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    24" 90 degree Rotatable Display

    Thread title says it all. Does anyone have a suggestion for a rotating monitor? I've been looking for a while for a monitor I can use to read documents, but am not having much luck finding one with a rotating stand. Thanks.
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    Acronis True Image 2010

    I'm thinking about getting Acronis True Image 2010 to transfer my XP install from an 80 GB drive to a 500 GB drive with data on it already. Has anyone used this product to do this? Will the program scale the image so that it can use the rest of the 500 GB on the disc without deleting the data...
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    Boot Camp problem

    Hey guys, So, I have a problem which very imminently needs a solution. A friend of mine's MacBook Pro was previously set up with Boot Camp and XP 32-Bit. Then, the hard drive crashed and all was lost. However, it now has a fresh install of Leopard (which includes Boot Camp), so everything...
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    Heh, should I buy a 7950gt for $20?

    Dude at school is selling a BFG Tech 7950gtoc 512MB for $20. Worth it? The newest games I run are Half Life 2 and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War, but I'd like to be able to run them at 1920 x 1280 on a 24" widescreen. This card has the power to do that right?
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    Looking for IBM Ultra Slim Bay filler

    People, The CD drive on my T43 laptop keeps popping out for some reason. I almost never use it, so I'm thinking about getting something else to fill the bay, that way I don't have to travel with the stupid thing and deal with it popping out. Is there a plug that IBM/Lenovo sells that can be...
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    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade question

    I've never gone online with Dark Crusade and when I try to now, it asks me to download a patch. I accept it and it says "downloading... 227/227." It just sits there like that. What am I to do? It does the same sort of message if I try to go online with the original Dawn of War and Winter...
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    Drive won't work

    Hi guys, I just bought a new 500 GB Sata2 Western Digital internal drive and it won't work with the system in my signature. I have one already with windows installed, so I thought this one would just sort of plug and play... It shows up under hardware profile and Windows says it has the...
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    (Old board - I know) question about Neo4 Platinum SLI Soundblaster card

    So, my PSU died for the computer in my signature. I need a new one, but all of the new PSUs come without -5V lines since it's not in the standard anymore. The manual for my motherboard says, "MSI reminds you . . . you MUST have a -5V in the power supply for it to run." (Of course, they don't...
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    Weird power button or PSU issue

    So, this may be easy, but it's pissing me off because I can't figure out which component is the problem. Here's what's going on. When my computer has been sitting off for a long time (a number of hours), if I press the power button, I get a short surge of power to all the components, but it...
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    Question about Windows Logon on an external hard drive

    So my brother's hard drive crashed and won't boot up because of a corrupt file. I pulled out the hard drive and put it into an external case to try to pull some irreplaceable pictures off of it, but he had a logon for windows and now I can't get to the My Pictures folder because I'm not logged...
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    Please Help

    Nevermind guys. I figured it out.
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    Want some Dreamcast Info

    So I've been on the forum for over a year now and I always hear people talking about how great the Dreamcast was. I never got one because I was happy with my Playstation at the time, but recently I've realized that I pretty much missed out on a whole generation of games because I didn't have a...
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    AMD vs. Intel and ATI vs. nVidia mobile chips

    Feel free to move this to the mobile forum if it must be there. I need to know if there are any significant differences between the ATI 200M and nVidia Go 7400. Also, I'm deciding between the Core Duo T2400 and the AMD Turion 64 ML-37. Any advice guys? The only options are ATI + AMD or...
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    Advice for a pseudorabid Square fan replaying FFX

    Hey guys, So, years ago I played through FFX and absolutely hated it (that's too strong, but I did dislike it), but I've decided to give it another try. Any recommendations on tricks, tips, whatever you liked/disliked that I should know? I'm popping it in right now, so any early level...
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    mac mini as server for HDTV movies

    Has anyone here used a mac mini to play movies on an HDTV using the DVI connection? How does the video look? I'm talking about movies ripped to the hard drive at full size, no compression. Comments on video with compression would be good too I guess. I just saw a mac mini getting streaming...
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    PS3 and a Bluetooth headset?

    Has anyone talked about this compatibility? I searched on Google to find info, but nothing useful came up. Will we be using our Bluetooth mobile headsets for communicating in online games on the PS3? Sounds like an awesome idea to me. I think I'll go over to Sony to pick up my check for a...
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    Just bought a Scythe Ninja

    Paired it with a Yate Loon 120 mm fan. Wow, I had an xp-90 before and I thought that was quiet. This is unbelievable. I also got rid of the NB chipset and replaced it with a Swiftech NB cooler, and HOLY CRAP!, the whiny noise is gone!!!
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    Where to buy unlocked cell phones?

    Where is the cheapest place to buy unlocked cell phones? I was going to buy on Amazon, but that website absolutely fucking sucks and I don't want to do business with them. What are my other options?
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    PS3 prices

    Does anyone think that these high prices might just be a marketing ploy? I'm thinking they announce this price now and then drop them each $100 at launch, making everyone think that they're getting a great deal. Is there any history to this? Are the E3 announced prices generally the very...
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    Scythe Ninja at Newegg for $39 no shipping

    Here. $39, no shipping cost. I just bought one.
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    Advent Children

    Every single Best Buy in the greater Chicago area is out of this. I'm frustrated...
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    VF700cu on a BFG Tech 6600gt

    I am happy to say that my idle temps went from ~50 to 38C. This thing was totally worth the money. And, the airflow in my case is great now. My CPU temperature went down a couple degrees and so did my NB chipset temperature. I'm soooo happy I got this thing. I was going to show you guys...
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    Video card heat issue

    Hey guys, Check this out. I left the nvidia monitor on and went for a bike ride, so my computer went to idle. Here's the temp I got when I checked it after getting back. Check out the temperature toward the bottom. Can't be right eh? Maybe my fan is turning off when it goes to...
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    Anybody ever use this fan controller?

    Here. It looks cool, but I want to know if anyone has used the GUI on it. It looks kind of like poo, but if it's functional enough, I might give it a shot.
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    A dumb question about a network adapter?

    This says that it's "Mini PCI." I've never heard of that. Where would this thing go? edit: I have searched google, but nothing explained it ok for me.
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    6600GT silenced by Gigabyte

    What's with these? They don't list the core clock or memory clock. Should I just assume that they're the reference settings or could they be underclocked? I'm curious if anyone has used these before, because I bought a BFG 6600GT OC a while ago, and I'm thinking about getting this guy as...
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    Starcraft problem

    Hi guys, My brother is trying to play his girlfriend on Starcraft through and they're having problems. He is on a wireless connection (Comcast Cable) with an old 1GHz Pentium and she is also using a wireless connection (DSL) with a similar computer, but she is in Lansing, Michigan...
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    Why is Acer so cheap?

    I found this on Newegg this morning and for that price, I can't find anything else with those specs. Are Acer laptops known for being any good? I was going to buy an lenovo for law school, but I may have to go with this...that is, if the quality of the build matches the specs.
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    New NB cooler needed (warranty implications?)

    Does anyone think that this will do the job on my MSI Neo 4 Platinum SLI board? There is the HORRIBLE whining noise coming from my box and I'm thinking it's either my VGA cooler or my NB cooler crapping out. I'm going to replace both to isolate the problem. And, if I find that the HDD is...
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    BF2 vehicle code of conduct

    Hi guys. I read this thread the other day and wanted to respond with a thread that is on the topic of vehicular combat in war games and how that relates to real life. There was a poster in this forum that seemed to think that in BF2, you should get out of the humvee or whatever vehicle to...
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    Advent Children

    I thought you guys might be interested in this . I just noticed today that they are taking pre-orders. I have to say that I'm at least a little excited about it. I just hope they don't screw it up by ruining what was such a great ending in the game.
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    Weird shut down/start up issue

    Hey guys, I have the box listed in my sig. Every once in a while, after I shutdown, it starts back up (after between five and ten minutes). I have an external hard drive that connects by firewire and it seems to happen after I've used that, though I'm not completely sure as it seems to...
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    nintendo revolution controllers

    does anyone think that nintendo is going to do a TON of marketing toward parents with these controllers? if there are a lot of games that get kids off the couch and dancing around or swinging their arms, i bet a lot of parents would get them that for christmas, rather than xboxpoo60 (the...
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    Is this thing pretty or what?

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    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Question

    Ok, so seeing the trailer for MGS4 has me peeing my pants for a PS3, but, while I was standing in the cold, trying to clean myself up, I started to think about how much fun MGS3 was to play. I currently don't have my PS2 with me (otherwise I would just check this myself), but are there any new...
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    doom3 (hardware?) question

    hey guys, so, i was just playing doom3. i was walking along the struts in alpha labs section 4, where the beast things keep appearing and spiders come after you too. my screen went black (and don't say it was because of the dark), but i was still able to play. i got killed and the only way...
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    quick temp question (BFG 6600gt and amd)

    hey guys, so i tried to search for video card temp values in the forum, and i couldn't find anything that applied to me, because most people that posted in the threads had 6800 instead of 6600. so, anyway, here is my question. right now, it is about 28C in my house and my CPU is at 40C...
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    has anyone used this case? it looks bootiful!

    check it out here!!!!!!!
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    quick question about ram drives

    i'm just wondering, would it make a difference what type of ram you put in the ram drive? i can't see a reason why faster rated ram would make the drive faster, but maybe i'm just not thinking about it the right way. since it's pci based, it probably wouldn't take advantage of the high speeds...
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    What is this crap that M$ is pulling?

    Xbox 360 HD-DVD: Softpedia covers the effects of the new Microsoft Toshiba alliance. The 360 is getting HD DVD as opposed to Blu-Ray. Eventually. Considering that such a decision would postpone the launching date, Microsoft will equip the initial models with classic DVD drives, and only...