hope this is the right forum - I couldn't see a more apt one. So I've recently been thinking of getting a Nest and some Belkin WeMo outlets. Anyone have any experience with these? Things they might wanna share? Alternatives or other 'smart' home appliances...
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    Which system do you think would perform better

    Moving around parts/systems today....trying to decide which I should set up as the secondary HTPC. System 1 Intel Celeron E3300 Intel G31 IGP 2GB DDR2 System 2 AMD Sempron 140 Geforce 210 PCIe 4GB DDR2 Due to MoBo limitations.....I can't just put the GeForce and extra Ram in with the...
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    [Win8 users] What Metro apps do you actually use?

    Windows 8 sucks; yeah, got it. For those of you who are on it, what Metro apps do you actually find yourself using aside from installing, trying out, and never touching again? Netflix will probably be on most people's list. For me it's Netflix, My Media Center, ESPN, Daily Show Headlines, and...
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    Double post, my bad.

    Double post, my bad.
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    TMT5 doesn't respect 0-255 PC black levels

    Hey guys. Got a problem/some questions for you. I'm using TMT5 for folder BR playback from WMC's native movie library. The entire PC and TV are calibrated for 0-255 black levels. All videos work fine in the correct color space. TMT5 though, uses it's own levels which causes crushed blacks and...
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    ASUS P8H67-M LE USB 2.0 ports constantly wake from sleep

    Hey guys. I have a ASUS P8H67-M LE with the latest drivers, OS updates (Win 7 x64), all that jazz. It's used in my HTPC and I have only 2 peripherals hooked into the USB 2.0 ports 24x7. One is an infrared eHome receiver and one is a wired 360 controller. The computer will not go to sleep on it's...
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    Radeon HD 7750 GSoD

    I have the HIS iCooler Radeon HD 7750 1GB and am experiencing the 'Gray Screen of Death'. I thought it was a defective card so I RMA'd it with Newegg for a new one. In less that 12 hours of operation, it occurred on the new one as well. Nothing in my system is overclocked, and temps are normal...
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    Best gaming low profile GPU that doesn't require a power adapter

    I've fallen out of the GPU news for a while and was thinking of adding one to my HTPC for some gaming. I know that Nvidia started a trend of just re-branding cards; and I've never known ATI all too well. This would be stictly for video/gaming, no concern for audio bit streaming or anything of...
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    CSS or TF2 or CSS Zmod game now

    I dont have to work tomorrow...and lets say under the influence. Any other [H]'s with nothing to do right now wanna kill time playing one of these games? If so lets coordinate over here.
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    [Poll] What front end do you use?

    Just curious, what do you guys sit down in front of? Windows Media Center here. Also, if you wanna show what your setup looks like/what theme you use - go ahead. Here's mine:
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    Media Center removed in latest Windows 8 build :/

    I really hate to be this guy/join this club, but this is the first piece of news/speculation ever to have me worried about the future of Media Center. In the latest Windows 8 build, the change log includes that Windows Media Center has been removed. If this is the case, what viable options are...
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    WMC users, what websites do you integrate?

    That Kylo browser was updated for me today, and makes it a much better option for me to access web pages through Media Center (I add tiles for each site to the respective strip). I was wondering what websites others use to expand their experiences? The sites I use are:
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    Netflix for Windows 7 Media Center released

    Tab just showed up in Media Center as well as Internet TV (non beta). Installed without issue. If anyone can't get them to show up/is having issues/just wants the installers, I've uploaded them to my FTP. Netflix...
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    Windows 7, ad-hoc, Ipod Touch

    I've set up an ad-hoc network on Windows 7 between my ethernet port (cable modem coming in) and a Linksys wireless card. The Ipod can see the network and connect to it, but then no IP address is assigned to it (it has the 169.254xx address). I've been researching this for a couple of hours with...
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    Simple Wallpaper I made

    Got bored, it's really simple :/ There's blank, with Windows logo and with Apple logo.
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    Vista SP2 RTM leaked, Office 2k7 SP2 Released

    Vista SP2 RTM has leaked as well as the integrated images, Neowin has confirmed the authenticity. x86 BUILD: 6002.18005 FILE: Windows6.0-KB948465-X86.exe...
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    Screensaver like jscreenfix?

    Basically a screensaver that flashes each pixel b/w/r/g/b values. I can't find one for the life of me.
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    22 inch monitor help

    My old 19 inch ws ViewSonic is starting to go after a couple of years (least i got my money out of it imo) and I am in the market for a new monitor. Unfortunately due to space limitations I gotta stick with 22 inch. Now I do pretty much only movies/tv/media center and gaming on this aside from...
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    Best compression-compression software

    I use Winrar, and I know there are people who say 7zip. But I'll be honest I've never seen a difference in terms of the resulting file size that much. Does any one know of a compression software out there that does the best compression, but isn't recommended because it takes a long time and...