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    Need Help with shuttle xpc sn27p2 audio

    hey guys, i bought the shuttle sn27p2 about a week ago and i cant get my audio to work. Its has Realtek ALC882 HD Audio, and everytime i try to install the drivers it says "Microsoft Bus Driver must be installed before installing Realtek HD audio". i have it installed and i still get the...
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    9800pro missing capacitor

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    where to find a mountainmods look a like?

    i like the idea of it, just hate the pricing of it. everynow and then i see OEM server that looks like it , does anyone know where i could find such a thing? just looking for double wide, everything else will be modded to fit
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    need ideas on building a passive WC system.

    the system will consist of : intel Pentium D 2.66ghz @ ???? 2gb ddr2 160gb sata 6800 non ultra@ 16pipelines (will be in loop) ill be using the blue vga and cpu waterblocks from Zalman with a switftech pump. i want to run with a minimum amount of fans. possibly only the one that is...
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    how to add splash screen on my wifi Freespot?

    my parents currently own a beauty salon with Charter high speed internet installed. i installed a Linksys WRT54g ver.5 (sucks no hackable firmware). and encrypted it with WEP key at the moment. its a just for now thing. i'd like to provide the customers with access and at the same time...
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    x1800xt and x1900xt

    I was just wondering if the x1800xt uses the same gpu as the x1900xt? Kinda like how the x800 uses the same gpu as the x850s.
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    need to upgrade hard drive... advice please

    hello my fellow Apple users, i'd just like some information to help me fix a friend's computer. i understand it might be a little outdated to work on, but its a college budget im working with. she has a color iMac G3 333mhz, 64mb (soon to be upgraded), 6gb hdd (i believe os X), and that's all...
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    9800pro missing capacitor

    I was trying to plug the power plug into the 9800 and accidently broke off a cap. can anyone help me figure out the model number of this cap
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    can a external usb HDD enclosure handle two hdd's?

    i was curious, b/c i just bought a adaptec usb hard drive enclosure. and was wanting to mod it to a bigger case that could house two hard drives. and wanted to see if i used a regualar IDE cable that can handle two devices and just put a Y-Splitter for power. any experiences with this?
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    semi-hot ,,, 1gb PC2700 Kingston for $54.99 i bought some today, and running it at 3200 speeds running prime over night. and memtest the next day tomorrow, you could either pick it up at stores, or have them shipped. .... i wonder if this...
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    ati X800XL retail box $299.99 *Fry's Electronic in arlington"

    not sure about other fry's, but the fry's in arlington texas on Matlock has the ATI X800XL in the retail box for $299.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about 7+ in stock
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    general LED question

    im planning to make a long length of LED"s, and i was wondering, if i hooked up all the led in parallel, and then positive have the resistor and negative straight to the source, should i use a resistor for each led? or one resistor for all is fine? its giong to be in a cathode type situation
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    whats the difficulty to mod my pc6070 to mount the board upside down?

    i have a lian li pc6070b, and i like the upside down mounted ATX board like the V1000 series. has anyone done this mod before? i was thinking, just remove all the rivets, and put it together upside down, and re-rivet? dos 2.4 , ncch-dl, twinX pc3200, 4 HDD"s, 6800gt, antec 550w eps12v
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    Firefox taking up a lot of CPU usage, and im on a xeon?!

    im on a dual 2.4 @ 2.9, and i noticed slow down when i scroll through pages, this just recently started to happen. it would idle around 15% , for my xeon system, that equates to about 60% for a single proc (both cpu's are HT enabled) , all drivers, updates, firmware, updated. but when...
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    dual xeon 2.4 @ 2.9 for now, two heatsinks one fan *pics*

    the retail 60 mm were so annoying i did something to cure the problem, well, bandage it, the new 120mm isnt as high pitch, just low hum. 2.4 d1 @ 2.9 (165*18) ncch-dl bios:1001 corsair twin x pc3200LL pny 6800gt blah blah drives blah blah case antec 550w eps12v those are two retail...
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    is there a patch to run a dedicated server for nfsu2?

    im looking for a patch so i can run a dedicated server on my dually nfsu2 = need for speed underground 2, for some people ;) lmk thanks in advance
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    will my games lag when fileserving at the same time?

    system spec: (2) 2.4/533/512k D1's on NCCH-DL (soon to be OCed, just not yet) 1gb of XMS PC3200LL pny 6800gt 2-80gb WD in raid-0 (os) , 2- 160gb Maxtor raid-0 (files) ocz 520w games- ut2k4, cs, COD, nfsu2 (if there is a lan feature) two situations: 1. 8-14 person lan, 16port...
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    GhettoLanParty Dec 18th - DFW area welcome fast servers, huge file server, tournaments, and big prize giveaways ill be there with my new xeon setup. . .
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    can i slipstream both Windows Media Center 2005 disc onto one DVD?

    can i slipstream both Windows Media Center 2005 disc onto one DVD? -paulm
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    which EVGA copper heatsink i get for an 6800Nu ? they only list the Ultra and GT models, which one would fit on a PNY 6800 nu?
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    big diff between 32bit vs 64bit pci gigabit transfer rate?

    im building a lan server machine here soon, which will be leeched like hell, and maybe serve some games here and there... my question is, taken the account both are intel based nic cards. will the transfer rate be faster or slower on a 32 vs 64 bit pci connection? im curisous if i should...
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    will a dually be beneficial to Myth TV. . . ?

    im still reading up on Myth tv, so im new to it, if i got a dual 500mhz celeron w/ abit bp-6 motherboard, 512mb, 120gb , and a tv tuner (is happagge taht good?) , would this setup be sufficient to run myth tv , and do all of its feature effortelssly? and can i have a file server for other...
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    do they make gigabit for laptop?

    connected via PCMCIA ? i know the Sager notebooks have it, but do they make it for the pcmcia slot?
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    does Evga require reciept for RMA?

    i have an old (8 months) evga card , and don't have the reciept , do they require it to be RMA'd?
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    installed evga 6800, then all hell breaks loose

    i installed teh eVga 6800 regular from newegg , along with the vantec dual fan pci slot cooler pointing directly at it, i have good airflow through the case (2 exaust, 2 intake, 1 blowhole), after its installed, games run fine, but far cry got laggy very bad, so i reinstalled with the copy...
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    Abit AS8 has a trouble code of 6.9. , enable L2 cache?

    the code 6.9. in the manual says "Turn on L2 cache" , i tried: both bios, first release and most current available (there are no options to enable/disable L2 cache) updated all intel.inf drivers all drivers for that matter i checked my CPUID, and it reads 1024kb cache under the L2 cache...
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    php and html ?

    Can somebody tell me what are the benefits of using PHP and HTML? just a quick or through overview would be greatly appreciated
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    installion problem , (sp2)

    Ok, I need some help here. I'll go through the process step by step so maybe somebody can give me an idea of what I need to do. 1. I was running XP with SP1 installed and I noticed that when I hooked my old DVD drive back up it would crash before windows got started. I stuck in my XP cd and...
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    post your PROC MAN here (beware 56k)

    1- 2.4ghz p4 533fsb 1- 2500+ mobile 1- 2600+ mobile (brown chip) 3- 2.4ghz xeon 533fsb 512k 1- 2.8ghz xeon 533fsb 512k 1- 2.8ghz xeon 533fsb 1mb 1- 3.2ghz xeon 533fsb 1mb post your proc man!!!!!
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    will the Danger Den DDGF4 Water Block fit on a 9800p?

    Danger Den DDGF4 it says it would fit a 9700 pro, but i'd like to see if it would fit the 9800 pro, and maybe a 5900xt... TIA
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    what's the biggest non-harddrive CF card

    i want a CF card that has no moving parts, but i want storage at least in the GB range
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    where to find good PDF ebooks ?

    where to find good PDF ebooks? freeware or pay for it, doesnt matter i found some good ebooks (pdf format) to read on my PPC when im bored as hell, ive been trying to find a pdf of a comic strip (i.e. - calvin and hobbes, garfield, Foxtrot would be a great find
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    how's the intel 530 (3.0ghz 775socket) overclocking?

    my bro won this at CPL , and i saw the abit AG8 , it has the 775 socket / pci express , but uses the regular DDR1 !!! yay im throwing a guess, but the reviewer was able to move the multipliers downward like the athlon64's , he was getting some sweet overclocks too... i know the current...
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    x800 AIW ? ?

    will the x800 pro AIW come out? is there any plans for it?
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    a DVD rip program that takes full advantage of HT or smp

    my brother has a p4 HT system, and i want to see if i can find a program that utlizes two processors or HT as an advantage
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    where are all the ut2k4 mods/ maps?

    im the hardcore hardware guy that rarely plays games, and i finally found a game that i would play more than 3 days i was wanting to check out the popular mods/maps out there, i found two big map packs, they were called community something, anything else out there?
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    intel dropping price on all procs?
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    check out what i won from quakecon! not ATI or NV

    so i was sitting in my seat towards the back, and as kyle was spitting numbers for the coolest prizes ever i kept drooling over the 6800gt OC by BFG!!! (oh and btw the guy that had one less number than me got a 3500+ and A8v motherboard combo!! arg, ) , then someone brung up whatever happen to...
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    how to tell if i got a 9800pro, or a flashed 9800SE ?

    i borrowed a friend's 9800, and can't figure out if they flashed the bios to a 9800pro, or its a stock pro it has the normal silver diamond shape heatsink, samsung 3.3ns memory, 128mb, the stickers on the back doesnt read 9800 pro, or anything tellin me what it is, ., the computer device...