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    Cheap Seasonic 550w, 600w and 650w PSUs.

    Yes, grabbed the 600 watt--hard to beat that price!
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    Titan Quest 10 Year Anniversary Edition Sale has ended.

    Thanks, bought it! I played the Titan Quest demo a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. Been meaning to get the full game , and this was the perfect way to do it.
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    Warm? Enclave on Steam $0.64!

    Thanks, got it!
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    500GB Crucial SSD for $120 on Amazon

    Thanks, OP! Got one.
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    CM Hyper 212 EVO, $10 Shipped Amazon 3rd Party

    Thanks, OP--I got one.
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    Craigslist finds

    Two years ago I picked up an Intel 2500K cpu for $100 on Craigslist. At the time, that was a fabulous deal.
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    Linux or Windows Server Using AMD Processor

    I've been running Windows Home Server V1 (Server 2003) and WHS 2011 (Server 2008 R2) on AMD for several years. I use ECC RAM and low-power 45w CPUs since they are basically file and backup servers. Everything has been and continues to be working fine.
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    Your first OS

    First OS was IBM PC-DOS 1.1. Windows 2000 was my favorite until Windows 7. Now it's Windows 7.
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    huge TP Link router / switch sale @ Amazon "50% off"

    My Archer C7 arrived yesterday--it's a V2.
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    huge TP Link router / switch sale @ Amazon "50% off"

    Thanks, OP! Got the C7, a gigabit switch, and a pair of powerline adapters.
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    Has the HTPC time passed

    Our TV handles Netflix, Amazon, and others on its own. Our Windows 7 HTPC was basically a DVR. But since Comcast encrypted all channels and since we don't watch much broadcast/cable TV anymore, it gets very little use. Yeah, I could buy and install a Cablecard tuner, but what's the point...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    No invites left.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    PM me with your email address (required by IPTorrents). Edit: All gone
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    SAMSUNG 4TB USB 3 External $119 @Newegg

    Good to know--I bought one because my 3TB WD external just failed.
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    SAMSUNG 4TB USB 3 External $119 @Newegg

    Newegg has the SAMSUNG D3 Station 4TB USB 3.0 external drive for $129.00, and promo code EMCPBWB225 gives you another $10 off. It has a three-year warranty. Plus free shipping. Ends on 8/19.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    ALL GONE! No invites left. IPTorrents has a new rule--the invites must be used within 3 days.
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    Bitdefender 2015 - 9 Month License - Free

    Great! Gonna use it on my retro-gaming Windows XP system . . .
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    What is your favorite web browser?

    Palemoon 98% of the time, and IE11 maybe 2%.
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    Two dollars for 1 dollar!

    Bought one, got $2 in my PayPal account in a couple of minutes. I think this was a reasonable deal. :)
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    What motherboard has stayed relevant for you the longest?

    DFI NF4 Ultra-D, still running.
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    How Much Money Can You Save Building Your Own PC?

    My last pre-built was an IBM PC back in 1983. I used that for several years--constantly upgrading it--and then built a 386 system.
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    Thief Gold (1998) steam key (free, $7 value)

    Thanks, OP, I came close to buying this back then . . .
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    Sid Meier Humble Bundle

    Thanks OP--I'm a long-time Sid Meier fan and am looking forward to all of these.
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    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro Lifetime - $9 1 PC

    Got a copy--thanks, OP!
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    TomTom for Android: $23.99 with lifetime maps

    Actually, it looks like you can download as many maps as you want. I've downloaded the US, Canada, and a couple of European countries on my 521, and they've all worked great and get regular updates.
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    What is the Operating System you loved to use the most?

    I'd say Windows 2000. I ran it from its introduction till late 2006/early 2007, when I finally switched to XP. I still have a Win 2000 retro box for old fun and games.
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    Obihai OBi200 VoIP Phone Adapter $40

    Thanks, OP--I got one. Been wanting to try VOIP for a while.
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    Arctic F12 case fans $6.80-$7.99 (PWM) Free Ship

    Thanks, OP. In for one--total price with code was $6.80 shipped.
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    AM3+ Motherboards that still support core unlocking?

    Gigabyte GA-970-UD3 supports unlocking in BIOS, and has 8+2 support.
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    Acronis True Image 2013 $20, Malwarebytes Lifetime $12

    Worked for me--bought the digital copy for $10. Thanks!
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    woot off

    Exactly--I used to check Woot every night and occasionally bought stuff. Now, I haven't checked the site for several months--and that check was the first time in about a year.
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    Hover Hound for FireFox is Officially Released!!!

    Excellent extension--installed and tested--works great!
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    Hot? 13 hours of Mozart, $0.99 @ Amazon MP3

    Got it yesterday--thanks, OP!
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    Newegg Shellshocker! ECS 1155 H61 motherboard with HDMI for $45 -$25 MIR

    In for one. Same plan--upgrade for HTPC. Already have 8GB of DDR3 1600, just need to decide which CPU to get . . .
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    HOT Lian Li K60B $39.99 No MIR

    Thanks, OP--I've been looking for something like this.
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    Anyone with an E-350 APU, which drivers are you using?

    I'm running 12.6 on my desktop 7770. On my Asus 1215B with E-350, I was using 12.4. After reading your post, I installed 12.6. The install went fine--no problems--device manager still reports HD6310 graphics. The only things updated, however, were the Catalyst install program, and the HD...
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    Many Antec cases are well-designed for quiet computing--good airflow pattern, low-noise fans, acoustic dampening in sidepanels. And, of course, the classic elastic suspension for hard drives in the Solo and related models. Antec power supplies strike an excellent price/performance ratio in...
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    socket 939

    I'm also still running a 939 board--Asrock 939a785GMH, 4400+ X2, 4850, 4GB of DDR500, 30GB SSD boot drive, and Windows XP x64. With the SSD, it seems as fast as my main rig for internet and office stuff. I mainly use it for a couple of older games that don't like Windows 7.
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    Autotune missing?

    OK, thanks--just wanted to make sure that something wasn't screwed up.
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    Autotune missing?

    No one has any ideas?