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    How reliable is Prime95?

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    Case Closed

    Nice job there are you goin to put some cathode in you case. That would look really nice at night :) Oh and btw, i thought it wa a map at first lol :D
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    ASUS AI Booster OC utility available for P4C800-E series (NEW)

    I never get lucky with that utility and each time I use the god damned thing, it always messed up my bios :eek:
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    Looking for a good price/performance SLI PSU

    Either one will do, But I also prefer the Zeus :D
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    Prescott on an Abit IC7?

    IC7 is the board for presscot....No need to're on a very safe side.
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    Project 64bitangel is done....for now.

    Those clear led fans looks great!!!!!!!!!Nice job btw...... ;)
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    Red Dragon

    I second that....Definetely hide those wire under the drive bays or anywhere where only the molexes are showin..........
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    between a rock and a hard spot

    I cant believe you bro!!I It's just an intel stock cooler...heheheh.. :D Alright this is what i would do if i were in your shoes, I'd put pressure on the HS itself, then slightly to the handles till they unhook from the P4 retention mechanism. Once they're unhook and your still having trouble...
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    3.0c voltage question

    My bad, yup all the software reads the same temp from the diode, but the voltages are way off sometimes with mbm/speedfan/asus probe etc....I mainly use everest home edition to get a more accurate reading on the voltages since it reads it straight from the bios and close to my mm readings....
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    Arctic Silver 3

    Each time i clean my hs....i apply a fresh coat of AS5. Its a good thing i removed the IHS on my P4 or else it would be using more....
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    cant get past 3.52 w/ 3ghz why ?

    Nice Clocks, keep on going!!!....Wow, you finally lowered your multi, why didnt you think of that before????? :D
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    cant get past 3.52 w/ 3ghz why ?

    Vcore 1.6V-1.7V no more or less........ Vdimm 2.85V or max... Vagp...2 notches Relax your ram timings to 3-4-4-8 Set your divider to 5:4 and let it rip......... If you want to go higher, just cool'em n crankem........Update your bios to the latest.. GL
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    Too hot? not enough air flow?

    You need a tornado or a delta fan, hookem up to a fan controller. If you need silence, take your dremil out and start cutting a project or some sort.....????? :D
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    heat speader on p4

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    3.0c voltage question

    1.7V is completely safe...just keep your temps down. If you want a real good monitoring software...Use Everest Home Edition. Those free monitoring software you're using are mainly asthetics to your desktop......
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    between a rock and a hard spot

    Are you talkin bout the Intel Stock cooler, if it is...then just pull the 2 handles both to their opposite direction to unhook them from the retention mechanism....break it if you have to...hehehe..j/k You got a better cooler now...Just be careful when you pull the P4 stock hs, you might be...
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    Prime95 Stability Testing

    I run mine high priority Blend Test and low priority Small FFT's Test......Sometimes custom 30min each test or even more..........if I dont get an error well within 2hrs im set.....It all depends to what you do with your pc.....I ussually browse and listen to tunes...I dont need 24hrs of prime...
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    My case and workplace

    You need a brand spankin new flat screen monitor....everything else in your workplace is nice n tidy.....goodjob!! :D
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    What 875p motherboard has good onboard sound?

    The P4C800E onboard audio is crap....eventhough its 5.1 setup it's still nothing compare to my SB Live 5.1 sound output nice n crispy............
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    Help overclocking 2.8c

    Glad i could help....enjoy your rig bro, and if you need pushe'm some more. Just coole'm and crankem....... :cool: henessey
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    Best bang for the buck on new motherboard; suggestions?

    Get the plain IC7's cheap and you get the 875P chipset at the same time...Mostly people have been getting high fsb's with this mobo.....Same price as asus that was suggested earlier........
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    Help overclocking 2.8c

    Sometimes you have to manipulate voltages to go higher, But you have to know where your clocks are stable on default voltages......Be sure to provide proper cooling. 1.6V Vcore is totally safe......Just keep your cpu cool at times if you need that much voltages to take you clock to the next...
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    how does the 3.2E overclock with good cooling?

    I second that, when i get mine!!!! :D
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    Installing Thermalright SP-94 Heatsink

    I did the same thing you did bro....I removed the plastic washer from the standoff coz i removed the IHS as well.... Just a thought, dont tighten the standoff too much or youll risk cracking the cpu socket, I did this and left with a dead board........ Henessey
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    Help overclocking 2.8c

    What mobo are you using? If you're using asus.........disable both PAM mode then set Vcore 1.6V or Auto DDR 2.85V then Agp at 1.6V Lock you agp/pci to 66/33......Disable everything you dont use such parallel ports etc....Disable spread spectrum. Henessey
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    What Brand of PSU do you have?

    Enermax 470W Noisetaker rock solid psu.....If only the OCZ Powerstream came out first, I would've gotten the 520W instead....It's all bout the adjustable pots!!!! :D
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    i875P Chipset Drivers & WinXP SP2

    You should only update the chipset drivers if your having major problems e.g. agp/usb etc... BTW your rig is a beast....3.4Ghz comment!!!! :D
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    best prescott Mobo?

    I second that!!! P4C800-E DX all the way, cant go wrong with this board, but some say the Abit IC7-G is a prescott mobo coz of its power regulator..... BL henessey
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    Leaving PC on 24/7

    24/7 here too....only needs to reboot when i got new apps or updates installed....
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    Asus P4C800-E or DFI 875B LAN Party?

    Coz the mobo is very easy to modify....not a lot of hassle when compared to the Max3, with the droop mod inplace and an OCZ Booster...You can relatively push any components you want on the board and it's got all the extra onboard stuff with it, which makes it the best 875P Mobo in the market...
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    Third Party Chipset Cooler for ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe

    I got the Swiftech MCX-159P and its very quiet but very expensive.....You migh look into the new Thermalrigh 1C NB HS which is cheaper and performs well just as the swifty....or the Tiger 1 which many users are using....IMO just add a 40mm fan ontop of the stock asus nb hs and it'll be fine...
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    P4 2.6 GHz, and 3200 xms corsair ram, suggestions??

    Abit mods needed...... Asus P4P800-E DX....simple mods.... Either would serve you well.........
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    ABit IC7/IS7 Mods

    Go here for confirmation :D
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    Holy concave nForce, batman!

    Try putting a big blob on the center and let the NB heatsink sit on it evenly and say goodbye to your concave trauma..... just my .02 cents henessey
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    Abit AI7 owners give me o'ced results pls?

    I heard the AI7 is a bit picky with ram, Is this true? Coz im aiming at some 1:1 action......BTW nst, thanks for the screenshot and the info's they are very helpful. :D T.I.A henessey
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    P4C800-E Deluxe and 4 Sticks of DDR problem

    That's completely normal when 4 slots are populated. You'll lose PAT.
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    Abit AI7 owners give me o'ced results pls?

    I'm planning on getting this mobo in replacement of my dead beat P4C800-E that died before i could even mod it..Any infos bout the Vcore on the AI7 while being loaded, how much droop it makes while getting dual primed....I would greatly appreciate it if someone would care to give me some...
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    Asus P4C800-E or DFI 875B LAN Party?

    Try the Abit AI7, Vcore@1.9V/Vdimm@3.2V/AGP@1.65V these are the max voltages.... My P4C800-E just died recently and planning on getting that mobo as a replacement....It's a budget mobo but it's got potential when fitted with that right equipment..... GL Henessey
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    looking into switching mobos

    Asus P4P800-E Deluxe is still onsale.....great mobo...
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    IC7-G 2Gig of Ram Stability

    Boot into windows at 200MhzFSB then use clockgen for PAT's a trick...... BL Henessey