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    Intel G2's are in at Newegg (2:30 PST) (DEAD) DEAD DEAL out of stock in 5 minutes...
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    Any recommended Tri-SLI PSU's?

    Any suggestions on a modular and hopefully quiet PSU for an i7 Tri-SLI setup using 260's or 275's? I'm assuming this will put me towards the 1000w or beyond category, and my previous builds have all been 650w and below. (The 285's or 295's won't be happening due to budget issues. No...
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    Mozart TX buildup pix (dial-up beware)

    Black means Black: Intake: Exhaust: Copper is your friend:
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    SilverStone bay converter in other cases?

    Does anyone know how well the SilverStone CFP51 Bay Converter works in a non-Silverstone case? (Primarily for an Antec 900).
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    Hot/Warm Vizio 47" LCD 1080P $1649

    Vizio 47" LCD 1080P $1649 Pix of the back ports, for those who are curious:
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    X-Fi card kills video, any removeable resources?

    If install a SB ExtremeMusic in the system, my video card (x1950 AGP) dies from "insufficent resources" and dumps me into 4-color land on boot-up. An Audigy 2 works fine in the system. It doesn't matter what PCI slot the card is in, the system reverts to 4-color mode at the login screen. Take...
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    wiring needs a liitle work?

    This was just for the power-up test. It's been tidied up a little since then. (Everything worked first try, too!) The power of mass fannage:
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    New Opteron 240's $50 each Not my item, but I did order some. Seems like a good way to get an Opteron box up and running while waiting for the dual cores to drop in price. (edited: first batch sold out, link edited to show second batch)
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    Color laser printer $149 (refurb)

    Konica Minolta Magicolor 2300W Color Laser Printer Previously discussed back in January at a higher price:
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    A8N-SLI or LanParty or ? (buying this weekend)

    Like it says, I'm torn between the A8N-SLI Premium or the LanParty NF4 SLI-DR. Are there any reasons to pick one over the other, or is there another option? Assume dual-core and SLI, so I'm not concerned about the price of the board. (The FoxConn NFPIK8AA is intriguing, but dual core is going...
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    USB card with 3 headers?

    Any USB cards with three sets of header pins? The new stacker case has six front USB ports, requiring three headers, but my motherboard only has two. I seem to be stuck with either 1) adding a card, or 2) hijacking an external port. If anyone has an idea on how to do 2), I'm open to...