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    Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood benchmark

    FFXIV Stormblood, the latest expansion to the popular MMORPG drops in two months. Want to see if your PC can handle it? The benchmark has just been released, Enjoy & post those results!
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    Geforce GTX 1070 mini!

    This is quite impressive. Will link to the source. RIP Nano? Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini ITX OC Unleashed - Fastest SFF Gaming Card
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    [H]ot! Hyper X Cloud II w/ R6S for $69.99!

    While I do favor higher end headsets, I grabbed a pair of these for when I travel. At the price I paid for, which was $99.99, on Amazon, I considered it a steal. This is an even bigger steal at the price. I would highly recommend grabbing a pair if you are on the market for a headset...
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    LG 30 Inch 4K Monitor....

    How many people will be interested in this? I've put off going to a mult-imonitor setup in hopes that this would happen. A 30" display may be to small for me though. I would love to put it trough a test drive though!
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    CES 2012 Nvidia Press Conference

    The conference will start at 4:00pm PST, 7:00pm EST. I will link to any sites that will be streaming it. Maybe we'll finally get some solid Kepler info :p Nvidia - Cnet - - All Streams
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    CES 2012 Intel Press Conference Stream

    A little late but it's been going on for about 15 minutes now. I'm watching it over at Cnet Live. Things talked about. Physics capablity & advancement of the Ivy Bridge Architecture Ivy Bridge will be Direct X 11 Compliant Demos shown so far have been on Ultrabooks
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    AMD HD 7000 Series

    I don't really keep up with AMD as I use to but there is some info starting to trickle out on various sites about the upcoming next gen parts. Nothing solid, just some dates & rumors being thrown around. Take it all with a grain of salt of course :p...
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    Good Starter Lens for Canon 60D

    With a lot of help from a friend that works at Canon ( low position), I was able to acquire a Canon D60. Although he was pushing me more towards the 50D, I felt the 60D was more for me to start out with. It is just the body since I was to put down a decent amount on a better lense than what...
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    Odd performance problems with F.E.A.R

    Will make it short. The Game refuses to run beyond 20 FPS no mater what settings I use. Even at the absolute lowest possible. I just picked up the game yesterday via Steam due to the sale. It's the only game that seems to have this performance issue. Any idea or is this something that was an...
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    D-Link DIR-825 or DGL-4500

    I am going to be picking up one of these routers either today or tomorrow. I know the current issue with there firmware update on the 4500 so if I do go that route, I simply wont upgrade the firmware until that whole situation is dealt with, I caught wind of the 825 while looking up reviews &...
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    Good Laptop Under $1k

    So I have this trip to the Philippines coming up In July. I'm going to be meeting my Girlfriends extended family. The trip alone will run me anywhere from $3.5 . 4.5k. Staying for two weeks. So calculating bills & the rent that needs to be payed prior to the trip, that should leave me with...
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    Good PC26400 Ram

    Seems like my IP35 Pro doesn't play nice with Ballistix ram. My first pair got a C1 Error after 6 months of use. The system would not boot anymore no matter what I did. All of the other hardware worked fine. Tested it all in my older build. So the memory seem done for. I have a very flexible...
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    IP35 Pro C1 Error

    I pretty much want this error gone. I've been through there sites on probally every thread where the C1 error was brought up. Nothing worked. Nothing at all. I've had this board since it launched with 0 problems. I shut it down for not even an hour. Just to play some Xbox 360. As soon as I go to...
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    The absolute best gaming headset.

    Sup guys. I'm simply looking for feedback on the best gaming headsets out there. Price is not a problem at all. I currently do have one of the best atm, the Razer Barracuda HP-1 Headset. They deliver amazing sound & do a great job when I'm playing my first person shooters. There is one annoying...
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    Dell Inspiron 8500 GPU Upgrade

    Background - Gotta love stories This laptop was found by my dad. He is a porter for a residential building here in NYC. He is always finding towers & laptops for me. This was by far his best find though. Specs as it was given to me Pent 4 M 2.2 ghz 512MB Pc2100 (2x356) 60 gig Hatachi...
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    Hellgate: London Beta SS's

    Currently playing the beta. It's a very good game & runs great on my current rig. Still has some work to be done but with the release of the Nvidia beta drivers & a huge patch coming today from the devs, Should be able to further crank the AA. Currently at 1920 x 1200, 8 x AF, 2x AA. Everything...
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    EVGA 680i board Owners! (HSF Question)

    I am currently building my rig as of right now. I have already ordered the Mem, Board, CPU, HD, etc. The motherboard that I have purchased is the EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 LGA 775 I am going to be OC'ing my Core 2 Duo CPU as far as...
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    What will Blizzards announcement be? (Poll)

    The Rumors are flying all over every major website & publication known in the world of gaming? With the 100% success rate that Blizzard has given itself with hit after hit, what is next for them? With the lost of some very Talented people, such as Bill Roper, what can Blizzards announcement...
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    Absolute BEST (PCI) Video Card.

    Everyone loves a story with a post =). The last time I used PCI video cards, it was for dual Voodoo II's in my slot 1 Pent II system =D. Those were the good days. I never thought the day would come that I would be hunting down one once again. Luckily it is not for me, but for my Girlfriend...
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    New Intel CPU.s, Authentic???

    I was debating on another forum about this as I saw not one tech site to my knowledge catch wind of this. Was trying to figure out how authentic this was. It's in Chinese but will also post the Google translated link.
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    Best Full Tower Case

    Im pretty set on purchasing the Thermaltake Armor. Always good to make sure that theres not atleast a somewhat better full tower out there. Since Im going the Sli 8800GTX route most likly a Core 2 Extreme, not sure of the Quad or Duo as of yet, airflow & alot of space, ease of installition are...
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    FEAR Sound Torubleshooting

    I am still googling like heck to find a solution to this & figuring that this is the best community for solution, deciced to dump my problem here to see if anyone has a solution for it. Simply put, FEAR does not run at all unless I disable the sound. It will immediatly crash to the desktop with...
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    WoW Issues.

    Just started playing a few days ago & the system built has not reach a month. The game runs great on the system in every way possible with the exceptence of when there is to much going on in the immediate area all at once. Kind of like nearing an auction house area or just any area that is...
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    AMD XP HSF choices

    Well I know Thermaltakes repuation isnt to great but I was considering on getting this. Fact being since it's not to loud yet it is still effective. Also cus of some very good review scores/feedbacks I was able to google up. I...
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    Athlon Xp 3200+ Question

    Not to long ago I built myself a cheap gaming rig using low end parts. Like a low end mobo value ram, etc. Only due to some debt issues at the time of the purchases I've made. Now that Im in the clear I've been really upping the quality of my parts. I've done just about everything except for one...
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    Good $100 PSU's That situatuion is currently leading me into purchasing a new PSU. Mostly to see if that was the problem to begin with, & one that will supply me with enough power if I decide to get a much better videoo card down the road/ Referring to a...
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    Prblems with AMD 64 3200+

    Well, its an atual system problem. Didn't know where to put this post at so any of the mods can feel free to move it to an appropiate forum area as needed. Was building my new system last night. I do have knowledge of system building & never had a prob. When it was finally done, plugged...
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    Need some assistance.

    Ok, after a hassel with UPS, I finally got my CPU. (Had to go pick it up cus they claimed they came three times when in reality they only came once). Thats another story for another day. Heres the situation. This will be my first time dealing with AS5. I will be apllying it onto an AMD 64 3200+...
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    Risky Move?

    Thanx to most of the peoeple on these forums, I was able to set me up a fairly decent rig. Im very hesistant at the moment as to putting everything together cus I'll be working with a Antec SmartBlue 350watt PSU. Its 10 months old at the moment. The rig looks like this at the moment AMD 3200+...
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    Lapping the XP-90?

    Anyone know where I can track down the correct procedure in doing so, or it isn't really needed. Setup is AMD 3000+ (Coming in soon) 754 XP-90 HS with Pal Fan MSI K8N Neo Plat Using Artic Silver 5 Will defitnly be trying to OC it a bit. Thx in Advance for all replies =)...
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    GOOD HSF for an AMD 3000+ on Neo

    Want to great a HSF combo & was wondering if the MSI K8N Neo Platinum is roomy enough for an XP-120. Diefitnly trying to get the best thing that inst water cooling. Price is not an obstacle for me. -DarkLegacy
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    The Best "OC'ing" Nf3 250GB Motherboard.

    From what I know, The DFI Lanparty UT nf3 board is the down right best board, but I could always be wrong. Are there any other boards that can top or equal to this boar?. Price is not a problem for me. Just wanna get the best possible board to pair with my 3000+ 754 Newcastle. Thx in advance =)...
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    AMD64 2800+ HSF choices

    Will be for my AMD64 2800+ when i get it, plan to OC it so wonder which of the 2 is the better HSF & has easier installation. Thermaltake Venus 12...
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    Good AMD 2500+ Combos

    I see that alot of people get mixed results with multiple AMD 2500+ setups. Some better than others. I will say right off the bat that Im defitnly gonna OC it. Im fixed on what ram to get. PQI Turbo PC3200 with the 2-2-2-5 timings. Everything else I have already & just need the mobo & cpu. Will...