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    Random Crashes and Errors

    I'm not overclocking anything. My comp will run fine for weeks at a time with no issues, and then randomly I will have some blue screen and crashes. I thought it might be my OS install needing a refresh, or possibly some virii or something that wasn't being detected. So I reinstalled 8.1 last...
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    Could my mouse be causing this error?

    Lately while playing Diablo, the game crashes and says something about out of memory error, but my mouse no longer appears to work, until I reboot my computer. I have an original DeathAdder that is like 7 years old. I have 16gb of ram, so I'm sure I'm not running out of memory. Is the mouse...
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    Payday 2 vs Sniper Elite Nazy Zombie Army 2?

    Payday 2 is $17.99 this weekend on steam, and SENZA2 is $15. Anyone have experience with either? I want a fun co-op game with replayability. I downloaded the Payday2 demo and it seems pretty cool.
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    Chrome flash video hardware video decode problem?

    Am I the only one who cannot get hardware video decoding to work in Chrome? It works in IE, but I cannot get it to work in Chrome, any thoughts?
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    Realtek RT8191SE Lag Spikes

    Just recently built a new system with this wifi card in it, and I am experiencing random lag spikes of up at 2000ms when pinging my E3000 router. I've tried the stock firmware on the router as well as the tomato variety I was using. I've tried both Windows 8 and Linuxmint 14 and the problem...
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    ASRock Z77E-ITX Owners Thread

    Hey guys, I just finished a build with this motherboard and I am extremely impressed so far. Using the fast boot and an SSD, it boots to Windows 8 in like 5 seconds. It's crazy. I am still using the stock cooler, so I have not had a chance to try to overclock yet. However, I noticed the...
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    Best card for 1080p under $250 that vents outside of case?

    As the title states, I'm looking for a card that vents directly outside of the case and will suffice at 1080p. Will a 660 cut it or do I need 660ti? What about AMD/ATI? Do these signature FTW EVGA cards vent outside the case? I might spend a little more than $250, but that was my original...
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    Activation Question

    Hi I recently did the upgrade deal and paid for a cd key for Windows 8 and have installed it on my laptop. I am planning on building a new desktop. If I sell my laptop and reinstall the windows 7 that came on it, can I use Windows 8 on my new system?
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    Budget Gaming Rig

    Hey, I have been out of the hardware scene for quite some time. The last system I build had a 2.13ghz E6xxx something cpu that I overclocked to 3.2ghz. Anyways, I'm looking for a budget setup that will play current games. I'm currently playing on my XPS15 laptop that has an i5 cpu and a...
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    Best Coop Zombie Game

    I missed picking up Dead Island on the steam sale, but I'm wondering what's the best coop zombie/horror game out there? I have not played Dead Island, or Left for Dead 1/2.
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    Diablo III, which class are you playing first?

    I know there is already a 12+ page Diablo III discussion forum, but it's not really covering this, and I would like this to be a discussion from people who are playing the game at launch, just curious what everyone else is playing. I'm really torn between Barbarian and Wizard. I played casters...
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    Linux Mint for newb.

    Hey my aunt and uncle have an older pc with xp on it that keeps having issues, and rather than fooling with XP, I was debating on putting Linux Mint on their computer. They pretty much only browse the web. I haven't used Linux Mint before, and they have never used Linux. I see that there are...
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    DVD backup for XBOX playback

    I'm trying to find an easy solution to take DVDs and turn them into some kind of file format that I can save on my mybook live so I can play them back on my xbox for my 2 year old daughter, as opposed to her grabbing for dvds and breaking/scratching them. I have i5 processor and would like to...
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    Best Kinect Games?

    I just got a Kinect and am going over my cousins tomorrow for our annual nerdapalooza and wanted to get some kind of fighting game for Kinect. I saw that there is a Hulk Hogan game, are there any games anyone recommends?
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    RT-N16 or other Wireless router with USB

    I have a USB powered hard drive enclosure with a 120g hard drive that I want to use to backup pictures of my daughter, but I want it to be on our network so my wife and I can store the pictures on it rather than on our laptops, so the data is always available and in the same location. I am...
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    Quake 3

    Anyone still playing Quake 3? Any interesting mods? I always liked instagib with railgun. I was just talking to my cousin last night about how I miss games where there weren't all these killstreak perks and stupid shit where some dumbass can die and drop a nade and kill you, dogs and what...
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    Skyrim Character Builds Discussion

    Just wanted to see how people were building their character. I picked a High Elf and was but with all the fire damage fighting dragons, I can see where the 50% fire resist of the Dark Elf would be a pretty big advantage. I've been trying to go hybrid and get perks that boost one-handed weapons...
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    Xbox Action RPG Coop Games?

    So I've played Crimson Alliance which was really fun, but I'm looking for something with more open maps and loot drops. I saw a thread on Lord of the Rings: War in the North, but it doesn't seem like it's as good as the videos look. My buddy and I are looking for a fun coop action RPG to play...
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    Crucial 4gb DDR3-1333 SO-DIMM $19.99

    Microcenter has 4gb sticks for $19.99, $10 off the normal price. I could not find them on the shelf and had to have someone go get them, might be because they have their brand of ram on sale as well.
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    Choose between two $300 Lenovo laptops

    My wife dropped her 4 year old Inspiron 1525 (core 2 duo 2gb ram) a while back and I think she messed up the video card, the standoff that holds the heatsink for the video card broke off the motherboard, and I have been using a bigger screw to attempt to hold it in place, but the screen keeps...
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    Crimson Alliance XBOX

    Anyone else find this game really fun? I downloaded the free trial a while back, then came back last night and paid the 1200 points to unlock the whole game, and then the map pack. I'm loving the wizard guy. The only thing that would be cooler was if the players could jump. Adding another...
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    Google TV? Only $299 for the 24" and $499 for the 32" Anyone have one? My wife's laptop is on its last leg, and we could use another TV. My wife really only uses her laptop at home for checking webmail, facebook, netflix, and listening to music. We also would be using it to...
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    Why do we keep paying $50-$60 for the same thing over and over?

    Is it just me, or is it rare to have a new game that's actually something new and unique? Take Battlefield 3 for example. I played the open beta on xbox and while I admit it's a good game, and it will be fun to play, it's really not that much different from Bad Company 2. Modern Warfare 3...
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    Steam Free to Play Games?

    I know TF2 is fun, but anyone have any experience with any of the other free to play games on steam? Crimecraft: Bleedout, Rusty Hearts, Spiral Knights? There are a few others. If you've played any of them, let me know what you think, etc. Thanks!
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    NAS or Router + USB Hard Drive

    Looking for a solution to save mp3s, and pictures/videos of our daughter in one centralized location. My wife and I have our own laptops, so data is scattered across them. I've read about some of the NAS having proprietary software etc. and I was thinking that just using a router with a USB...
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    Centrino Advanced-N 6200

    I'm experiencing a strange phenomenon with this card. I have a Dell XPS 15 (L502X) that came with a Intel Wifi 1000BGN wireless card, which only operates on 2.4ghz and has 300mbit download and 150mbit upload. I purchased the 6200 card because it works on 5ghz and supports 300mbit in both...
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    Best Laptop LapDesk

    Anyone tried this? I'm looking for a decent sized lapdesk that I can use with a mouse.
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    Free AV vs. Nod32

    Hey all, I've been using NOD32 since like version 2.5, and my license is due to expire soon, and I have been reading some mixed reviews, some stating that NOD32 just isn't that good anymore. Are any of the free AV like Avast, AVG, Panda Cloud, etc. good enough or better than NOD32? I'm using...
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    WRT54GS stuck at 16mbit speeds

    I just dumped my dsl for cable and when I ran ethernet straight into the modem from my laptop I was pulling 30mbit to speedtests, but when I go wired or wireless through my router, it's capping at around 16mbit. Anyone know of any decent priced wireless routers that will get me closer to...
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    HP G6-1b60us Llano A4-330M at Staples for $371.99 after $50 MIR
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    Help Choosing Laptop

    Hey guys I've been researching and looking for a laptop that will last me a long time, but I want to get one that comes with the free xbox 360. I've checked various sites, and I'm comparing three laptops. I'm planning on doing most of my gaming on the xbox, but I wouldn't mind if the laptop...
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    Upgrade from GTX 260

    I have not really kept up to date on hardware and wondering if someone could help me. Is there a relatively inexpensive nvidia card that would be an upgrade that would give me DX11 capabilities without being too bottlenecked by my cpu? I'm looking to run 1680x1050 resolution. Thanks!
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    Upgrade my GTX 260 for DX11

    Hey I haven't been keeping track of hardware as closely as I used to. My current system does pretty well for me in most of the games I play, but I am looking for a relatively inexpensive Dx11 card to replace my GTX260. My monitor runs at 1680x1050 resolution. Are there any cards around $150...
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    Thinking of making the move to 360

    So I'm frankly tired with PC cheating, and the general constant hardware upgrades, and lacking support and delayed game releases on the PC. Black Ops runs like crap and I don't even feel like messing with it anymore. I think I'm going to sell my PC, and pickup a 360 and a cheaper laptop for...
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    Possible upgrade, please provide feedback

    I'm currently using a core2duo cpu overclocked to 8x400, and noticed today that microcenter has the Q8300 on sale for $89.99. I'm wondering if getting this cpu will be a noticeable upgrade at all. I'm hoping I can overclock it to 3.0 without too much trouble. I'm trying to hold out on...
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    What's Wrong?

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone here can help me. Around Christmas time I built a system for my uncle using the gigabyte P35-DS3L and a dual core cpu (cannot remember the exact cpu). From the very beginning, I noticed that the cpu fan did not immediately start spinning when the system was...
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    Should I?

    For $99 and a $25 mail in rebate, even if I don't need it right now, you think I should pick up another 2 gigs of this geil ddr2-800? It's so cheap now, I'd hate to run into it costing a lot more when I need it, but unless I run...
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    E6600 Stock Cooler or E6400 with Scythe Ninja?

    Pairing either with this memory (GSKILL DDR800 HZ) and this mobo (DS3 1.3): Which route do you recommend? Is 400x9 realistic with stock cooler on the e6600 with...
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    158.19 No fan control?

    Am I the only one who cannot change fan speeds with these drivers? I am referring to Windows XP, not Vista
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    EVGA Regular VS. Superclocked 8800GTS 640mb

    Is there any difference between these cards aside from clocks? I think they use the same coolers? Are there faster memory chips on the superclocked? I read that the 320mb superclocked uses 1.1ns. Or are you just paying for a card thats clocked faster by default?