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    Free* - Meshify C case, black

    Fractal Meshify C, black with no glass window. This is the case for real men that don't care about RGB. (To clarify, this isn't missing any pieces. This is just the model that did not have a glass side.) It's in perfect shape except some dust and fuzzing on the Velcro cable ties. It needs a...
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    For Free: Sans Digital 5 drive bay, Intel i7-920 (GONE)

    I have some stuff that needs go before my office explodes. Sans Digital TR5M - 5 bay JBOD enclosure only. No drives, at the moment no eSATA card or power cord. Someplace I have a bag with the cables, manual, SATA card but I can't find it. *** TR5M Intel i7-920, boxed Anyone that would use...
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    Be careful with AMD direct guys and gals

    They will pack your Ryzen CPU in an oversized box with some wadded paper, then refuse to assist if/when it arrives damaged. Their customer service pushes returns through the warranty department too, which is weird.
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    Ryzen 5950X sorta stock performance inquiry

    After years of Intel I've rebuilt around Ryzen 5950X. I'm brand spanking new in the ecosystem and my OOB, basically stock settings had this pushing 1.475+ VID even when idle. I've tinkered a bit to tame this but I'd like to educate a bit. Is there a guide I should read? My objective here is...
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    Looking for display deals / recommendations

    I need 2 displays and wondering about deals this weekend. 1) A second monitor for my kid to use with a discord and similar. Bonus points if it can be rotated. Smaller is better, his main is 27” Asus G-Sync. 2). Primary monitor for my wife to use for productivity (finance). Can probably use...
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    Troubleshooting request - 3080 FE reboots

    I could use some eyes on this before I do an RMA. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Case: Meshify C with reasonably good cooling (2x 140mm front intake, 1x 120mm rear exhaust) GPU: 3800 FE CPU: 9900k (stock boost of 4.4, but allowed indefinitely) Motherboard: Asus Maximus Hero Z370 RAM...
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    Synology - Upgrade capacity by replacing with larger drives (SHR2)?

    Simple question but the online guide on the Synology website mentions that this is possible with SHR but doesn't specifically mention SHR2. Can I upgrade a full chassis by swapping in larger drives without using a separate chassis? I realize I'll need to shuffle a bit of data around but just...
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    Folding team number?

    What's the [H] folding team number? I haven't folded in a while, firing up a couple GPUs. Thanks.
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    Shucked Samsung X5 firmware

    I shucked a 500GB Samsung X5 in order to upgrade the internal storage. I'm left with a 500GB drive PN: MZBLB500HAJQ. The controller is S4LR020. I thought I'd flash it to be a 970 EVO (which is what I think this is) but Samsung Magician is too smart. Is there another way to flash this thing...
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    Need help choosing a 27" 144Hz+ display

    Criteria: -Has to be available now, not waiting for something neat in xx months -No TN panels -Really want to minimize the panel lotto to the degree that it's possible -Want G-Sync (yeah I know some Nvidia made changes but going the safe route) Is there a clear cut choice? I need to grab one...
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    Tweaking Z370 Hero X - 9900K

    I posted this elsewhere and not getting any traction. Mostly trying to decipher the HWiNFO stuff. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a work @ home machine with the Hero X Z370, and I've...
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    Tweaking Z370 Hero X - 9900K

    Delete, wrong forum.. sorry.
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    Possible bad drive in Synology

    One of my Synology drives sounds like it's on the way out, but it's an 8 bay and I'm unsure which one. SMART data is fine at this point, so not helpful. I'm not familiar enough with these things to know what to do. Can I shut down and pull a drive, boot, listen for noise? Or will that just...
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    Turing binning

    With all of this talk of NVIDIA binning the silicon for Turing, do we know what 2080Ti cards use the A revision? Do the FE cards use it?
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    8700k delid results - how much temp variation between cores?

    I did my first delid on the 8700K a couple nights ago, and I'm just now booting it up. When running something like AIDA64 stress test, how much variation should I see in the 6 core temps? I'm trying to get myself to a place where I'm comfortable with the results before I dress all my cables...
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    WiFi upgrades @ home

    So as my kids get older my 4 year old WiFi setup is starting to show some cracks. I have essentially a 3 story house with the office (and therefore ISP feed) in a corner of the finished basement. Everything is finished and there's no good way to wire Ethernet. The last time I evaluated doing...
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    No Thunderbolt header on Asus Z370 Maximus Hero X

    I am sure that most people don't give this a second thoght, but since I'm in a mixed environment.. I use Thunderbolt quite a lot. I had a Z270 Maximus Hero IX and it had a Thunderbolt header, which was one of the reasons I owned it. I'd broken an M.2 retention bracket off the Z270 and wanted...
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    Ideas for broken M.2 retention screw mount

    So I got a new pair of 1TB 960 EVOs and got the first one (near CPU all setup). My second ASUS Z270 Hero M.2 slot is fubar b/c the mount point for the screw popped off the board when mounting a drive. It's BS too b/c I was just using the little bitty screw bit with my bare fingers. Any ideas...
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    Looking for route with dual WAN ports

    Any suggestions on a device that can accommodate 2 WAN ports and fail over automatically? The second service is slow so I only need it for high availability, not looking to boost performance or anything. It's a home office application.
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    Aw shucks.. how to test my new external... err NAS drive?

    I'm about to shuck a bunch of WD Easystore drives for use in a NAS. It's been ages since I've purchased a spinner drive, as my old server is loaded with 2TB units. What's the best way to test before I tear into the enclosures? I ripped into one b/c I was wanting to see how the enclosure is...
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    Issues with new build - Asus Tuf Z270 Mark 1

    Picked up new CPU/RAM and this board.. using 7700k. Build was a piece of cake, sliding into an old Z97 setup. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until it didn't work. When I booted the first time, all the fans spun full speed. The HDD light flashed a bit but there was no video output, and...
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    Replacement for Logitech MX1000

    I'm still using a Logitech MX1000 from 2004, but it's starting to fail. I've tried to replace it a few times but I always went back. Looking at the MX Master.. Anyone have experience with both? Thanks.
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    MSI GTX660 - $127.49 after VCO and $30 rebate

    This would be a pretty hot value, even better in SLI. I have this cooler on my MSI R9 280's and it's very quiet and efficient. Use coupon code "VCO" and then use Visa Checkout. Link
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    Troubleshooting new gaming PC

    So after years of playing only low requirement MMOs and such, I've built a new gaming PC as well as a HTPC for Steam streaming. System is a new Z97 board with plenty of RAM and I decided to go with 2x MSI Gaming R9 280's in Crossfire while I wait for new GPUs. When I see something good come...
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    SL: Growl and iStat

    So the exciting CNET article claims these are broken in Snow Leopard but they appear to be working just fine for me. Anyone having problems?
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    Ubuntu fonts

    So I spend 99% of my time looking at fairly stock installations of OSX and Vista64. I now have a need to put Ubuntu (or some other distro) on my wife's new HP 2140 netbook. The most important thing to her is that it look "right" to pass wife acceptance factor. This means that I have to...
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    ACHI and high CPU utilization in HD Tune

    System: Intel Q9450 - stock speed DFI LanParty LT X48-T2R 8GB DDR2 WD Raptor 150GB NV 8800GTS-512 Vista Ultimate 64 I'm using the built in SATA controller and everything is configured for performance. Running the latest version of HD Tune. Basically my issue is that if I enable...
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    Prey and Triton

    Wow, based on the [H] article I went ahead and pre-downloaded Prey via Triton. I cannot believe what a hunk of crap Triton is... It looks like it was coded by a 6th grader. Anyways, the following appears to be completely untrue. Anyone know how to accomplish this? The only way I can...
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    My Mac Mini observations

    I just got a chance to play with one of these and I was impressed. I have nice eqpt at home (see excessively long sig) so with that as a backdrop... -It was the 1.4 model with 512MB RAM -I was impressed how snappy it felt -Programs seemed to load nicely -It was hooked to a 23" Cinema...
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    17" Apple Cinema Display

    One of the local stores has the 17" Cinema Display (that is now phased out) for $399. I am very tempted to grab it to use with my PowerBook 12". I know I'd have to use the dumb mini DVI to DVI adapter, plus the DVI to ADC adapter. Aside from that how is this display? I like the new Apple...
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    Time to switch?

    I'm giving serious consideration to ditching my current FX-55 setup and buying a new PowerMac G5 dual 2.5 rig. Since I use my PowerBook nearly daily, I have no reservations about the OSX platform, nor would I miss many PC apps that I now use. What I am concerned about is PC gaming. 99% of...
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    Gaming upgrade question

    My aunt has asked for my help in upgrading my uncle's computer for gaming. All he really does is web surf and game. Presently he has a Northwood P4 @ 3.25GHz with a 9800 Non-Pro and 512MB of PC4000 HyperX memory. I believe that his best bang for the buck is to replace his video card with...