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    My Racing Sim Rig

    I figured I'd do a dedicated post to show this off, I'm rather proud. Not as hardcore as some, but it does what I need it to. Specs 80/20 Aluminum Profile tubing for the chassis itself Cheap $100 seat from Summit Racing (Next upgrade will be a nice Spacro Bubba Evo) Fanatec CSW V2.5 Wheel with...
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    It sounds like a good time and all....

    but seriously, interesting ad being served on mobile. I know we’re a community of mostly adults but might not look good on the main page. Make me wonder what I clicked to get served the ad
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    Stress test a video card?

    Whats the preferred method now days to test a card ? Getting some weird crashes in game where the screen locks but I still have sound and everything, not sure if its the game or me, as I can play other games just fine, so I was looking for some direction on stress testing. Free is always good...
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    iPhone 6-no navigation voice when charging in the car

    So my wife got issued an iphone for work and she drives all over. She uses apple maps to navigate and when its charging in the car it doesn't play sounds over the phone. She has her other phone sync'd to the car and she'd like to be able to have the iphone just play out it's built in speaker. I...
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    iRacing Team [H]ardOCP Paints! Show Your [H] Pride!

    iRacer's unite behind the color's of our own beloved [H]! Several Team [H]ardOCP paints are available for you to run in iRacing! If you would like to request one for a car not already made simply PM me. Basic alterations like driver name can be added as well. All available paints are on Trading...
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    Build Help: Budget about $1500

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Adobe CC, rendering in Preimere, Light gaming, nothing to hard core. Sorta looking to build a really nice well rounded but not over the top system 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1300-1500 3)...
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    27" 1440P Help

    Howdy all, Looking for a 27" 1440P monitior to be my primary monitor. Primary concerns are general productivity, color and the like. I had a dell 24WFP-HC IPS display and I loved it, currently using a TN panel ASUS and I hate it. I do very light gaming so that isn't ment to be much of a factor...
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    HTPC rebuld help

    Howdy all, Heatsink fan died on my current htpc so I'm debating a rebuild Current rig is an old recyled AMD pc crammed in a htpc case. Problem with this is it is LOUD, so I;d upgrade the entire heatsink not just the fan, so I'm looking at $40 for that. For $70 I can get a Celeron 1037u board...
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    quick question on stock intel HSF

    Will the stock HSF from a socket 1150 i7 work on a socket 1366? Got a water cooled i7 920 I want to put in my wifes pc and use the HSF from my new 4760 thanks!
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    Worthy upgrade?

    Hey all, looking to upgrade the PC. I've recently taken to triple screen gaming and could use a boost. HAVE P6T Deluxe, 6GB DDR3, i7 920 @ 3.4ghz, looking at z87-plus, i5 4670k, 16 GB Everything else i'd keep. Radeon 7970, intel ssd, 750 watt corsair psu, 2tb drives and yada yada. What...
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    What's the best home file server nowdays

    My current set up is a WHS 2011 system. Have about 5 TB of data and its all duplicated so about 10 TB of storage. The primary purpose is to back up other PC's and act as a storage hub for windows media center. It's been acting up lately and I'm debating overhauling it. Since WHS is a dead end...
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    SLI'd GTX 260 to ??? $350 max

    I'm looking to upgrade guys, my primary game is iRacing and the SLI'd 260's do fine for that, but I'm gonna buy SimCity and Bioshock infinite here soon, and honsetly I'm just itching to upgrade. Radeon 7950? GTX 670? Help me out. Is it going to be a sizable upgrade? Rest of specs Core i7 @...
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    2 iPhones, 1 apple ID, can we share apps?

    Easy question but I googled and didn't get a definete answer. I have a 4s, wife is getting one friday. Can I use my apple ID on her phone, and can we share the apps I purchased? I need to buy either garmin or tom tom but hesitate because I'll be pissed if I'd need to buy twice.
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    Worthwhile upgrade from SLI'd GTX 260's?

    Is there one? I have had SLI'd GTX 260's for a looooooooonnnnnnnggggggg time now. Is there a good solid upgrade for around $300? Could do dual cards again but the preference is to a single card. Red or Green team doesnt matter. Games I play are Arma II, iRacing, F1 2010, and other various...
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    Verizon upgrade Question

    I can't seem to find an answer and I dont feel like calling them I'm 15 months into a 2 year contract, they sent me a thing saying I'm elible for an early upgrade, does that extend my contract another 2 years? I'm looking at the thunderbolt, but don't want to be stuck with it when iphone 5...
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    Droid went swimming, where to get replacement

    Howdy all, My wife's origonal droid went swimming last night. Now it works, but there is damage under the screen and the speaker doesnt work. Where is the best place to get a replacment phone? It's 10 months old and 10 months into a 2 yr so i doubt verizon will help. Looking at getting...
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    Upgrade from SLI GTX 260 in the $250 price range

    So my wife wants a seprate computer, so I plan to ditch the SLI 260's, move one to her farmville rig (she does play some 3d games), meaning I get to upgrade! What offers more performance than what I have? Would like to be around $250 or so, single card preffered in my old age. Games I play are...
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    Does this external enclosue exist?

    I need on with the following External 4 or 5 SATA disk Single Power Cord Single Data Cable, USB 2 or eSATA, ideally have both and the biggie, present each disk individually to windows. I want to use it with WHS, and use its drive pool, so I don't want RAID or anything, just kinda pass thru...
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    I fail google,2TB WD green drive that is ok with xp/2003

    Howdy, I remember reading one model of the WD green drives didn't play nice with XP/Server 2003. Looking for 2TB, what part number do I want to have it function perfectly with the older OS's.
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    WHS ndis.sys Bluescreen

    Howdy all, been getting this bluescreen with the ndis.sys error about once every 2 weeks. Read it was network based, so figured I'd buy an intel nic. Still get the error. help? it's quite annoying
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    Locking Down a HTPC

    Alright all, I have a HTPC that i've really been enjoying. I also have a sister-in-law that likes to do things on PC's that I don't approve. Locking her out of my desktop was easy, but now i've noticed bigfish games installed on the HTPC so it needs locked down. How do i lock it into windows...
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    1.5 TB HDD and External Dock $105.99 shipped

    Newegg is running the thermaltake external dock as the shell shocker for $22.99. They left the combo discount at $36, making it like $14 off some hard drives with a free dock. and a $75 shipped 1 TB...
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    Normalize volume?

    Howdy all, just built my first HTPC, using Media Center. Loving it, only thing is my files have huge differrences in volume. Most i can leave my TV volume around 40, Video_TS folders, but some MKV require me to pump into the 90's just to hear anything. any easy way to make media center...
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    Few Decent HDD + USB Dock Deals @ Egg

    The shell shocker right now is a Thermaltake HDD dock, $22.99, however its still giving out $36.99 discounts on HDD's in a combo buy. almost like $14 off any of the drives plus the dock free...
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    I'm lost, help!

    Howdy all, I have a tons of questions to ask, but let me start out by laying out my goals for the HTPC -Use Windows 7 Media center -HDMI to a 720p panel at the moment, 1080p come tax season -Use MyMovies for WHS to send DVD Collection to Win7 MC. -Send Recorded and Ripped TV seasons to Win7...
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    Sending in the xbox for repair questions

    So my xbox e74'd today. Will call MS soon, cell phone is dead at the moment. 3 Questions 1) Its a Halo Edition, will i get it back? Are they going to send me a arcade or something, i will be royally pissed if thats the situation. 2) Hard drive need to go? I hope not so i can keep my saves...
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    LCD just for PS3/xbox gaming

    Thinking about buying a 23" LCD or so to use my xbox and ps3 on, so computer use is secondary. I have a 24" dell and hooking the PS3 up via DVI looked like crap. Only batman looks good, all the others apperantly play at 480p and scale terribley. Any idea what to look for? Instead of a 1920x1080...
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    Post Your Windows Home Servers!

    Well I for one don't live up to the 10TB+ club, but thought this would be neat. If it takes off we could add it to the FAQ Sticky. I'll start Full break down here Pic
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    VirtualBox Question

    I guess I need to know if this is possible, if so, how to do it. I have a windows home server (server 2003) up and running with WIndows XP in a virtual machine via Virtual Box. What I would like to do it add a NIC so i have 2, onboard and addin, and dedicated one to be just the virtual...
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    Best ISO creator software

    Hey all, wanting to backup my software disc's to my Windows Home server since i now have the space too. whats the best software to create iso's. Looked at dameon tools it doesnt seem to make standard ISO's. paid is ok as long as its cheap and works good, free is always better tho! thanks in...
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    nOOb firefox question

    i feel like my geek card is in jeporday. All i want to do is sort my firefox downloads so certain file extensions go to certian folders. primarly torrents go to a share on my server and auto start jpegs to a picture folder and stuff like that. a quick google search showed extensions that...
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    PSU for GTX 260 SLI and i7 920

    Some my 2 1/2 year old silverstone 750w doesnt seem up to the task any more as under 3d load i get instant power offs. So a good, somewhat cheap PSU for the following i7@3.5ghz 6gb DDR3 P6T Deluxe 2 x evga GTX 260's, mild overclock 2 x 74gig raptors 1 x 750gb samsung 2 opticals 6 fans my...
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    Old Silverstone 750W good enough for my i7 build?

    Just want thoughts on my old silverstone PSU I plan on Core i7 920 hopefully 3.8 or so P6T Deluxe 12 GB DDR3 Have 2 x GTX 260's xfi PCI 2 x 74gb raptors 1 x 1TB 2 opticals 7 case fans I ask because my 750 seems to be the older style with multiple rails. I know i have to plug the 4 pci...
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    Lens or Body for Gift

    Howdy all, With the tax return i am debt free and have about 1300 to play with. My wife curently is rocking a XTI with the kit lens and a 35-128 EF USM IS lens. Now she LOVES photography and is quickly moving into prosumer range. She's done some sporting events, but nature is her thing. So...
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    Best Short Cable PSU for Home Server Build

    Howdy all Building myself a new server and need a power supply recommendation. Building in a Lian Li A59 With the PSU above the CPU i'd prefer a short cable PSU to keep it tidy. Modular and short is good to. But not a...
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    Dell Monitor stand work with non-dell display

    Tittle pretty much says it all, I got a viewsonic VX2025 given to me, just has no stand, will a cheap ebay dell stand work?
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    WinVista: Installing on single drive, imaging, move to raid 0

    Alright, i ask here as its the most likely place to cook up an answer Recently just had a raptor in raid 0 take a dump. No biggie, all important data backed-up. Now i need to reinstall windows, problem is, won't have the raptor back for 2 weeks. So, if i set the controller to AHCI, install...
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    GTX 280 and 260 Step-Up Price Drop

    Anybody notice EVGA adjusted the prices for stepup today. What do you think the chances of me getting a price adjustment are, I'm number 14 in line, but am past 90 days now. Not complaining, just wonder if anyone else has/will try to get an adjustment.
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    Sticky 360 Controller Cleaning

    So a spilt Mt. Dew later and my wireless 360 controller is pretty much screwed. I thought about taking it apart to clean it but that was foiled by an odd torx screw. Anyone taken one apart? any good guides? what the hell kinda torx screw driver do i need? Its the green controller to a halo...
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    Customizing the right vista start menu pane

    Anybody have any idea how to add folders I want there instead of just the standard ones. I can customize throught the start menu options, but i really want to ad the My Video's folder and the My Downloads folders to the right instead of the Search option and the Games option. Anybody? Yes i...