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    GPU MSRP is Not Meaningless @

    I can assure I got my DGXA100 last aug at nvidia msrp. I put in my order for it just shortly after announcement and it took until Aug to be fufilled after tendering and contracting, bidding, security forms etc. I have a strict budget to work with for my work, so numbers are finalized well before...
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    Screwed by EVGA

    They took care of their longtime users first within the queues. I've been with them since 200 series, got 3 cards since 3090 launch from EVGA queue.
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    Anyone running their 3080/3090 with a vertical GPU mount?

    I'm running a link-up pcie 4 wire for my lian li vertical kit in an 011d. I ordered a 20cm one and it turned out to be overkill, the extra slack is the full width of a 3090 FTW3. I thought I was ordering smaller than the lian li vertical kit wire, but turns out I measured from the wrong spot on...
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    Nvidia record quarterly revenue ($7.1B) in Q3 2021 calendar year

    They are making a ton more cash in the enterprise and professional front.
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    I pulled the trigger on a 3070ti step up to 3090. EVGA is still good on their pricing compared to newegg or anyone else.
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    Pre-Built PC's cheaper per-part than individual parts?

    Not losing your mind, been seeing this trend since beginning of the year.
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    5900x microstuttering, stuttering, slowing down windows

    I had a weird fps issue with my system after a new build. It was fine on initial install, then I did updates to components such as chipset and drivers. Performance in benches was down and in game saw crazy frame rate instability. In the end, had too do a full windows reinstall as there was no...
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    Intel 7700k to AMD 5900x

    I've did the jump last year. It made an improvement to frame stability in all games, especially in multiplayer ones online.
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    Did I get Sold a Broken 2080 Ti?

    Take benchmarks with a grain of salt. Unless it's significantly underperforming, those numbers are in line with the 2x 2080ti I've had, and I had an asus and an evga 2080ti and they performed within 5% of each other. Do not expect to hit peak numbers run on a bench of some website, their systems...
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    LHR for current gen cards are a horrible idea

    Still rocking a launch model 3090 and been mining 24/7 on it since last year. Since GPU scheduling was implemented, gaming on it and mining has been pretty good, sure mining performance tanks, but its not like you lose all mining while gaming.
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    Activision's new anti-cheat system for COD includes kernel level driver. driver already leaked.

    Guess I am uninstalling COD from my system. I don't condone any sw getting kernel level access like this.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Canopus Spectra 2500 with voodoo1/2 passthru. It let me have a 2d card that was decent and a 3d accelerator. It "felt" like what a modern setup would eventually be, 2d/3d seamlessly integrated.
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    NVIDIA LHR Cards Full Unlocked Mining Performance

    Even with ETH moving to proof of stake, a lot of other coins have the potential to "step up" to be the next eth. You just need the crypto user base to move onto to something and latch on. The transition to alternatives will be even faster than bitcoin to eth for mining because a new amount of...
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    NVIDIA LHR Cards Full Unlocked Mining Performance

    Did a test run on 3080ti and 3070ti; 3080ti still runs best mining only eth. 3070ti is doing its best doing ETH + ERGO.
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    Nvidia 3080 GE Force RTX founders edition Has a very low cash rate (30) MH

    you are better off directly mining a coin in a pool than using nicehash.
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    Nvidia 3080 GE Force RTX founders edition Has a very low cash rate (30) MH

    Look up your card on whattomine and check which crypto is most profitable then mine that. Jumping on eth is not the most profitable for all cards, but you can always change the other coins back into eth later.
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    LHR for current gen cards are a horrible idea

    I have a nice rig with a 3090. I mine because it's extra spending money. Tracking a Z06 isn't cheap. I picked up 4 more cards in store/evga queue at msrp. It's not like I waited in any lines. I just saw they were in stock and said I want that card. 1 Rig is hooked up to my entertainment center...
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    Smell of heat

    lol @ smell of heat. Also my 3090 hits 477W in control if left at 100%. I can touch 495W if I crank it up to 119%. Also it is NOT worth the extra 1-2 fps it gives to push it like this. I can keep it above 120fps in DLSS-1 1440p running it 85% and use 425-440W. It's great for keeping a plate warm...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    So I got an e-mail from EVGA to ask me to pick and choose my top 2 cards I really want to free up queue space, they recommended that I keep the more popular cards ie 3090 FTW3 3080TI FTW3 3070FTW3 in general as they produce more of those cards than the more rare stuff, but I'm actually in the...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    I've seen plenty of local cards available too. I've picked up a 3070ti and 6700xt locally. Friends have picked up 3080ti and 3060ti too.
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Got my second 3080ti from EVGA. Surprised I haven't received any notifications about 3070ti or 3090hybrid.
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    2 and 3 were all fluff material; didn't have same story impact or creativity as the first movie. The new trailer seems to ask questions similar to the first movie which makes me feel like this will be more story oriented just like the first movie.
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    5900x VID at > 1.45?

    I have mine set to 1.37 basically a -offset, but under loads it'll go up to 1.47. Would not worry about it as long as temps are within expected range.
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    Quake 2 rtx - weird long exit

    Let's see... a tech demo grafted on a 25 year old game left running for 5 hours... or it's a video card problem. You don't consider that the tech demo may have had a small mem leak and it just took time to clean it up or unload it from memory? Especially considering all other games exit just...
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    Extreme undervolting RTX 3070 Ti question.

    Have not tried undervolting, but just doing a -200 on my gpu clock and raising mem speed improved my mining performance from 46mh to 51mh and dropped power usage from 215w to 188w.
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    Can you stop EVGA cards from shutting the fans off at idle?

    I'd do the EVGA RMA, they always keep stock on hand for RMA. You can be fixed in a day.
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    I've been at this since voodoo1. You gotta have contacts, friends in retail and distribution channels and even friends at both companies to secure some stock. Though I try to keep my professional side separate from my personal side as I don't like calling in favors through commercial channels...
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    Looking for advice: Zotac 3070 and EVGA 3070 Ti are the same price - which do I get?

    3070ti for the warranty which is also transferable on resale. LHR is kinda meh now, you can mine on an LHR card with coins that aren't LHR targetted or use something like nbminer which has freed up good performance. I still game on my 3070ti card for my racing games as it's connected to my home...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    I loved this game and Sekiro. Both I played to 100% completion and learned the parry systems. At the end of Fallen Order I really wanted to have a shot at fighting Vader fairly lol Both of these are really niche games and require that you have a ton of patience to learn the system. If you are...
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    So is all this madness still in full swing?

    EVGA 3080ti queue just hit around the first hour of sign ups lol. I know because I signed up within the first hour and just got my notification today. Since 3k series launch, have personally bought 3090XC3, 3090FTW3, 3070ti FTW3 in store, 3090FTW3, 3080ti FTW3 in evga queue.
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    3080 Ti EVGA Notify Queue

    It was much faster than I expected TBH. The 3090 FTW3, I bought an XC3 then a FTW3 in store first before I finally got my notification in Feb. I also signed up on launch day of the 3090.
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    Nvidia software seems to be garbage. RTX 3080 high temps or low performance

    My 3090 doesn't turn on its fans at idle, I see it sitting at 58C in my case in a vertical orientation just messing around the internet. Fans don't come on until I start up a game, and I'm capped in driver to 145fps so I rarely see above 30% fan speed which is quieter than the 140mm fans I use...
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    3080 Ti EVGA Notify Queue

    Got my notify today. Signed up within first hour on launch day.
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Just got my 3080ti allocation today. So far have gotten my 3090 FTW3 and 3080ti now. Since launch have gotten a 3090XC3, 2x3090FTW3, 3070TI, 3080ti.
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    Great news everybody! RTX 30 series hashing limiter partially defeated!

    On the home front I buy cards when available and I've had a 3090 since launch. I only picked up a 3070ti because of the LHR fix and even then I got the card for msrp so it fits with what I want it to do. On the work front, I've picked up 24 A5000 cards and a DGX-A100 at msrp pricing...
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    Great news everybody! RTX 30 series hashing limiter partially defeated!

    The LHR cards are a joke, they just look for eth algorithms and nerf them. The other coins seem to be slipping through and getting full hash rates. Just got to pick something with a good ROI and then convert to your crypto of choice. I'd do ravencoin but I've already been doing a ton of eth and...
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    Great news everybody! RTX 30 series hashing limiter partially defeated!

    I am trying out nbminer right now. It has a slight edge of 2MH over nanominer on my 3090 for the same power. On the 3070ti, I have no choice but to use nbminer as nanominer is gimped by the LHR. 3070ti nanominer does 37MH, while nbminer can hit 47MH For any mining program, if you want to game...
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    Great news everybody! RTX 30 series hashing limiter partially defeated!

    I guess you want to tell me that my Z06 is also polluting the planet and I shouldn't track that either. A car is for getting you from point a to b and should be boring as hell too right? I use all of nvidia's product stack from laptops to DGX servers for my daily work and my home life. I run...
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    Great news everybody! RTX 30 series hashing limiter partially defeated!

    I mine on the side with my cards. I picked up a 3070ti the other day since learning about the partial fix. It's earning $100 usd per month and I game on it too; windows gpu scheduling allows it to mine and game at the same time albeit at a reduced rate as it puts focus on your primary task. It's...