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    GTA IV: PS3 or 360? (poll)

    vote vote vote ps3 version here, sold my 360 a while back.
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    New Crysis MP Jungle Map available

    Thanks to DOuChBAgMaN for this map. I can't wait to give this a run! Found in the official crysis forums:,16035.0.html :eek::eek:
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    What is your "home page?"

    mine's what's yours?
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    Vista Ultimate 64 (Code 39) CD Drives not working anymore

    Is anyone else getting this error? Code 39 where the OS can't load the device driver for the cd/dvd-rom drives and even magicdisc? It was working fine about two days ago.
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    Is Crysis's multiplayer fun?

    What do you guys think of the multiplayer? Are there enough maps to keep things interesting?
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    Kane and Lynch scores a 6.0 at gamespot;title;0
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    Full Crysis Retail, leaked onto the Internet

    Full story:
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    Oblivion: Where can I peddle my stolen wares?

    I've been accepted into the Thieves Guild after stealing the diary from Metholodich? (I forget her name) and now that I have been frequenting the Imperial City at night, I've managed to fill up my entire inventory with about 75% of it being stolen goods. I've been avoiding the guards as much as...
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    Which Seasonic S12 PSU for this HTPC?

    Would a 380W suffice for this setup? I want to do a little overclocking once I can afford a WC setup, maybe go with the 430W just to be safe? - dfi nf4 ultra-d - x2 3800 - evga 6600gt - hauppauge 500 - 320 wd caviar - mushkin 991434 pc3200 - x-fi platinum - zalman blue led cooler cnps...