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    Critique my quiet gaming PC build

    It's been many years since I've built a PC but I'm looking to potentially get back into PC gaming and need advice on whether the components I've selected are a good fit for my needs or not. I'd be building this PC solely for gaming and streaming video (e.g. Hulu) as I already have a MacBook Pro...
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    Case Cabling Guide/Tips?

    I have always had a messy case...I don't know how people get their cases so neat and tidy inside. It probably sounds silly, but I would like a guide or even just pictures of tidy cases to use as a reference to tidy my case up. For reference, it is a Lian-Li PC-V2000. Scott
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    How Much Improvement From 2.0A P4 to 2800+ A64?

    How much improvement will I see going from a 2.0GHz 400MHz FSB Pentium 4 to a 2800+ Athlon 64? This is in a different PC, not the one in my sig. More specifically gaming performance; even more specifically Far Cry and UT2004. This is with a 9700 Pro and 1GB of DDR. Scott
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    Sound lag in Far Cry--Caused by Processor?

    On my other computer, which has an Audigy sound card, a 9700 Pro, and a 2.0A Pentium 4 400MHz FSB, would sound lag be caused by the processor being too slow? If so, would a 3.06GHz Pentium 4 533MHz FSB help? Scott
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    Windows 2000 Domain & Windows XP Laptop at Home and at Work

    What is the best way to use a laptop on a domain? I need for the user to log in to the domain so that they can access the network drives and printers. I can't do it anonymously because of the billing system we use for printers, so they need to log in with their usernames. How can I have it so...