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    Help on finding a particular type of keyboard...

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a full-sized keyboard whose keys' *feel* resembles that of a notebook -- specifically the Apple Powerbook -- easily the best feeling, most comfortable keyboard I've ever typed on... Does anyone know if those kinds of "notebookish" keyboard exist for a desktop? My...
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    The search is over! 6.8Ghz notebook coming to YUO!

    lol the Atom Chip SG220-2, based on a 6.8Ghz "quantum-optical" microprocessor, coming to CES next January! Take THAT Intel! You just got GGed. :D cheers, yass
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    Xbox 360 looks like...

    a slim-line Dell Optiflex? :D we got hundreds of those at work... damn ugly imo. Pearl-white? To make sure it won't match up with the mostly silver/grey/black home entertainment systems? I don't care how good the innards are, the designers should be fired... lol
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    WoW multi-monitor help!

    Hi, I've pretty much given up on trying to set it up properly, was wondering if anyone has done something similar: I have a multi-monitor setup running off a 6800NU (my desktop machine) I have a SGI 1600SW (1600x1024 widescreen) designated as primary, and a Dell 17" (1280x1024) as 2ndary...
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    I dunno if it has been posted already, but definitely check THIS little article out: the concept sure is intriguing! cheers, yass
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    Guild Wars

    Anybody played Guild Wars (beta)? I'm currently on WoW, just wondering if anyone has any experience w/ guildwars, as it does look quite interesting (plus the no monthly fee thing is attractive as well) cheers, yass
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    O/C I9300 from fellow owners?

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has tried o/cing the Go6800 in their 9300? After installing driver 71.90, I used the "detect optimal frequencies", and got 395/790... ok maybe I'm just a little dense, but this is a rather large jump from the default speed of 290/590... I did briefly try...
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    Laptop Saga, 2.0!

    The laptop saga continues... While the Acer was a fantastic machine, offering everything I want(sorta), out pops Dell dropping 2 bombshells on me... The 9300 and the xps2. I was torn between keeping my perfectly powerful Acer, or be tempted to the DARK SIDE... The Acer is not a problem to...
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    conclusion of hunt! Laptop BOUGHT :D

    Ahh, after much debating and searching, comparison shopping, mandatory asking around, and the ever-present lingering fear of "is mine gonna be fast enough for me to not regret it in the forseeable future?" I finally settled on what I think is a HELL of a laptop for the money! Earlier I was...
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    multiple external enclosures?

    Hi there, I'm thinking of building a home NAS system, and trying to find an external enclosure that can hold 2+ drives... The only ones I managed to find are the rack mounts, and THOSE are rather expensive... lol All i want is something with an usb 2.0 interface... not even sure if it...
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    ABS Mayhem G3?

    I'm thinking of updating my powerful Dell Pentium 1 MMX 233mhz 64mb RAM laptop into something more... useable for this century. I have a budget of around $1600 +/- $100ish... Anyway I've been looking around, and I really would like a widescreen 15" or smaller model with non-integrated...