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    Best TV Tuner?

    Hello! I need to record video from my old analog video camcorder through RCA cables. Audio isnt as much of an issue. I was wondering if I can do this with just a regular TV tuner card. I was looking at this: Any thoughts or...
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    Best drivers for 7950GX2

    My friend was using a 7800gtx so I let him use my retired 7950GX2. Hes running Vista 32bit and is looking for drivers for it. Hes tried the latest ones on Nvidias website and they just give him a black screen once he logs in on Windows. Anyone still use one of these cards and have a driver...
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    I have a jail broken Iphone 3g. It recently started to accrue dust under the screen to the point of it being extremely annoying. I want to take it back and have it replaced but I want it to look like I didn't jailbreak it. I was just going to restore it in Itunes, but I didn't know if that would...
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    Phenom board with SLI?

    I haven't seen many reviews of AM2 + boards with SLI. I am looking to upgrade to AMD quad core and take my 2x 8800gt's with me. Any suggestions or advice?
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    Weird Bug with latest Forcewares

    I recently did clean installs of both the 169.25s and the .28s. Both set all profiles to a Nvidia recommended setting of Single GPU. I dont get it. Before some of the profiles had pre-defined settings or w/e from Nvidia. Anyone else have this problem?
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    weird hard drive problem

    I booted my computer, it posted, continue to where it would start loading Windows and then gave me an error. it said Disk reading error press crtl alt del to restart.
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    7950GX2 acting weird in new mobo.

    My friend got a ECS motherboard with a Nforce 4 northbridge. Its a socket AM2. The 79050GX2 works fine in my computer. When we put it in the new motherboard it does not POST. The fan on the GX2 just revs up and down. We dont know what to do.
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    Gonna go SLI!

    Ok, so I already bought one 8800GT and it's awesome. I bought the BFG OC edition of the card. My question is do I have to buy the exact same card to do SLI or will another regular 8800GT work? I've never done SLI before. Thanks!
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    Horrible Source Performance

    Since installing and playing Half Life 2 Episode 2 and Portal both games have run like crap. I installed the 163.75 drivers and those haven't helped. I am at a loss of what to do to get the games to run correctly. Any ideas? I hate this damn 7950GX2.
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    Anyone get Gnuboy working on their WM5.0 Smartphone?

    I got a BlackJack a few days ago and was trying to put Gnuboy on it and couldnt quite get it to work. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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    Installed Vista today...

    I went out and bought an OEM version of Vista Ultimate. Once installed everything went peachy. I installed the Forceware 100.59's gaming seemed to be good. But when I looked in my device manager one of the 7950GX2 icons had a ! by it. It gives the error: This device is not working properly...
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    Weird Problem with Episode 1

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    DVD Drive Not Reading DVD's

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    Weird problems after uninstalling Nvidia drivers

    So my plan was to install the 9371 drivers from Nvidia. I uninstalled my current video drivers, rebooted in Safe Mode, ran Driver Cleaner Pro, and removed the Nvidia drivers. When I rebooted into regular Windows the boot screen appeared and then my computer crashed. It did this repeatedly then...
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    Shuttle XPC SN26 7950 GX2 compatible???

    Thread title.
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    Advice on Widescreen 20 inch LCD

    I currently have a 19 inch Sony LCD using DVI and a 8 m/s response time( max res 1280X1024). I just got a 7950GX2 through a step-up and wanted a beefier monitor. I was looking for something under three hundred dollars that is: Widescreen, DVI capable, 8 m/s response time, and bigger than 19...
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    Weird Coincidence

    My friend has been having a problem with his computer. First his power supply had died, we replaced it with another PSU, a few days later that power supply kind of stopped working, You turn on the power supply, press the power switch it starts to turn on , like the fans start spinning, and then...
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    Need reccomendation for CPU

    I recently acquired a 7950 GX2 video card and was thinking my Venice-cored 3200+ might be holding it back. The 3200+ is overclocked to 2.4ghz with a 1:1 ratio with my RAM. I was thinking a dual-core cpu would be awesome and was wondering what you guys thought. Cheers!
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    Questions about 7950 GX2

    I just received my 7950 GX2 via UPS from EVGA ( I love the step-up program) and had a few questions for the other people that have them. 1: What drivers do you guys use? 2: What are your idle temperatures? Right now my card(s) are idling around 63 degrees celcius. Oh and are the drivers...
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    Weird Problem with Episode 1

    Okay so I just beat the last level in Episode 1 and after the credits when its supposed to show the Episode 2 trailer, the gane crashes to the desktop. I restarted Episode 1 went to new game, selected the Episode 2 trailer and it did the same thing. Restarts to Steam and my computer have proved...
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    Trying to record A/V through VIVO 7800GTX

    I downloaded the Geforce 6/7 WDM VIVO drivers and Windows Media Encoder. When I try and record A/V through Windows Media Encoder audio is recorded but not video. I used the composite dongle that came with my card and my Xbox 360 is connected to that. Any help is appreaciated!
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    Streaming to the PSP

    I wasnt quite sure where to post this but I got my wireless network installed in my house and was wondering if there was any way to stream music/pictures/video to my PSP from my computer.
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    Any help raising the PCI Express bus speed?

    I was wondering if there was any benefits in raising the PCI express bus speed. It would make sense that if you raised this clock speed performance increase would be a result. I've also heard that by raising the bus speed that overclockability is raised. Just speculation. Thanks!
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    What to use for 7800GTX's VIVO functionality.

    I recently overhauled my computer and bought a EVGA e-GeForce 7800GTX KO Ac3 edition. The card has VIVO and I was wondering what software I should use to capture video. Thanks.
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    Weird 6800 problem

    Ok, so I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but today I installed x3 the reunion and when I installed it and tried to play it, after a few seconds of starting a new game the screen artifacts to hell and my computer restarts. I thought this was weird so I started a game in Halo and it...
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    Problems with 360 scaling...

    I got a hi-def vga connector for my 360, and my monitor wont scale well to 1280X720. I can select it in Windows and its runs in a 16:9 aspect ratio, but when I select it for the 360 the image gets stretched out to fill the entire screen. Any ideas?
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    XBOX360 to DVI monitor.

    I have a 19 inch Sony LCD monitor (SDM-HS94P) and was wondering if I could use it as a monitor for my 360 using a HDMI to DVI cable.
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    Will this work?

    Okay first off, where I live I can only get Direcway ( Sattelite Internet ) which makes online gaming impossible. Now my neighbor up the road ( less than a mile ) has cable. I thought of a possible way of getting his internet to me and I came up with the idea of connecting his modem to a...
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    Weird Fable bug.

    Okay I beat the game, then I made a different profile and started a new game. But on my new game all of the peasants talk to me like they would in the other game. Preaching all of my accomplishments when I just started the game. Its weird... Anyway anyone know how to fix it?
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    Looking for TV tuner that can power 2 displays.

    Im looking for a TV tuner and video card combo and needed recomendations. I also need to run two monitors off of the card. Im building a HTPC for my SUT.
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    Artifactin 7800GTX

    Okay I got a new computer with a Lian Li PC-v1100 case and a 7800GTX. I tried playin Halo and got some severe artifacting but the game played well. I tried again with Rivatuner running and was getting temps 80-85C. I rigged a fan above the card so it got some air and the the temps were reduced...
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    Question about disk performance

    Okay I have a RAID 0 array and a 15 gig ATA hard drive in my computer. Right now I have the 15 gig handling the page file. Would it be faster to have the page file on the Raid 0 along with my OS or is it better to leave it the way it is?
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    Need opinions on Ram

    I need to get a gig o ram for my computer and was looking at a few manufacturers mainly Corsair, OCZ, and G.Skill. I was seriously considering buying this , but I wanted to get your guys opion first. My old ram crapped out on me and i've been wanting to get memory that I will be able to use in...
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    Performance with Battlefield 2

    How is your guys performance in Battlefield 2. Using the system in sig. my performance is horible. When it eventually loads the game I get constant stuttering and pausing. I've read that people with similar systems can run the game on high settings with no problems. I have it running at 1280X960...
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    Adding Slower Ram

    Okay I need your guys' opinion: I have 512mb of Ram running at a 1:1 ratio with my CPU at 250FSB, i've noticed that games dont run as well as they should, would it be worth it to clock the ram down to a 1:11 ratio ( CPU running at 250, ram at 200) and add another 512mb of ram?
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    DVD Drive Not Reading DVD's

    I have a Samsung DVD drive that I recently installed and it doesnt read any DVD movies I put in it.It does read regular CDs and it reads DVD-ROMS ( Half Life 2 Install disc) but not movies. Any ideas?
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    Got replacement PSP..

    Ok so I got a PSP from Circuit City after getting a refund for my defective PSP from Gamestop. Anyway after checking some of Circuit City's PSPs for dead pixels none had any but there was a lot of dust behind the screen cover. Anyone else have this problem?? I was thinking of taking a vacumn to...
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    A question for all you SLI owners

    I'm thinking of building a SLI system and what PSU I should get. I was looking at this but I dont know if that will be enough for the system I want to build: 2 Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM SATA Hard Drive, Model WD740GD G.skill (Samsung TCCD) Dual Channel Kit 184-Pin 1GB(512MB x 2)...
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    Just got my replacement 6800GT

    I had an XFX 6800GT that died and the company I bought it from has replaced it with a newer revision. The werid thing is the card has a brace or something on the side of it. Its attacked to the front plate where you screw it into the case and it goes to the back of the card where it screws in...
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    Dead card after installing DNA drivers...

    I installed the DNA version of 71.24 drivers correctly. Upon restart where it would normally say Nvidia 6800GT the screen is garbled ,then that screen goes away, it goes blank and my computer restarts. Nothing i've tried fixes it. I tried the card in another computer and it did the same thing...